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Pocketnow Daily: There’s ANOTHER iPhone 12 Problem? (video)

By Samuel Martinez July 14, 2020, 1:26 am

The latest 16-inch MacBook Pro, LG G8, and more on sale today

Let´s begin today with deals, and let’s just say it seems like if Apple is preparing for some Apple Silicon Macs as the latest 16in MacBook Pro is currently $400 off, leaving it at $1999 shipped for the Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage variant. However, at first you’ll only see a $299 discount but once you get to check out you will get the extra $100. The LG G8 is $250 off, leaving the 128GB of storage variant for $500. We’re close to Unpacked so, the Galaxy Tab s6 is $130 off, leaving the 256GB of storage variant for $600. We also have more deals on BenQ monitors, AirPods, Marshall speakers and more.


Chrome will stop being so demanding with the battery of your Mac

And for those of you that love Chrome so long as your computer is connected to a wall outlet, let’s just say there is some light at the end of the tunnel. According to the WSJ, Google is finally addressing the battery life issues caused by Chrome, particularly on Macs. The report claims that they will improve tab throttling by better prioritizing active tabs and limiting the resource drain from the tabs open in the background. This will reportedly have a “dramatic impact on your battery and performance”. Google is apparently in early tests on MacBooks and they claim it’s an ongoing investment in improvements to speed, performance and battery life. We don’t have an exact date for this update just yet but Mountain View is experimenting with the different changes and plans to have a stable release in August.

Here’s the difference between the cameras in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series

Now let’s shift over to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 for those of you curious about what you’re getting here. Ice Universe just posted a new picture of the housing of the Note 20 line up’s camera. We’ve pretty much seen this already when Samsung leaked the phone themselves but now we get to compare the Ultra to the regular Note 20. We haven’t heard a lot of the regular Note’s camera specs but, we’re expecting the Ultra to bring the 108MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra wide angle and a 13MP periscope but, no 100x zoom gimmick and they’re moving on to laser autofocus to fix the S20 Ultra’s issues. The regular Note 20 has a significantly smaller housing so we’re expecting for it to bring a similar array to the Galaxy S20+.

OnePlus Nord will feature a 105-degree ultra-wide selfie camera

OnePlus’ first true wireless earbuds are called OnePlus Buds, and they arrive on July 21

Now one of the interesting change points of the OnePlus Nord is the fact that it has a dual punch hole. We’ve been wondering what that secondary selfie camera on the OnePlus Nord would do and now, we finally have an answer. The company just posted a teaser on Instagram saying the most hilarious thing ever.. That 3000 people a year are killed by selfie sticks so, they gave the Nord a 105° ultra wide angle selfie camera, so there’s no need to risk your life using a selfie stick. Now, moving on from the Nord, the company just confirmed in their forums that the OnePlus Buds are true and their coming soon. They said “we know you guys have been asking for true wireless earbuds. We heard you! The OnePlus Buds will be announced on July 21st during the Nord’s AR launch.” For now, we’ve only seen sketches of them and they look pretty similar to the original AirPods with a case that looks like the one on the Pixel Buds.

Google Store briefly listed the official Pixel 4a render. Is the launch imminent?

We all know that every time Google is about to launch a phone, they take it upon themselves to make that phone the most leaked device of all time. 9to5Google just spotted a high-res render of the phone which was posted to the Google Store in Canada, does this sound familiar? The render shows us the matte black color variant which has a mint green power button and we’re also able to see the single stove 12.2MP camera at the back as well as the punch hole at the front. This phone is expected to launch… sometime this year, rocking the Snapdragon 730 and price somewhere around the $300-$400 mark. The announcement was supposed to happen today but it was reportedly delayed to August 3rd, with the launch apparently happening in October which makes us wonder, why not launch it with the Pixel 5 at this pace.. Unless there is no Pixel 5?

Story of the day:

iPhone 12 could arrive with a smaller battery than the one in the iPhone 11

Apple’s MacBook shipments may grow in this third quarter

And finally the hottest news today have to do with Apple, but let’s also call these confusing. See We have two separate news on Cupertino, starting with a new DigiTimes report which claims that the company will “significantly increase” MacBook Pro orders with suppliers for Q3 of this year, as back-to-school season starts. Not only that but, they also expect an increase from the creative market which will most likely have to keep working from home as the pandemic goes on. The report claims that MacBook shipments will rise over 20% in Q3. Speaking of Q3, let’s move on to the iPhones. The batteries for this year’s iPhones have reportedly gone through a 3C certification and it looks like they’re not getting bigger. According to this report, the 5.4in iPhone will bring a 2227 mAh battery, the 12 Max and the Pro will bring a 2775 mAh battery while the 12 Pro Max will rock a 3687 mAh. Now, we know that battery life has improved significantly for iPhones as of late and, the iPhone 11 line up saw bigger batteries but, this decrease in size could be due to the fact that we’re getting a new 5nm SoC which is supposed to be way more power efficient. However, we’re still expecting these phones to be 5G capable, bring more RAM, 3D sensing and no charger in the box. That’s our main concern.


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