Apple Watch Series 5 is up to $50 off, returning prices to all-time lows

Deals. Amazon is currently taking $50 off the Apple Watch Series 5 in various GPS+Cellular configurations. If you only want the GPS one that one is just $15 off in various configurations as well.

We have a new patent from Samsung that doesn’t want to get rid of the notch, just move it to make it even worse. The application calls it a reverse notch, it is on the outside of the display where the cameras and sensors would be placed. Now, we don’t know why would they want to do this instead of just leaving regular bezels on the device.

Wedbush: China demand for iPhone 11 is strong, forecasts Apple launching four 5G iPhones next year

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Samsung to fix Galaxy S10 issue that means any fingerprint can unlock devices

There’s a big problem with the Samsung Galaxy S10s on-display fingerprint scanner. It seems that if you have a cheap screen protector, other people can unlock the device. The first case reported was a British woman whose phone got unlocked by her husband who’s biometrics weren’t registered on the phone. Samsung customer support say that the sensor may detect patterns in the glass or plastic and confuse it for a fingerprint. Samsung has already acknowledged the problem and is preparing a patch.



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