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Pocketnow Daily: OnePlus Z: Old or New Beginnings? (video)

By Samuel Martinez June 23, 2020, 11:45 pm

We start this week with Best Buy’s 4-day sale and more deals from Amazon

We keep getting more Apple deals from B&H and Amazon

Deals. Yes, yesterday was WWDC so Best Buy is running a 4-Day sale on Apple products which you should benefit from. They have $100 deals on MacBook Airs, $200 discounts on 13in MacBook Pros and you can even get a 15.4in MacBook Pro with a $1050 discount, leaving it at $3099 shipped depending on the configuration you want. They also have deals on iPads, and even iPhones. The Samusng Galaxy Chromebook is also $100 off, leaving the Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD variant for $899. Finally, Amazon has the Sony Xperia 1, meaning you can get it for $798. We also have deals on Marshalls speakers and more.


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Here’s everything we saw today during Apple’s WWDC 2020

And yesterday we covered a lot of what Apple announced at WWDC but now we have some hidden gems out of the different announcements we got yesterday. Like for example, AirPods are getting Optimized Charging just like your iPhone to preserve your battery health on the long run, all as part of what you’ll see on their menu on iOS 14. And speaking of that iOS 14 now notifies you if a fire alarm or if someone rang your doorbell through a new Sound Recognition accessibility feature. You also get a notification to your phone once your Apple Watch is fully charged. Speaking of the Apple Watch, they’re removing force touch gestures from it, as the company is already recommending developers to move the elements somewhere else. On that same negative front, widgets on the iPad are either still not fully baked, or are truly limited to the Today View and they sadly only work on landscape.. I know this makes no logical sense. This is the canvas that should get widgets. Finally, we all saw MKBHD’s clip on social where he shows us the new accessibility feature he uses to double tap the back to call on the Google Assistant or other commands. Well, you can program that feature to do more like take screenshots, mute your phone and more. And guys, these are just some. Stay tuned to more on tomorrow’s video.

Microsoft gives up on Mixer, moving streamers and viewers to Facebook Gaming

Now, something huge other than WWDC happened yesterday, but this time, it wasn’t necessarily good news for everyone. Last year, Microsoft signed a lot of big names like Ninja and Shroud to their streaming platform, Mixer. Allegedly we’re talking tens of millions of dollars to sign them up. Basically Microsoft made these moves to compete with Twitch and YouTube but, apparently that wasn’t enough to get the platform off the ground. Now, Microsoft is giving up on Mixer as it will stop operations on July 22nd. If you’re a Mixer streamer and you’re worried, Facebook Gaming actually bought them out and is welcoming all of the Mixer streamers, offering them partner status and a Level Up program if they were already monetizing on Mixer. As of July 22nd, the Mixer URL will redirect you to Facebook GG. If you want to learn the specifics of the transition, we have them in the links in the description. All I can say is, for Ninja and Shroud, good for you. I guess we’ll see you back on Twitch soon.

ASUS ROG Phone 3 will be launched in July

We’ve been getting a lot of leaks of the ASUS ROG Phone 3, it was recently certified and we heard some of the specs. Now, ASUS took to Weibo to say that they are joining hands with Tencent Games to release “new energy” in 2020 and they confirmed a July launch date. Even though they did say it would happen in July, the exact date isn’t clear yet. The ROG Phone 2 was launched on July 22nd last year so we expect something similar. According to the certifications, this phone should bring a Snapdragon 865, 16GB of RAM, an AMOLED display running at 120Hz and up to 512GB of UFS 3.0 storage. We’ll keep you posted once we get the official date.

The Google Pixel 4a was found on two French online retailer websites

Well, we’re still wondering where is the Google Pixel 4a and it just appeared on two French e-tailers. It appeared on Ordimedia and eStock.fr and it was actually listed in both Just Black and Blue color variants, even if we thought the Blue color was getting scrapped. These website have the correct model numbers and they’re listed to start at 128GB of storage, which Google may have made the starting model to get an advantage over the iPhone SE. And according to this website, you can get them shipped in 8-12 business days with an ETA landing on July 12. However, we’re expecting these phones to be announced on July 13th with a possible launch date until October 22nd so this may just serve as some sort a confirmation that we could get the announcement on July 13. The price tags are €506 and €441 in the two websites and the specs are unchanged.

Story of the day:

OnePlus announces a ‘new, more affordable smartphone series’ is coming to India and Europe soon

OnePlus is “ready for something new”: OnePlus Z launch imminent?

And finally for the hottest news today, let’s talk about the other hot stuff that also happened yesterday. See, both of the OnePlus co-founders tweeted out the hashtag #NewBeginnings, along with the question “Who wants something new?”. Well, today the company just announced that they have a new smartphone series launching soon. They also took to their forums to say that this new phone is bringing the premium, flagship experience to a new and more affordable product line. They also said that this new series will be introduced in Europe and India first but they are looking to bring it to North America in the future. As for the name, we’re still not sure as we’ve been calling it the OnePlus Z for the longest time but some new leaks hinted that it could be called “Nord by OnePlus” which they trademarked back in March. It’s also supposed to cost around $330 and launch around July 10th.


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