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Pocketnow Daily: M1 MacBook Testing: Apple Was NOT JOKING! (video)

By Samuel Martinez November 18, 2020, 12:04 am
Apple chip

Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro, and more early Black Friday deals are available today

Let’s begin today with the official news, which means we’re gonna start with deals, cause that’s what we do. Your all time favorite is the first, cause you know Apple deals keep getting intense. Cupertino’s 16in MacBook Pro is currently $550 off, that leaves the Intel Core i9, 64GB of RAM and 1TB of storage variant for $3349. By the way, this is my variant, though I’ve got 2 terabytes of storage. You can also get some cheaper options at B&H which we’ll also link to in the description. Moving on to Walmart, the AirPods Pro are currently $49 off, which means you can snatch them for $200. Back to Amazon, the brand new Echo Dot is $20 off, but you have to use a certain Promo Code so make sure you add it. We have more deals on Samsung QLED TVs, Google Smart Speakers, LG Monitors and more in the links in the description.


Huawei sells Honor phone brand to government-backed consortium

Now how about if we talk about some unexpected news, because hey, it’s 2020. Huawei just made it official that they’ve sold their HONOR brand. I know, the spin off from years ago designed to cater more to the youth market. The company claims that they’ve had tremendous pressure as off late, and they’ve had persistent unavailability of technical elements needed for their mobile phone business, due to the US sanctions. Therefore, they’re selling their business to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Tech Company, which is a government-backed establishment. Huawei apparently hopes that this move will help Honor ensure their own survival and after it, Huawei won’t own any shares or be involved with them in management or decision-making. Now here’s the problem, isn’t this whole problem because the US Government thinks Huawei is involved with the Chinese government. How is selling it to a Chinese Movement entity any better? We’ll see how Honor carries on their international businesses as, they are a huge deal in emerging markets like Latin America.

OPPO X 2021 rollable concept, OPPO AR Glasses showcased at INNO Day event

OPPO just held their “INNO 2020” Event in Shenzhen which was themed “Leap into the Future” and let’s just say we got a lot of that. The company announced a new OPPO X 2021 which is a concept rollable phone, we also got OPPO AR Glass 2021 and an OPPO CybeReal AR application. They also talked about their new “3 N X” strategy which focuses on 3 underlying technologies: hardware, software and service technologies. The N stands for the essential capabilities like AI, security, privacy, multimedia and others. On the other hand “X” stands for their bleeding-edge technology, which gives you a hint at why that rollable phone is called the OPPO X. Speaking of it, it features a flexible 6.7in display, which rolls out into a 7.4in with a Roll Motor. I guess they decided to “Slide” into the market before LG did… Damn Diego, that was one smooth pun. The AR Glasses bring an interesting design and include sensors like a ToF sensor, a fisheye camera and an RGB camera, to help with different interactions. Finally, the AR app does spatial calculation, for localization and scene recognition in different scenarios. Honestly, all of it sounds really cool so, we’ll see what we end up getting, cause OPPO is not known for keeping concepts in a drawer.

Exynos 2100 may surpass the SD 875 in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Now how about if we talk Samsung, cause hey, we know that the Exynos Processors are your favorite chips to hate but. That said,But then you kinda have to hand it to Samsung as, the Exynos 1080 actually seems pretty promising. Well, about a month ago the regular Galaxy S21 went through some benchmarks with the Exynos 2100 and now it’s the Snapdragon 875’s turn. With the 875, the phone was rocking 8GB of RAM and Android 11, and well it got a 1120 single-core score, and 3319 in multi-core. The reason we started this segment talking about the Exynos processor is because the 2100’s performance is almost on par with the Snapdragon getting 1080 in single-core score, and 3060 in multi-core score. Now, we know that benchmarks don’t really translate to the phones actual performance but, Ice Universe also tweeted out the frequencies for these two processors and, the Exynos 2100 beats the Snapdragon 875 in all of them. Let’s see what actually happens once it comes out as, I’m hoping Samsung actually delivers this time.

Foldable iPhone could soon become reality

Now, moving on from Samsung, the company that’s actually launched two generations of foldables, there’s been rumors for years that Apple has been working on a foldable smartphone. Now that the competition is out, it seems like it’s actually happening, or so we hope. According to a new report from China, Cupertino is actively working on their first foldable iPhone, with a possible launch slated for September 2022. The report mentions that Apple is currently testing the screen and the bearings of this foldable. Samsung will reportedly be the display supplier with the bearings being manufactured by several other suppliers. Apparently Apple is conducting rigorous folding tests that surpass the 1M folds the competition has been doing, which makes sense given how long people hold on to their iPhones. For a quick recap, Cupertino recently patented a new hinge design that enables enough space between the two displays and allows the flexible display to retract once you fold it, sort of like the RAZR. Of course, if this thing is coming out in September 2022, we’re far away from actual leaks but the rumors should get good next year.

Story of the day:

Apple’s new Mac Mini with M1 chip leaves Intel far behind in benchmarks

And finally, the hottest news today is about the latest M1 Macs as they are finally out! We now have our hands on them so, let us know what content you would like to see from us as, we’re already starting to see reviews and a ton of benchmarks so let’s talk about that. We’ve already seen some benchmarks for the new MacBook Pro but, someone just put it through Cine-bench on Twitter and it scored 7508, that is basically double of what the previous Intel MacBook Pro could do. Now, when it comes to the MacBook Air tests also seem to be doing great but one of the things users have been able to test is the SSDs. According to the benchmarks, the SSD in the 256GB MacBook Air is in fact twice as fast as the previous model with 2190 MB/s reads and 2675 MB/s writes, something the previous MacBook Air was criticized for as it was slower than the 2018 models. Finally, let’s talk about the Mac Mini, it just went through some more benchmarks and it beat everything in its way. These were conducted in Geekbench 5 and they show a single-core score of 1741, the nearest Intel Chip to come close is the Intel i9 with 10 cores, running on the 2020 iMac which does gets a 1251 score. So yeah, so far all of the tests and the reviews out are rather positive. We’ll let you know how we do as, this video will be edited on the M1 MacBook Air.


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