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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is PACKED! (video)

By Samuel Martinez July 20, 2020, 11:00 pm

We start this week with an Apple shopping event and tons of great deals

Deals. Best Buy is currently having an Apple Sale and it’s actually pretty compelling. The only requisite is to be a Best Buy Member which is free and you can get $100 off the iPhone 11, up to $500 off on the XS and the XS Max. $50 off several iPad Models and up to $300 off for the MacBook Pro. The first link in the deals will take you straight to the sale. Amazon and B&H are actually matching some of these deals like in the case of the MacBook Pro which is $300 off, leaving it at $2499 for the 16in variant. The Galaxy A51 is $50 off, leaving that at $280 shipped and, we have more deals on Beats headphones, Mobvoi watches and more in the links in the description.

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Buy Galaxy A51

Google is toying with the idea of a dual-screen Chromebook

We know that Google rarely, and I mean rarely, experiment with Chromebooks but, there’s a possibility that, that might change. According to 9to5Google, new code submissions show that Google might be working on a dual-screen Chromebook. The device is codenamed “Palkia” and the code clearly mentions a second touchscreen on the device. The code also mentions tablet mode so, we aren’t sure if this will be a clamshell form factor with two inner displays kind of like what we get from ASUS, or a flat out foldable with a touchscreen on the inside and one on the outside. However, a developer’s comment suggests that this device is not an OEM device and is only a prototype, so it looks like Google is testing the waters here.

It seems that Apple could be ‘ready to ship’ a new iMac refresh

We have a new vague leak from Twitter for upcoming Apple products. According to the tipster, products are ready to ship, the problem is, he didn’t specify which products. Some of the strong candidates include that re-designed iMac with the new bezels, as Ming Chi Kuo also predicted that Apple would refresh the Intel-based iMac in Q3. We’re also expecting those AirPods Studio, which were supposed to come at WWDC but, we didn’t get any hardware. Another candidate is the AirTags which were leaked by Apple back in April and are designed to compete with Tiles. We could also be getting a new iPad or a new Apple TV but, all we know as of right now is that they’re ready to ship. So yeah Tipster.. How about you be more specific next time.

The 2020 iPhone SE has boosted iPhone sales, and helped users upgrade

It looks like Apple’s plan with the iPhone SE is working. The CIRP just released the numbers for this last quarter and, the iPhone 11 and the Pros still take about 65% of purchases, but the iPhone SE did make a dent. It covered about 19% of sales this past quarter meaning, people are still more likely to go for the newer, higher-specked iPhones but, it is taking sales from the older models. By comparison, last year the XS/XS Max and Xr took the same 65% but, the iPhone 8 and 7 took the rest of the sales, with no iPhone SE to take that extra 19%. According to CIRP’s data, a user with a phone that’s over three years old has a 73% likelihood to upgrade to the SE so, it looks like Apple’s strategy is working just fine.

Here’s your first official look at the upcoming OnePlus Buds in all three colors

OnePlus Nord will feature a 90Hz display and a generous 12GB of RAM

And, we’ve gotten a ton of official leaks from OnePlus, including the Buds. Now, Evan Blass and 9to5Google have recovered some pictures of the Buds from the latest Oxygen OS update. We get to see the Buds in their three different color variants, Black, White and of course, Dave2D teal. The pictures show off the case from the front and back, and we get to see the Buds from behind. We’re able to see the touch controls and, the only time we’ve seen the front is from Evan’s leaks but, they look kinda weird. Moving back to official territory, OnePlus teased that these will bring Noise Cancellation for calls and ta new teaser on Instagram hints to the price tag being lower than $100. They also confirmed that the Nord will bring a 90Hz display. We’ll keep you posted as, the event is tomorrow.

Story of the day:

This leaked Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 render is almost too good to be true

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaked hands-on video reveals key camera features

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 confirmed to debut alongside Galaxy Note 20 on August 5

Second display on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will include an essential feature

We have a lot of leaks for Unpacked today so, let’s start with the Z Fold 2. Samsung UK pretty much confirmed that we will be getting this phone at Unpacked with a new teaser that says, “A new look Unfolds“. After that, Ice Universe posted a very blurry press render of the device. It shows off the new camera array which looks pretty similar to the Note, it shows the USB-C port and the speaker grill and, we can’t really see anything else from this image. According to a new Max Weinbach tweet, the Z Fold 2 will be able to use the new 6.23-inch outer display as a viewfinder, so you’ll be able to take selfies with the primary camera, instead of having to use the selfie shooter. And on that Note, pun intended, seems we also have some new leaked camera features. It looks like Pro Video will now allow you to select which microphone you want to use,.. I know, something LG came up with a while ago, but this one is even allowing form Bluetooth or USB, adding more flexibility for streamers or vloggers. It will also be able to record video in 21:9 at up to 8K. Finally, they will also be adding 50x to this phone and to the S20 Ultra as it currently just jumps from 30x to 100x.


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