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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Note is OFFICIALLY GONE! NEW iPhone 13 Leaks & more! (video)

By Samuel Martinez September 9, 2021, 12:57 am
Joshua holding Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

OPPO and Kodak allegedly working on a device with dual 50MP cameras

The official news today are inexistent. Thing is leaks today are too good, and they begin with OPPO. Currently, the Find X3 Pro has one of my favorite cameras on a smartphone for the year, and it looks like the company has another product on its pipeline with an interesting collaboration. According to a new report from Weibo, OPPO’s next flagship smartphone will arrive with 2 different Sony 50MP IMX766 sensors. I know, same as the Find X3 Pro, so nothing special there. Thing is, apparently the company is working together with Kodak for this phone, and it seems that one thing it’s trying to achieve is pay homage to the classic Kodak 35 which you’re looking at right now. The tipster claims that the idea here is to have a 50MP main sensor and another 50MP shooter for the ultra wide camera just like on the Find X3 Pro to ensure consistency. Now, as for the rest of the cameras, it continues to spell Find X3 Pro with the same 13MP 2X telephoto and the 3MP microscope camera. This either means that Oppo is working on a Kodak phone, or that Kodak is collaborating on this future phone, sort of like Hasselblad is doing with OnePlus. I’m just hoping this collaboration works better than that one.


Mini-LED MacBook Pro on schedule to launch in Q4 2021

Apple patent granted: We could see an iMac with curved glass and a display with MacBook dock

Let’s shift gears on to Apple for a couple of segments. We’re going to be focusing on Macs for this one.. We actually have 2 reports here so, let’s start with what we’re getting this year as we’re still expecting those M1X MacBooks. According to a new report from DigiTimes, Apple is likely to unveil their new miniLED-backlit MacBook Pro Series in October or November of this year, with total shipments for this year estimated at 4 million units. The report doesn’t really provide any specific details but we’re expecting these to be the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros powered by Apple Silicon. These should reportedly bring some minor design changes but, a ton of new ports, including an SD Card reader, an HDMI port and the return of MagSafe for charging. Now, that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about iMacs. We’re currently waiting for a higher end iMac as Cupertino simply upgraded the base model but, now we have some new patents of what the future could look like and it’s weird. These patents show an iMac with a curved glass body that brings a nearly bezel-less display, considering it still has a chin but, this one has a purpose. It brings the keyboard and the trackpad built in on that curved chin. Oh, and at the back you also get a cheese grater design that will most likely help with thermals. Of course, there’s no proof that this will ever make it on to the market but, it’s an interesting take on the all-in-one but, even if right now, my eye is fully caught on that M1X.

Last-Minute Leaks: iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, and AirPods 3

And since we’re talking Apple, let’s switch on to iPhones as we get closer to September 14th.. We have a new batch of “last minute leaks” from Max Weinbach that give us more details on the features we can expect this year. For starters, he mentions that the price tags will remain the same this year, and the mini variant will be able to offer one additional hour of battery life. Speaking of batteries, the 13 Pro Max will feature an 18 to 20 percent larger battery when compared to last year. The 13 and 13 Pro will continue to use the same components as the 12 Series but will still be able to pack a 10 percent larger battery. He claims that the 13 Pro may get worse battery life than the regular 13 due to the 120Hz display. Now, when it comes to these displays, Pro Motion will throttle down to 60Hz when Low Power Mode is enabled. Now, going into the cameras, Weinbach claims that the 13 Pro Max will continue to offer exclusive features like it did last year. The camera sensors for all models will be able to receive at least 15 percent more light, with the biggest increase coming to the Ultra Wide sensor which will be able to receive 40 percent more light. Another feature we’re expecting is portrait video and it looks like that will be achieved through Electronic Image Stabilization thanks to a mode called Warp that will attempt to keep your subject in the center of the frame, and then use OIS to offer additional effects. Seems like that FaceTime trick on iPad Pro honestly. Night mode will now recognize when stars are in your frame and adjust to them, and we can also expect some better color science for Night Mode in general. So yeah, a ton of refinement but all of these changes are welcome even if nothing is really what I’d call amazing.

Story of the day:

The Samsung Galaxy Note Is Dead! For real this time

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s move the spotlight on to Samsung and the Galaxy Note, but hold it right there, it’s not for the reasons you think. Yes, I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked about everyone’s favorite Galaxy and I don’t think you guys are going to like this report either. In case you’re not familiar with what’s been going on, Sammy decided to skip the Note this year in order to focus on their foldables but, there’s still been some speculation that we could be getting a Note this year or with a different launch schedule. Now, we have a new tweet from Ice Universe that shows Samsung’s different naming trademarks and, the Note is missing.. On the screenshot you can see the Galaxy S, Z, M and A Series with the Note nowhere to be found. If you think about it, this makes sense considering that the S Pen is now available on the S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 3. And since that latest Z Series with S-Pen support has been a success for Samsung, with over 900K pre-orders in South Korea alone.. This makes sense. Now, that said, you still have fans making change.org petitions with almost 50K signatures to bring the Galaxy Note back. And here’s the thing, this doesn’t mean that the Note Series won’t ever be coming back, it just kills the hope that we’ll be getting one any time soon. So far, some of the major complaints for other S-Pen enabled devices include the fact that there’s no slot for the S-Pen, and it’s missing that classic squared off Note design that people have come to love.

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