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Pocketnow Daily: Meet the Google Pixel 6 and Tensor, High Galaxy Z Fold 3 prices & more! (video)

By Samuel Martinez August 3, 2021, 1:01 am

Apple’s M1 Mac Mini, Sony WH-1000XM4 and more are also on sale today

Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy devices and more are on sale today

Let’s begin the month of August like we always do, with some deals, starting with this year’s flagships. Amazon currently has the OnePlus 9 Pro for 90 dollars off, leaving the 12 Gigs of RAM variant for 979, I know it’s still pretty crazy even with the added RAM. If you’re not a fan of the 9 Series, the regular OnePlus 8 is available for almost 300 bucks off, leaving the base tier for a cool 400. Since we’re gonna be talking about Pixels today, Woot has the Pixel 4 for half off its original price tag, so you can grab it for 389. Moving on to Sammy’s trade-in deals, if you’re one of the fans that wants the Galaxy Note to stay, you can get the Note 20 Ultra for as low as 600 dollars or the regular Note 20 for 449. The S21 Series is still getting the same treatment where you can get the regular model for 99 bucks, the Plus for 200 or the Ultra for 400, and of course you need an eligible device to trade-in for all of these. Moving back on to Amazon, the M1 Mac mini is getting a 100 dollar discount, so it starts at 799. Finally, Sony’s Mark 4 over the ear headphones are currently available for 72 bucks off, leaving them at 278. We have more deals on other Macs, more Samsung products and more in the links in the description.


Google Pixel 4

OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 8

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Apple Mac mini

macbook air m1

MacBook Air

Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones

Sony WH-1000XM4

M1X MacBook Pro and Mac mini to arrive before November 2022

And speaking of Macs, let’s move on to Apple and their Apple Silicon roadmap as we’re technically at the halfway point of their 2 year transition which was announced at last year’s WWDC. On Mark Gurman’s latest newsletter he mentions that Apple will barely hit that 2 year timeline they promised, and he’s actually counting as if it started in November with the release on the M1 MacBooks, giving Apple until November of next year to complete it. Gurman mentions that the M1X processors are still on track for release in the coming months, with a high end Mac Mini coming soon after that. If you remember this is the one we got renders for a while back with a more compact design. Moving on to next year, Gurman reiterates that he expects them to fully transition by the end of next year, with a revamped Mac Pro rocking Apple Silicon coming in the second half of the year. He also talks about that redesigned MacBook Air which apparently will bring MagSafe but, he simply states it’ll come some time in 2022. Finally, he also speaks on the final update to the Intel Mac Pro, which is rumored to bring an Intel Ice Lake Xeon processor but we don’t really have a date for that one. So just to recap, new MacBook Pros and a new Mac mini this year, 2 new Mac Pros, the new MacBook Air and the a complete transition into Apple Silicon by the end of next year.. We’ll see if they actually make the deadline with all of the delays going on.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic showcases One UI Watch design on live images

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 price leaks again

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 to cost a lot more than we thought

Let’s switch on to Samsung and you guessed it, they’re Unpacked Event. The thing is, over the weekend we’ve gotten a ton of leaks on multiple products so, we’re going to be throwing all of these into this segment so bear with me here. Let’s start off with wearables, we have a new report from WinFuture that claims that the Galaxy Buds 2 will bring an IPX2 certification, up to 20 hours of play time with ANC but more importantly, they’ll be priced at 150 Euros. Now moving on to the Galaxy Watch 4, we have some new IRL images from 91 Mobiles that show off the new Watch 4 Classic. The design looks great as expected but, these also serve as our first “hands on” look of One UI Watch. We can’t see much from these images but, I mean it doesn’t look bad at all. Now moving on to the centerpiece of the event, let’s talk about foldables. Evan Blass is maintaining his title as the king of Unpacked this year as we get yet another batch of press renders of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 from every possible angle and with every color variant we’re expecting so yeah, there’s no secrets here any more. But to conclude, let’s go back to talking price tags! We have a couple of new tweets from a tipster that goes by the name of Snoopy, yes like the dog, where he reveals the price tags for Europe for both the Z Flip and the Z Fold. He claims that the Z Flip 3 will start at 1029 Euros while the maxed out variant will go up to 1109. When it comes to the Z Fold, that one will start at 2009 Euros for 256 Gigs of storage, and will go up to 2099 for the higher tier which brings double the storage. So the Z Flip is definitely getting cheaper but, it looks like the Z Fold is retaining its current price tag, we’ll see what happens next week.

Story of the day:

This is the Google Pixel 6: Google Tensor SoC, premium design and true flagship specifications

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about the undisputed king of leaks. We’re looking at you Google. If you thought Samsung was good at leaking their own stuff, Google just gave them the biggest “hold my beer” moment we’ve seen yet. Earlier today the company took to Twitter and gave us a sneak peek at their upcoming Pixels and sort of announced their custom SoC. Starting with the obvious, yes there will be a regular Pixel 6 and a Pro variant this year. When it comes to the design, these confirm the renders we’ve been getting with the new camera module and they come in 3 different colorways for each variant. When it comes to the camera, the 6 Pro will bring a triple camera array that includes a telephoto with 4x optical zoom while the regular 6 will bring the same cameras but with no telephoto. Probably the hottest thing here is the new chip, Google Tensor. Yes, the leaks were right, this is a custom SoC and they’re claiming it can process their most powerful AI and ML models directly on the smartphone. Apparently we’ll be able to see a transformed experience for speech recognition, the camera and many other features. Sadly they can’t show any pictures at the moment, saying they’ll get back to us soon on that one. When it comes to the UI, Material You will be the best it can be on Pixels, as expected. And these new Pixels will also bring a ton of upgrades on Google features like Translation, Voice Commands and others. They concluded by saying that this is all they can share for now and that we’ll get them later this fall.. However, they’re already on the Google Store, showing off the specs but, there’s no price and of course you can’t purchase them yet.

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