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Pocketnow Daily: No More Exynos on Samsung's Galaxy S22, New Apple Chips are Monsters & more! (video)

By Diego Rivera November 9, 2021, 12:24 am
Black Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in hand, Review video capture Source: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Snapdragon 898 SoC clock speeds leak on new photo

The official news today begin with non-other than Qualcomm and they sort of tie to the hottest news, you'll see why. Qualcomm just announced their Snapdragon Tech Summit which will happen from November 30th to December 2nd, and while they don't really provide any details, we're expecting to see the new Snapdragon 898 SoC at this event. We haven't had much concrete information but a leak from Evan Blass earlier this year suggests that the 898 will bring a 4nm process and a new Snapdragon X65 modem. Without getting too technical, apparently we can also expect a Kryo 730 CPU and an Adreno 730 GPU. Last week we also got some leaked clock speeds for this chipset allegedly running on a vivo device, and they claim that we can expect up to a 20% improvement over the previous generation which was already great. So yeah all of these rumors sound great, and I'll be at the Summit this year so stay tuned to the Daily for when the release actually ends up happening.


Google says Pixel 6 fingerprint scanner is slow due to increased security

Let's keep talking official news but move on to Google and the Pixel 6 Series, as that's right, we're not done yet. If you haven't seen our full review, you definitely should, but one of our complaints was the slow fingerprint reader and I know a ton of other reviewers had that issue as well. Well, it looks like consumers also have a grudge with it to the point where it's been a topic of discussion on both reddit and twitter. Over the weekend someone named Ian voiced his problems where he presses the sensor 6 or 7 times and it just doesn't work, forcing him to eventually use his pin to unlock the device. Google actually answered saying that they're sorry for the hassle, but this happens because the sensor uses enhanced security algorithms, and these added protections can take longer to verify as they require more direct contact with the sensor. They then sent him some troubleshooting steps but he claims none of them work for him. And, I just love how Android Authority describes it as Google saying "this is a feature, not a bug". So yes, we hope that it gets better over time through software updates but at the moment, you'll have to deal with this excuse for added security. We'll keep you posted on if they decide to take this back and make it faster.

Apple moving to 3nm chips in 2023, expect a dual M1 Max for Mac Pro in 2022

Let's shift on to Apple because, you know the way it goes. With the new Apple Silicon chips out now, we already have some details on what we'll be getting in the future. According to a new reported roadmap, Cupertino will be moving on to 3nm chips in 2023 for both Macs and iPhones. This report mentions that these new generation laptop chips are codenamed "Ibiza, Lobos and Palma" and they are expected to be variations of the M1, M1 Pro and the M1 Max. If you're wondering what they'll be using for next year, they'll stick to 5nm SoCs for 2022 but, with some sort of tuning in the manufacturing process. They're even expected to make an ever higher end chip that is meant for the Mac Pro with two dies. Just as a comparison, even the M1 Max is made on a single die, which means that this dual variant could support as much as 40 CPU cores. Finally, the report also mentions that the iPhone will follow these same footsteps, with upgraded 5nm chips for 2022 and then move on to 3nm once 2023 hits. So yeah, with how good these M1 Pro and Max laptops are, I can't even imagine what that Mac Pro is going to be able to do.

Samsung equips all Galaxy S22 models with Qualcomm chip

Finally, for the hottest news today, you know we have to keep talking Samsung as we get closer to the end of the year. So far, all of the S22 leaks have been geared towards design but today, we got some very compelling details on the internals for these phones. For those of you following the Galaxy S21 FE rumors, you'll know that one of the reasons why we haven't gotten this phone yet is the chip shortage and it looks like that might end up benefiting the S22 Series. According to a report from a former Samsung employee, Samsung recently decided to let go of the integration of their Exynos chip for the S22, and all models will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon SoC, in all regions including Europe and Asia. And even though this hasn’t been confirmed yet, there are other rumors claiming that Sammy plans to use Exynos in less regions anyway, even with their transition on to AMD graphics. The report also shares some specifications and design details that we've heard before like the display sizes, camera capabilities and the similarities that the ultra will bring with the previous Note variants. Finally, he also adds that the Galaxy Unpacked will happen on February 8th, with the pre-order period starting that same day and we might be getting some Galaxy Buds to tag a long but that isn’t confirmed yet. The dates do match the report we got from Prosser last week where he also claims that it'll be available in stores on February 18th


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