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Pocketnow Daily: Windows 11 Launch Has Good and BAD News, Google Pixel 6 Dates Keep Changing & more! (video)

By Samuel Martinez August 31, 2021, 10:29 pm
Windows 11 Widgets

Apple to allow developers to get payments outside of their apps and the App Store, avoiding Apple’s commission

So remember the whole Apple versus Epic Games saga? Well, the official news today begin with Apple and their latest resolution in court, but of something that’s different and yet similar. As yes, the company announced earlier this week that they reached a settlement in a lawsuit that was filed by non other than their developers in the United States. At the moment, Apple doesn’t allow developers to directly tell users about alternate payment methods outside of the App Store like PayPal or having a direct link via email but, it looks like things are about to change. Now the App Store policy has been updated to benefit developers as people will be allowed to pay outside of the App Store, and Cupertino won’t be able to take their 30 or 15% cut. Now, you might think this has something to do with the whole Epic Games debacle we had last year but, this lawsuit was actually filed back in 2019 by another party. Apple also announced that they will be creating a 100 million dollar fund for smaller app developers who earned less than 1 million dollars from 2015 to 2021, letting them get as much as 30 grand in pay outs. So yes, even if this doesn’t have anything to do with the whole drama from last year, it’s still nice to see smaller developers get more money, whether that is through third party payment options or that fund. Good move Apple, or should I say the courts.. Cause let’s be real, if the Epic Games mess is any indication, Cupertino was kind of forced.


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE specs: as leaked manual reveals 

Despite launch rumors, Galaxy S21 FE could still be months away

But alright, let’s move on to the leaks, starting with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE. Believe or not, the guys over at SamMobile have managed to get their hands on the official user manual for the S21 FE, which reveals the official specifications and features for this device and confirms the leaked design. Yes, it’ll bring pretty much the same design as the Galaxy S21 Series but it’ll lack the metal chassis. You’re still getting a triple camera array at the back and the punch hole over at the front. When it comes to the specifications, it’ll be powered by the Snapdragon 888 or the Exynos 2100 depending on your region, up to 8 Gigs of RAM and up to 256 Gigs of non-expandable storage. The battery is said to be 4500 mAhs, and it’ll support 25W charging. We’re expecting 4 different color variants including Black, Green, Purple and White; and the user manual also confirms that it’ll bring an IP68 rating. Funny, I’ve never seen any Samsung manuals get into so much detail, but fine. Of course, the manual doesn’t talk about the release date but, multiple reports point to sometime in Q4, most likely October. However, we have a new report from The Elec that claims that the S21 FE has been delayed by about four months due to the chip shortage, and Sammy might start mass production until next month. The launch isn’t ruled out yet but they’re claiming that we could still be months away, probably November. Of course let’s take it with a grain of salt unless Samsung’s European websites decide to chime in.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launch date revealed?

Let’s keep talking release dates but, move on to Google and the Pixel 6 Series. Yesterday we talked about a new report that claimed that we’d be getting the Pixel 6 announced or launched a day before Apple’s iPhone 13 Event but, things might not happen that way after all, or yes but no. Now we have a new report from Jon Prosser where he mentions that his sources are claiming that pre-orders for the Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro will start on Tuesday, October 19th, with the full launch happening on Thursday, October 28th. And, Prosser does clarify that by launch he means the market launch and not the event but, he does say that October 19th will most likely be the day where the Made By Google Event happens. However, that also means that there’s still a possibility for that September 13th Event to happen but, it wouldn’t make much sense to show off the phone a day before the iPhones and have pre-orders happen until a month later, considering iPhones would start pre-orders just a few days later. So yeah, at the moment Google’s last statement was last month when they showed us the different phones but, if the event were to happen in the next couple of weeks after all, we should be getting some press invitations or at least some leaks. On the other hand, this is Google so let’s just wait and see what happens because you never know what’s gonna happen.

Story of the day:

Don’t expect Android Apps on Windows 11 on Day 1 

Windows 11 launch date confirmed for October 5

And finally, for the hottest, with a tad of expected official news today, let’s talk about Microsoft and their rollout for Windows 11 as things get kind of odd. Back in June, Microsoft took the main stage to announce their first major upgrade in the last five years but, they just said they were releasing it “later” this year without providing any specific dates. Well, now the company announced that Windows 11 will be available starting on Tuesday, October 5th. That means that every eligible Windows 10 PC will be able to upgrade free of charge, which obviously requires a rocket science degree to determine that, and of course you’ll be able to buy PCs that come pre-loaded with it. If you’re not familiar with what we’re getting here, at the keynote the company announced a ton of features like Snap Layouts, Widgets, new Desktops for multitasking, Xbox Game Pass, and other like Support for Android Apps. But hold it right there. In the same blogpost where they announced the date for the upgrade, Microsoft confirmed that Android Apps will not be available on Windows 11 from Day 1. They mention that they’re looking forward to continue their journey of bringing Android Apps to Windows 11 through their collaboration with Amazon and Intel but, that it will start with a preview for Windows Insiders *over the coming months*. So, considering Windows 11 is launching until October, “the coming months” sounds like Android Apps will be available for consumers until 2022 at least. And I mean there’s no problem with that but I feel like they hyped it up way too much at the keynote and we could’ve gotten somewhat of a press release once it was actually ready for the public.

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