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Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 14 Pro WEIRD Spec Bump, Google's NEW Privacy Features & more! (video)

By Samuel Martinez February 17, 2022, 10:40 pm
iOS 15 message bug iPhone 13 Source: Pocketnow Video

realme GT 2 series global launch happens February 28 at MWC 2022

OPPO shows off Find X5 series design, to launch on February 24

Samsung to host its MWC 2022 event on February 27

The official news today begin with MWC which is actually around the corner... And the reason I say MWC is because we have a frenzy of invites for events that'll be happening, so we decided to put all of them in one segment. Starting with Realme, we just got their press invitations for an event happening on February 28th, where we'll be getting the Realme GT2 Series which has been in the leaks for the past few weeks. OPPO just sent out invitations for an event on February 24 and they flat out revealed the Find X5's design on the invitation, confirming all of the design leaks that show that this will be an iteration of last year's phone, at least in looks, and that this is the company's first partnership with Hasselblad. Yay… Finally, we also got an invitation from Samsung for an event on February 27th. The teaser shows the silhouette of a Galaxy Watch and their current foldables, but we have no word on what we're actually getting at this event.. So yeah, a ton of invites with probably more on the way… I'm just really excited to go.


Pixel 6 display repair apparently breaks fingerprint sensor, & the calibration tool also fails

Let's stick to official news as, another day, another Pixel 6 bug. A couple of months ago, the biggest issue was how the Pixel 6's fingerprint scanner would either be very slow or wouldn't work at certain times. The new issue has to do with Google's fingerprint calibration tool, as it now fails to install the new scanner on to the device and users see a message that reads: "Couldn't find the unique calibration software for this device". If you're wondering why this is even popping up on the users phone.. Well, this is a tool Google released for owners and repair shops to re-calibrate the new component to a device that has been repaired, and that's even on phones that were sent to Google's officially endorsed service repaired shops. There's a ton of users complaining about this on Reddit, XDA, Google's support forums, and we have no response from Google at the moment. This might be fixed via firmware or software update, or by getting rid of this calibration tool and just making it part of the repair process because it feels like an unnecessary step anyways. Let us know if any of you guys are having this issue.

Google unveils a new privacy conscious ad tracking plan for Android

Let's keep talking about Google and future updates, this one being about privacy! Google has recently announced that they'd be bringing Apple-like privacy changes to Android with Project Sandbox which was announced a few days ago.. The news here is that they're now promising that the updates wouldn't be "as disruptive" as Cupertino's practices.. And I mean we've been seeing this since the announcements we got at Google IO last year.. A new report from The New York Times claims that these changes are aimed at limiting the sharing of data across apps and third party websites and even if we didn't get an outline for these releases, they will still be supporting their current privacy tech for at least 2 more years. Google added that these new features would allow advertisers to gauge the performance of their ad campaigns and place personalized ads based on recent interests or past behaviors, which I don't know exactly how different it actually is than to just flat out listen to you. If they do go heavy on this, we wonder how other companies like Meta are going to feel about Google considering they just took a 10 Billion dollar revenue hit thanks to Apple's App Tracking Transparency. So, Project Sandbox for Android seems to be better privacy but not as stringent as Apple.. Let's see what they say at IO.

Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro could arrive with 8GB RAM

And finally, for the hottest news today, let's talk about Apple and the iPhone 14 which we haven't talked about in a long time.. So far, most of the reports we've been hearing about were on the design and, there were almost no reports on the specs. We have a new report from a post on a Korean blog claiming that Apple would finally add 8 Gigs of RAM to the iPhone 14 Pro. This report is citing supply chain sources and is claiming that the memory components for the 14 Pro have been confirmed, and even went on to add that the schedule for mass production appears to be accelerating. Now, I know what you're thinking, I'm skeptical of the source too, but this account also leaked the new chassis and launch time frame for the iPad mini so let's just take it with a grain of salt. This information also goes along with a Jeff Pu report from late last year where he said both Pro models would be getting the extra RAM. And think about it, considering this is an iPhone, it's kind of a significant increase from the 6 Gigs we're currently getting that are already destroying other phones in benchmarks, even if Apple mainly uses extra RAM to enable the pro features that differentiate their Pro models from their regular models.


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