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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Addresses Galaxy S22 Throttling, CONFUSING New Mac Leaks & more! (video)

By Samuel Martinez March 11, 2022, 8:54 pm
S22 Plus in hand Source: Pocketnow

Nothing announces fundraise, March 23 event

The official news today begin with Nothing, and your puns are all welcomed. It's not like if any of us chose the name for the company.A few days ago the company announced that they'll be hosting an event on March 23rd at 10 AM Eastern. This will be a virtual event that's currently titled 'The Truth' and Nothing says that they'll be announcing their roadmap for 2022 at this special event. Now, the company also announced a new 70 million dollars in funding which elevates their reach to 144 million to this date and they'll be revealing more information on the funding at their event. Thing about it is, we think we'll be getting more than just a roadmap at this event. Lately we've been seeing subtle teasers from Carl Pei on a Nothing smartphone, and earlier this week we even saw him playing with a prototype. A report from Tech Crunch claims that this phone could be launching as soon as next month so we expect to see some sort of announcement on March 23rd. We'll see what teasers or leaks we get until then.


OPPO to potentially launch clamshell foldable & rollable display smartphone in 2022

Let's shift gears on to OPPO and their foldables as the company wants to bank on the hype and success of the Find N last year. Now, we have a new report from Digital Chat Station, where he claims that OPPO is working on two different types of foldables for 2022.. That includes a clamshell-style foldable with a horizontal hinge and a unique smartphone with a rollable display. The leak also mentions that OPPO has been surprised by the Find N's success in China and now they want to explore what happens in other markets as well. But, going back to the upcoming foldables let's talk prices. The clam-shell foldable would reportedly be in the same price range as the Galaxy Z Flip 3, while the rollable wone will be in the high-end segment with the price being somewhere around 1600 dollars. Oh, and this rollable model would also have a bigger screen than the Find N. There's no word on when OPPO plans to announce these new foldables but, given how the Find N went we might be getting them at INNO Day 2022, which sadly happens until December.. Are you guys waiting on new foldables from OPPO?

Apple’s upcoming MacBook Air could feature a new design, more colors and Apple’s M1 chip

I know, I know.. The Apple Event just happened but, we got some new leaks for products that didn’t make the cut yesterday. We have a new tweet from Ming Chi Kuo where he's giving us his predictions for the 2022 MacBook Air. For starters, he claims that mass production will happen in late Q2 or in Q3 of this year. On a very interesting twist he claims that it will be powered by the M1 chip yet again, and that we won't be getting a mini-LED display here either. We can expect some design changes though as he's claiming an all-new form factor design and more color options than before. Previous leaks mentioned that we were getting 24-inch iMac-like colors for this new MacBook Air, but every leak mentioned that it would bring the direct successor to the M1 chip. Other rumors also claim that this model would be thinner and lighter than the current variant, and it will bring white bezels and a white keyboard. I find it kinda weird that Apple would use this processor that's about to turn two for a complete MacBook Air redesign but hey, we'll see what we get.

Samsung opens up with official comments on throttling the Galaxy S22 & other flagships

And finally, for the hottest news today, let's talk about Samsung and the whole drama that went on last week about them throttling their devices. Just as a quick recap, late last week there was some videos going around showing how Samsung was throttling Galaxy devices by using their Game Optimization Service that you couldn't get rid of. The company put out a quick statement saying they would address the issue, but now they're offering more of an explanation. They now posted a list of FAQs about the behavior of their optimization system and talked about their future plans for it. Samsung says that the feature "optimizes" the CPU and GPU performance of your device so that excessive heat isn’t generated. Then they're reiterating that there will be an update released that'll bring a toggle to allow apps to run at full scale. They're arguing that the list of 10,000 apps that was published last week, is not a list of apps throttled by GOS and instead, this list allows Galaxy devices to determine whether the newly installed app is a game or not. Kinda weird. And they also confirmed that benchmark applications are not a gaming app, so they're not covered by GOS.. Kinda convenient considering apps that weren't even gaming apps showed some throttling. On another twist, Sammy might allow users to completely disable the service, but they won't offer free repairs due to overheating if they're using the performance priority toggle, unless it’s in warranty.


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