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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung is SLOWING DOWN Your Phone? Nothing Smartphone Coming Soon & more! (video)

By Samuel Martinez March 3, 2022, 8:35 pm
S22 Ultra's Camera Array Source: Pocketnow Video

New Google Pixel audio products may be under development, suggested by acquisition history

The semi-official news today begin with Google and their accessories. It's been a while since we got any new earbuds from Google other than the Pixel Buds A-Series, but that might change soon. A new report claims that Mountain View has been quietly purchasing audio-related patents and businesses, in a new move to reportedly improve the audio on Pixel audio products. According to Protocol, they've purchased the entire audio team of Synapctics which cost them about 35 million pounds. Their patents covered things as "Balanced Stereo headphones" and "Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds". They also acquired Dysonics, a company that developed 3D audio software with motion tracking, for an undisclosed amount. Last year they also acquired multiple patents from other companies like RevX technologies. And many job listings also show that Google is looking for experienced employees to go into their audio department. So yeah, not really a leak but maybe we can expect something at I/O?


Apple could be adding more Mini-LED display suppliers and boosting production for its new devices

Let's switch on over to Apple and new tech they'll be bringing to their upcoming devices. We have a new report from DigiTimes claiming that Apple is purportedly ramping up mini-LED chip production and bringing more manufacturers into their supply chain demand for new devices coming this year. So far Apple has been using mini-LED on their iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. Now, they're expected to add it to new devices including the 11-inch iPad Pro, the 27-inch iMac Pro, the new MacBook Air and potentially other external displays. As a matter of fact, they're reportedly even looking for additional suppliers to be able to cover the amount of orders they're making at the moment. The report mentions that we can expect for the demand to increase significantly this year, probably due to the success of the MacBook Pro models. Let us know which products you would like to see with a mini-LED display because, I wasn't really a fan of the iPad Pro's display at first but, I like it now and on the new MacBooks of course.

Report: Nothing could launch its first Android smartphone next month

Let's shift gears on to Nothing and upcoming products as things seem to be getting very interesting for this company. A few weeks ago we covered how Carl Pei, Android and Qualcomm were exchanging some tweets, kind of hinting to a smartphone in the future. Now, we have a new report from Tech Crunch claiming that Nothing is indeed working on an Android smartphone and it could launch as soon as next month. The report claims that they've been working on this phone for over a year and a half. And they go as far as to mention that Carl Pei showed this smartphone to some key executives at MWC behind closed doors we assume. Carl also posted a picture with Qualcomm's SVP and captioned it, "Looking forward to working together" but since Qualcomm makes chips for everything, it's hard to consider that a sign. As for the phone, it mentions that the smartphone will share some design elements with the Ear (1). Probably sharing the transparent-ish back we get but none of that is confirmed at the moment. Previously Nothing said that they were speeding up development of five new products, and rumors hint that we could get this smartphone as early as April. Let's see what we get.

Report: Samsung deliberately slowing down thousands of apps on Galaxy devices

Finally, for the hottest news today, let's talk about Samsung and some suspicious new reports. Over the years we've seen full debacles over companies slowing down the performance of their older phones to preserve the battery and also to kinda force the customer to upgrade their phone. Yeah that Apple story. According to a new report, Samsung is deliberately slowing down the performance of over 10,000 apps on Galaxy smartphones. See, all Galaxies come with an app called Game Optimizing Service as a system app, and it has no description by Samsung and you can't disable it either. Samsung seems to be using it to "optimize" the rest of the apps that aren't games. Someone on Twitter now posted a list of 10,000 different apps that get throttled by this, quote unquote, feature, where when it's off you get a major boost in performance on them. A YouTuber even changed the 3D Mark Benchmark's app package name to deceive Sammy's software and check out the results, and on the video you can definitely see some throttling on these smartphones. Some of the apps on the list include popular ones like Netflix, Instagram, TikTok and even some Google apps. Samsung also seems to be slowing down some of their apps but, benchmarking apps like Geekbench and others are excluded from the list. Samsung just put out a statement saying they're constantly trying to expand the options for users to have the most optimized performance. And to meet the needs of various customers they will update the app and add an option to prioritize performance as soon as possible.


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