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Pocketnow Daily: M1X MacBooks Shift the Spec Strategy, Galaxy S22 Cost Cutting & more!(video)

By Samuel Martinez August 24, 2021, 10:23 pm

Apple Watch Series 7 case sizes will completely change, leak suggests

iPhone 13 camera module will be larger, phone thicker, case suggests

Believe it or not we have no official news today, which is a common thing when we’re so close to iPhone. Cause yes, we do have a lot of Apple things to go through so we’ll be splitting them on to different segments. Kicking this one off with the Apple Watch, it’s been 2 generations since we got some changes for the case sizes but, things might be changing this year. Apparently, along with the redesign we’ve discussed before, it looks like we’re getting some bigger Watches. According to a tipster that goes by the name of Uncle Pan, the Apple Watch Series 7 will come in 41mm and 45mm cases instead of 40 and 44 like we got last year. Of course, we should take this with a grain of salt but, this does go along with leaks form other sources like Mark Gurman that mentioned that we could expect larger displays on a similar or same-size chassis, so we’ll see if it does happen. Now, moving on to the iPhone, all of the dummies and renders so far show that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will bring a significantly larger camera model but, that might extend on to its other siblings as well. According to a new leak from Phone Arena, the regular iPhones camera hump will go up to 4cm from the 3.7 we got last year, while the Pro models will grow up to 4.5cm from 3.9 last year. If you’re wondering why the cameras are getting bigger, we’re supposed to be getting a new ultra wide sensor with autofocus capabilities, new lenses and sensor shifting image stabilization across the board. We’ll see what we get as we’re just about a week away from September.


New iPad coming next month, report reiterates Titanium build for future models

iPad mini 6 leak reveals color options and specs

Speaking of September, let’s talk about another product we’re expecting to get refreshed soon, the iPad. And we also have two different reports for this one so bear with me.. Starting with the entry level iPad, a new report from DigiTimes claims that we could be getting the 9th generation iPad in September. The report mentions that sadly it won’t bring any significant design changes but, we can still expect it to boost iPad shipments as much as 60 million in the next year. This report also reiterates that we could be getting an iPad with a titanium build soon but, with the pandemic still going on it wouldn’t be the right time considering that would definitely be a pricy upgrade. Finally, DigiTimes also claims that Apple believes that this is the best time to launch an iPad mini, so let’s also talk about that. We have some new concept renders from iDesigner based on the leaked design. We get to see the squared approach once again with the slimmer bezels but, one difference here when compared to Prosser’s renders from a few months ago is the color variants that go along with the iPad Air’s palette, instead of the colors we usually get for Pro models. Just to recap some of the specs, we’re expecting this new iPad mini to bring an 8.4-inch Liquid Retina Display, it’ll be powered by Apple’s A14 Bionic, and will bring up to 256 Gigs of storage. Apparently we’re finally getting Apple Pencil 2 Support or even a rumored smaller variant, in addition to 5G as well as Touch ID in the power button. I’m really excited for this iPad so let’s see what happens next month.

Samsung to cut Galaxy S22 costs by ditching vapor chamber cooling?

And as a palette cleanser, let’s shift gears on to Samsung and the Galaxy S22 Series before we get to the hottest news. We have a new report from Tron that claims that Samsung is willing to remove some hardware from their upcoming flagship in order to cut some costs. We know that the company alternates between different kinds of cooling when it comes to their flagships, sometimes we get graphite thermal pads while others get a vapor cooling chamber. On Tron’s latest tweet he says that the Vapor chamber cooling that was present in the S10 Series will not be added as of now in order to save costs. Apparently the mobile team was planning to clock the new Exynos chip with the AMD GPU higher to get better performance and less throttling with the use of the vapor cooling chamber but, higher management decided to go back to square one in order to cut the expenses down. Tron claims that the mobile team is currently waiting on a decision from the VP on whether the cooling chamber will be added or not, and if not, they’ll be going with the same heat dissipation design we got with the Galaxy S21 Series, which does tend to get hot from time to time. So bottom line, nothing is set in stone at the moment but, it looks like higher management wants to bring the price down but by sacrificing some performance for it, at least when it comes to the Exynos variant. We’ll see what happens because I’m all for the better price tag but, not by sacrificing performance.

Story of the day:

Apple to level the playfield: 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models to share specs

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s move back on to Apple but this time we’ll be talking about MacBooks. We’ve been waiting on the new MacBook Pros for months now and multiple leaks claim that we’re finally getting them in the next couple of months but, it looks like Apple might be changing their strategy. According to a new tweet from Dylan who has a pretty neat track record, he claims that it is “comforting to note that both MacBook Pro’s that are coming this fall will have the same chip and the same performance, completely changing the usual strategy most PC makers follow, and definitely a win for those who like to opt for the smaller variant. Just so everyone understands, I am referring to the 16 and 14-inch Pros both bringing the same M1X chip”. So, it looks like for the first time, the only differences between the 14 and 16-inch Pro MacBooks will be the display size, the battery size and most likely the starting CPU or GPU cores and clock count. But by the looks of it, you’ll sort of be able to configure these to the same potential thanks to the M1X chip, allowing you to have a beast inside a 14-inch laptop. Dylan does mention that the bump in specs will result in a notable increase in the price tag over the 13-inch MacBook Pro, but we don’t know if he’s talking about the M1 which starts at 1299 or the Intel variant starting at 1799. Another thing that might add on to the price is the mini LED display but we’ll see how that goes. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you watch yesterday’s After The Buzz on the 16-inch MacBook Pro as I tell you how much of a mistake buying that computer was.

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