Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Echo speakers and more on sale today

The official news today as always, begin with Deals. We usually have Apple deals so, let’s talk Samsung deals. Let’s start off with the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which is still $200 off, leaving the entry level variant for $1100 shipped. You can also get Samsung’s Galaxy Bundle which is pretty expensive but it includes the Note 20, the Tab S6, some Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 for $1873. The S20+ is also available for $696 but, keep in mind that this is the international variant aka Exynos chip. We have more deals on Amazon speakers, Garmin Watches, Dell Monitors and more in the links in the description.

OnePlus teases a new audio wearable, probably the OnePlus Buds Z earbuds

Now let’s move to OnePlus cause as you know, this is another company that has major plans for TechTober. Now, even if they released the OnePlus Buds with the Nord, there have been some other leaks for a different pair of True Wireless Earbuds. If you remember tipsters like Max J were posting leaks about some “Buds Z”. But now, we have a teaser from OnePlus where they’re saying: “A whole new world of sound. Coming soon”. And on the picture we get to see the silicon tip for this bud which means, they won’t look like the regular AirPods. However, they could look like the AirPods Pro… All jokes aside, we don’t have much information on these Buds, other than the fact that we should expect them with the 8T on October 14th so, we’ll keep you posted. Seriously OnePlus, feel free to be orignal about the design.. You guys really get that right

New leak could confirm the battery capacity in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Now let’s focus on Samsung. I know we’re still pretty far away from the next Galaxy S Series but, we’ve been getting a decent amount of leaks for the time being. A couple of weeks ago, it went through a benchmark and we got some information on the battery size and other specs. Well, the S21 Ultra just went through certification in China, and this sort of serves as confirmation for these specs. This certification shows the model number and confirms that it brings a non-removable battery with a 4885 mAh capacity, which usually means it’ll be labeled as a 5,000 mAh battery. The s20 Ultra brought this same battery but, remember we’re getting new 5nm processors which means we could get significantly improved battery life. Other leaks we’ve been getting for the S21 are that it might bring a significantly better Exynos 1000, and some major camera improvements. We still have a long way to go so, leaks are just getting started.

Microsoft launches the Surface Laptop Go, and it starts at a sweet $549

Today we got a pretty pleasant surprise from Microsoft. We know that the company has been trying to take a more affordable route with their Surface Laptops as they’re trying to take on the Chromebook market. Well, the company just announced the Surface Laptop Go, which tackles on that strategy. It has the same design as the Surface Laptop 3 with a 12.4in touch display but, with some rounded corners. It’s powered by a 10th Gen Intel Core i5, either 4 or 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and either 64GBs or eMMC storage or up to 256GB of SSD. It runs Windows 10 in S mode and according to Microsoft it can last up to 13hrs on a single charge. You get one USB-C port, one USB-A port, one Surface Connect port and a headphone jack. It’ll be available on October 13th in the US and it starts at $549. I’m still trying to wrap my head around using Windows 10 with only 64 Gigs of storage, but hey, we’ll see about that.

Apple’s foldable iPhone may arrive with a new “self-healing display”

For years, and I mean years, there’s been leaks and rumors that Apple was working on a foldable iPhone. A couple of days ago we covered how Apple ordered a significant amount of foldable displays from Samsung and now we get some more information as to why they ordered these. A new patent application shows that Apple is looking for ways of minimizing damage on foldable displays. The patent mentions a device that would repair itself automatically, without the user needing to do anything through a layer of self healing material. For example, a self-healing coating would be applied on top, and if this coating is dented, the material in the coating will fill up the dent. Heat can also be used as a stimulus for the healing process, and by using some conductors it can help this process. The main objective here is to help get rid of imperfections like dents and scratches, to give you a better experience with this display. We know that Apple isn’t in a rush to get a foldable iPhone out but, if they’re working on things like this, we might be getting a pretty cool product. Reminds me of the LG G Flex.

Story of the day:

Upcoming iPhone 12 lineup may start at $649, and cost as much as $1,400

And finally the hottest new today have to do with Apple, but this time with the iPhones we are getting within the next few weeks. We have some new leaked price tags from a tipster on Twitter who, actually has a pretty neat track record. So, according to him, the 5.4in 12 Mini will start at 64GB and will cost $649 while the regular 6.1in 12 will start at $749 for 64GBs of storage as well. Moving on to the Pros, the 6.1in variant will start at $999 with 128GB of storage, while the 12 Pro Max will start at $1099 with 128GB of storage as well. Of course we should take these with a grain of salt but, they go along with other leaks we’ve seen like the storage tiers as Jon Prosser gave us these same numbers a couple of days ago. Also, the regular non-Pro models seem to be cheaper than some of the older leaks we had, which hinted to the mini starting at $749. We’re expecting these iPhones on October 13th so, get ready because the leaks should start getting wild going forward.
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