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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: Finally Worth It? (video)

By Samuel Martinez August 6, 2020, 2:54 am
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Today’s deals include the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, iPad Pros and more

Deals. Of course, today is Samsung day so let’s start off with some Samsung deals while we’re at it. The Galaxy Note 10+ is currently $300 off, meaning you can get the 256GB variant for $1099 with a free Galaxy Watch Active 2. Moving on, B&H has discounts of up to $530 on iPad Pros. For example, the 12.9in 2018 Wi+Fi + Cellular variant is $350 off, leaving it at $799 shipped. Let’s go back to Samsung as, the Galaxy Tab S6 is currently $130 off, leaving that at $600 shipped. Finally, the Microsoft Surface Go is $61 off, leaving it at $488. We have more deals, on the Sega Genesis Mini and more.

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POCO’s OnePlus Nord competitor could be coming soon

According to Twitter, it looks like POCO is ready to give us a new device some time soon. The company’s PR manager just tweeted out “OnePlus Nord or… wait for the new POCO?” and POCO’s official twitter answered “OMG too early, Does PR know?”. To sum it up, this means that we’ll most likely be getting a new mid-tier phone that will compete directly with devices like the Nord and even the iPhone SE. However, as of right now we don’t have any more information on the device or even on the possible launch date so, we’ll keep you posted.

The new Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will be presented on August 11

Speaking of PR teams and Xiaomi-related companies, it’s been a minute since we’ve got some phones from Xiaomi but it looks like the company wants to change that. They will soon be celebrating their 10th anniversary and so, according to their PR team they’ll be launching a new phone on August 11th. They just announced through Twitter that we will be getting a new Mi Note 10 Ultra, the Ultra moniker will be replacing the T and Pro names. We’re not exactly sure as to what to expect from this phone when it comes to price tag and specs but, Xiaomi has been doing extremely well as of late. They’re currently the 3rd best smartphone seller in Europe and in the top 5 when it comes to global sales.

iPhone 12 could arrive with a magnetic attachment to aid wireless charging

Apple introduced wireless charging to iPhones back with the iPhone 8 but, it looks like they’re about to reinvent it. If you get what I mean. According to some new leaks from Weibo, Apple is ready to introduce magnetic positioning with the iPhone 12. This means that some pretty strong magnets will move the phone to the optimal position when placed in the charging pad. The leaks are different pictures of different molds that show how Apple plans to add this to the iPhone 12 and the pictures actually show some of the camera components as well. Now, this probably hints to Apple releasing an official wireless charger and if you think about it, rumors for AirPower have been ramping up lately so, we might be getting that this fall, finally.

Pixel 5 could feature a 6.67-inch 120Hz display

And since the Pixel 4a was just announced, leaks of the Pixel 5 start to emerge because, that’s Google. This new leak comes from the DSCC’s Ross Young through twitter. Now, it isn’t clear if he’s talking about the Pixel 5 or the 4a 5G as he only mentioned, the new Google phone and he mentioned that the 5G version will be packing a 6.67in display from both Samsung Display and BOE. The reason we think that this is the Pixel 5 and not the 4a 5G is because this phone will apparently pack a 120Hz display and we doubt that Google will add a 120Hz display for a $499 price tag. We’ll keep you posted once we get more details on the Pixel 5.

Story of the day:

The gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is now official

Yes, the one more thing at today’s Samsung Event was the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The company says that for this one they focused on “Listening to User feedback on the most requested upgrades and new features” and they’re combining portability and flexibility of a smartphone with the power and screen size of a tablet for productivity”. The Z Fold 2 brings a new 7.6in main display and a 6.2in cover display and both of them are Infinity O 120Hz, edge to edge displays, solving some of our biggest issues with the original Fold. The specs for this phone are supposed to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a 4500 mAh battery. Now, take in mid guys, these are preliminary specs as, Samsung didn’t really specify on them and we’ll have to wait a little to get the exact details. It’ll come in two different color variants, Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black. Price tag will be somewhere around €2000, pretty much like the original Fold, and we should hear more about it on September 1


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