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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Where is the Plus? (video)

By Samuel Martinez July 16, 2020, 1:16 am
Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10 and more devices are on sale today

Deals. There’s a lot of Samsung news to Unpack today… pun intended, so let’s start with Samsung deals. The Galaxy S20 is currently $150 off, leaving the 128GB of storage variant with the US warranty for $850 shipped. The Galaxy S10 is also $100 off, leaving that at $650 for the 128GB of storage variant with a 12 month warranty as well. The OnePlus 6T is also $200 off, leaving that at $350 shipped. We also have deals on Sony TWS Earbuds. Gaming monitors and more in the links in the description.


NBC has launched Peacock TV on Android, Chromecast and Android TV

NBC just launched a new streaming service and, it’s kinda interesting because it’s basically free. This new service is called Peacock TV and the way it works is, it has three different tiers to choose from. The first tier is completely free and ad-supported but, you’ll get a very limited library thanks to that. A $4.99 upgraded will get you a larger library but, the ads are still going to be there. Finally, the final $9.99 upgrade will ditch most of the ads and will get you an even larger library. It’s currently launching on Android, Chromecast and Android TV, no word on Roku TV or Android Fire TV just yet.

OPPO announces 125W fast charging tech, can charge 4,000mAh battery in 20 minutes

OPPO just announced their new 125W fast charging technology and we have to admit, it’s pretty impressive. It’s called Flash Charge and it is able to charge a 4000 mAh battery in 20 minutes, yeah, you heard that right. It’ll give you 41% in just 5 minutes of charge. According to OPPO, this new tech is compatible with their current SuperVOOC and VOOC fast charging protocols. It supports 65W PD and 125W PPS Standards. The way it works is by deploying a series of the bi-cell design to let charge pumps have the voltage of the double cells to offer a faster charging experience. Yeah, it sounds complicated but, OPPO has developed a new VCU chip, AC/DC control chip, MCU charge management and more to help preserve your battery’s health. They also launched a new 65W AirVOOC, we’ll keep you posted once we learn more.

Apple would have to pay almost $1 billion to Samsung because of the iPhone

A couple of months ago we covered how Apple, might end up paying Samsung for not ordering enough OLED displays. According to a new DSCC report, that just happened. Apple made a one-time payment to Samsung Display close to the $950M mark. The report mentions that “this payment likely turned what otherwise would have been an operating loss for display devices into an operating profits.” This also happened in Q2 of 2019 when Apple failed to order as much displays as they had agreed upon with Samsung beforehand. Back then it was unlikely that Apple settled that debt in cash but rather gave them extra orders to the point where the profits would equal the penalty but, we can’t confirm if that was the case this year. This year we’re speculating that this happened due to lower demand caused by the pandemic.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 won’t skip the next Unpacked event

Let’s start with the Unpacked News but, let’s focus on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 first. Yesterday we had a frenzy of confusing leaks about when we’re getting this device as some of you pointed out in the comments. Let’s go in chronological order, Max Weinbach tweeted out that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 wasn’t going to happen at Unpacked due to some new delays. After that, the DSCC’s Ross Young tweeted out and said that it would be happening at Unpacked but, it may not ship until early October. See, according to him, assembly won’t start until September and he also pointed out that the inner display will be of 7.59in and not 7.7in like some previous tipsters said. After that, Ice Universe tweeted out that the Z Fold 2 will be happening at Unpacked and that it would starting selling on September 20 in China. Finally, Max quoted his tweet and said that we should expect the announcement but he said that it won’t be launched until October. In conclusion, we should expect this device at Unpacked with a regular announcement but we won’t likely be able to get it until late September or October.

Story of the day:

US FCC listing reveals an LTE-only variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Finally, and speaking of frenzies, we have a bunch of leaks for the Galaxy Note 20 so, you’ll have to bear with me again. First off, the FCC just confirmed that we’ll be getting some LTE only variants for markets where 5G isn’t available yet, and these will most likely not cost as much as the 5G variants. If you remember this also happened with the S20 line, this certification also shows that the Note 20 Line will support Wi-Fi 6 and the model numbers also show that Samsung may be using Snapdragon 865+ variants in Korea instead of their own Exynos chips… yikes. Let’s move on to some Ice Universe Leaks, both good and bad. Starting off with the negative, the Note 20 Ultra’s firmware shows adaptive 120Hz option but, according to him there’s still no 120Hz at QHD+ option. Moving on to the positive, he showed us, possibly the first official-looking renders of the Note 20 Ultra that aren’t from Samsung. These show the triple camera setup at the back, the curved display, the centered punch hole and the logo for the on-display fingerprint scanner. Based on all of these leaks it looks like Samsung is ditching the Plus variant and sticking to the Ultra moniker for good, let’s just hope it retains the Plus’ price tag.


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