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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S21: NO Charger Already? (video)

By Samuel Martinez October 27, 2020, 10:59 pm
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, gaming laptops and more on sale today

 The official news today begin with deals. As we have Samsung Galaxy Note 20, gaming laptops and more devices on sale.

UK carriers to be banned from selling locked phones

Let’s move the spotlight to Europe because, there’s something interesting going on with the carriers in the UK. It’s been the common practice that carriers have been selling locked phones to prevent you from switching out on them easily for the longest time but, apparently that will no longer be a thing. From December 2021, the UK Regulator Ofcom is banning the sale of locked phones by network operators. This information comes from a new BBC report where they mention that this rule will affect carriers like BT and EE along with their subsidiaries like Vodafone. Other carriers like O2 that don’t sell locked phones will not be affected. According to Ofcom, this allows consumers to switch out carriers in a more easier way, once they find a better deal than what they currently have. I don’t know about you, but if you’re paying for a phone, how does having it locked to a carrier make sense?


New OnePlus Watch delayed indefinitely?

Now let’s move on to OnePlus, as we do have to admit that the company has been fairly busy, launching a lot more products than it did before. That said, we do know that the launches have also included a fair bit of drama. . They got the OnePlus Buds shipment seized, Carl Pei also left the company which was a huge deal, and then the rumored OnePlus Watch was delayed. Well, let’s talk about the Watch. Max J just revealed that the device was slated to release sometime this month but was postponed indefinitely… again. Max speculates that this might be a delay due to mass production or software development. Again, the delay is for an indefinite period of time but, we do hope that they are able to figure things out. That said, if it looks like the Oppo Watch, which means that it looks like the Apple Watch, then we might understand what they mean with Indefinite.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 to include a pop-up camera?

Now let’s talk Samsung but, this time with the Z Fold, and don’t worry we’ll get to what you want to hear. We have some new patents for a Galaxy Z Fold with a pop up camera. This patent application was files back in April and, it’s kind of weird but it actually makes sense. See, instead of this being like the OnePlus 7 Pro’s conventional pop up camera, a whole piece of the frame would lift from the side of the phone, housing a triple camera module that also has other sensors, probably for facial recognition. Anyone remember the Oppo Find X? I say it makes sense because, it will work better, whether you have the phone open or closed. You can also tell that this isn’t an old patent as, it brings the newer design we got with the Z Fold 2, with the smaller bezels and the larger outer display, basically it just gets rid of the punch holes. Sadly, this is another reason to step further away from some sort of water resistance so, I’m not the biggest fan of it but, it does make sense, and I also feel like it could be a smaller module but hey.

Apple could’ve confirmed a 2020 16-inch MacBook Pro with Boot Camp update

Now before we get to the hottest news, we do have something pretty important in-between to do with the Mac and Apple Silicon. Apple will reportedly be hosting an event for these Macs next months, and now we get some new information on what they’re working on. First off, we got a new report from China, that mentions the different processors Apple has in the pipeline. The report mentions that along with the A14x that we get on iPads and on the MacBook, Apple is working on an A14T which is codenamed Mt. Jade. This A14T would be their first desktop CPU which would come on a new iMac, along with their custom GPU which is codenamed Lifuka. According to Ming Chi Kuo, this iMac should be a 24in model with a redesigned chassis, which will either launch this year in Q4 or in early 2021. On another note, Apple released an update for Boot Camp last week, where they say that the update fixes a stability issue that happens on heavy CPU load for the 16in MacBook Pro (both 2019 and 2020 models). The curious thing is that, there is no 2020 model yet, I mean I just bought one and it’s 2019. Of course, it could be a mistake but, it looks like this is one of the things we could be getting on that November 17th Event, and hey Apple did say we might still see some Intel Macs coming.

Story of the day:

Samsung to reportedly follow Apple in excluding in-box accessories from Galaxy S21

And finally the hottest news today have to do with Samsung, or should we say what Samsung is doing about Apple’s new strategies. Exactly 12 days ago, on October 15th, I stood here and I asked you guys how long did you think Samsung would go on without removing chargers from their box? We speculated a year, maybe two, but it looks like it’s already happening, yeah you heard that right. And first for context, the Galaxy Note 20 already doesn’t bring the AKG earphones in the box if you live in the US, you can get them for free but, most of the people won’t even know that. Well, according to a SamMobile report, multiple Korean news outlets are reporting that Samsung is already considering ditching both the earphones and the charger from the Galaxy S21′s box, and that move would apply to the whole line up. This would help achieve a more affordable price tag for the line up and of course, because it makes sense for their business. The question is if it’s gonna be more affordable for the consumer, cause Apple made the iPhone 12 a lot more expensive than its predecessor. Funny part is, anyone remember Samsung bragging about this on social media?


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