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Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 13 Display Leaks: FINALLY Catching Up? (video)

By Samuel Martinez January 6, 2021, 11:39 pm

Samsung Galaxy S20+, Alienware monitors and more on sale today

M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, the latest iPad Air and more deals are live

A perfect moment to grab an Intel powered MacBook Air

The official news today begin with deals and since we’re so close to Samsung’s Unpacked event, can you believe you can already reserve your Galaxy S21 and get credit for it? Yes, you’ll receive up to $60 in credit for other accessories, so make sure you follow the first link in the description, if you’re planning to buy or even to see if the offer is right for you. Also, staying with Samsung, the company’s trade-in deals from last year are still going, leaving devices like the Z Fold 2 for just $1000. You can also get the Note 20 Ultra for $700 or the S20 Ultra for $600 but, you need an eligible device to qualify. Moving on, if you want the latest iPad Air, it is currently $50 off, leaving it at $699 for the 256GB variant. The 12.9in iPad Pro is $100 off, laving it at $1349 for the LTE, 512GB of storage model. We have more deals on other Samsung products, Macs and more in the links in the description.


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21.5-inch Apple iMac with Retina 4K Display

New Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch, WiFi, 128GB

Samsung Galaxy S21 Reservation

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


Samsung announces new MicroLED TVs, Neo QLED, and The Frame ahead of CES 2021

Now let’s continue talking Samsung as today was the company’s First Look event, which usually takes over much of the CES spotlight. As usual this was the company’s showcase of their latest TV technology and let’s just say they went all out. Let’s start with an update to The Wall, which is Samsung’s new 110-inch MicroLED display in 4K. It also marks the start of modular options for MicroLED in order to have the technology adopt different shapes going forward. We also got to see the company’s new New QLED 8K and 4K TVs with a nearly bezel-less design, and that continue to use a separate box to handle all connectivity. Now one of the most interesting updates is how Samsung TVs are now going to support Samsung Health so that you can get personalized fitness classes at home, given the new normal we’re in. We also got to see ways to help you turn your TV into a work of art, updates to the Sero, and more. Guys, honestly the list is so vast I’d rather you follow the link in the description for a full list of details.

WhatsApp now shares data with FB companies: Accept the changes or lose access

Let’s talk about WhatsApp which is sadly owned by Facebook and their latest updates which make me wonder how long this mess will last. Apparently the company is updating their privacy policy and their terms of service, and oh boy. This would allow for better integration with Facebook products and services. It also provides information on how the app plans to collect and handle your data, including new sections like Location, Transactions and Payments and more, to let you know the details on the exact data collection by the app. Probably, the most notable change is how they will share information with Facebook and their subsidiaries. To quote their statement, they claim that “The information that they share with Facebook include your registration account (phone number), transaction data, service-related information, information on how you interact with others even sharing things like your IP address and your device information. Now, where it gets worse is when you learn that you can no longer choose whether you want your information shared to Facebook, if you don’t accept these changes, you will lose access to the app. So I guess it’s time to leave Whatsapp, and seriously if we were able to survive moving away from BBM, I’m sure we’re gonna figure this out to

Apple’s AR glasses have entered the second phase of prototype development: Report

Let’s shift the focus on to Apple and their AR *Glasses*.. Get it? Damn Diego’s puns man.. Apparently the company is taking these very seriously. According to a new report from DigiTimes, Cupertino is about to enter the “Second Phase” of development for these AR Glasses. The report claims that following the second phase, the glasses will move on to the third phase a few months later. After the prototype design is completed, the device is expected to go through a 6-9 month period for engineering verification. Cupertino is apparently focused on improving the weight and battery life, as Mark Gurman claims that these glasses will be lightweight. Gurman has also claimed in the past that the glasses will be able to overlay information such as texts and maps in front of your eyes, allowing you to control the glasses with Siri. Now, as you can tell from the DigiTimes report, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to production, with reports claiming that they will launch in 2023 the earliest. But, it looks like it will happen after all as, Cupertino has been showing a lot of interest in AR technology. So, if this won’t happen until 2023, what Apple AR device do you think we’ll be getting this year according to the Ming Chi Kuo Leaks?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro appear in a hands-on video ahead of January 14 launch

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could support 120Hz at QHD+ resolution

Samsung continues to tease the Galaxy S21 with a rundown of Galaxy S-series history

Let’s move back to Samsung and the Galaxy S21 Series as, the rumors, leaks and even official developments just continue to sky rocket as we get closer. Let’s begin with the official part of it all, the company just posted a new teaser on their twitter. The teaser shows the cube we got before but this time it hints to high zoom capabilities and even a 3D camera, by closing up on a 3D modeled surfer inside the cube and snapping a picture of him. It also reads “You’re going to want all the details.” Moving on to some new leaks, a new tweet from Ice Universe shows a screenshot of the settings tab, confirming that the S21 Ultra will be able to hold WQHD+ resolution and 120Hz adaptive refresh rate at the same time, allowing you take actually take full advantage of that display.. Finally! Let’s move on from the S21 for a bit but sticking to Unpacked, a YouTuber that goes by the name of Digital Slang managed to get a pair of Galaxy Buds Pro and posted a full blown 17 minute hands on video. He showed everything from the unboxing, to a previous mic test and audio test so yeah, no secrets left here. We’re just 10 days away from Unpacked so, everything we get from now on should be like bonus leaks. And again a reminder, you can actually reserve your Galaxy S21 pre-order which will get you an additional $50 in credit for accessories, if you’re planning to buy, check out the first link in the description.

Story of the day:

iPhone 13 Pro’s 120Hz displays would be powered by Samsung’s LTPO technology

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s change things up a bit and talk about the iPhone 13. Yes, we know that it’s still pretty early but, rumors haven’t exactly been quiet. According to a new report from The Elec, Apple is finally moving on to LTPO OLED Displays for the iPhone 13 line and Samsung will be the exclusive supplier for these panels. For those of you who don’t know what LTPO is, it basically allows a much more power-efficient backplane, which is the part responsible for turning individual pixels on and off on the display, allowing for longer battery life. We currently see it on Apple Watch Series 5 and 6. To quote the report “Samsung Display will be the exclusive supplier for the OLED panels used in the two highest tier models of the next iPhone. Both models of the iPhone 13 will use LTPO thin-film transistors made by Samsung. Apple will have four models, all of them with OLEDs, but only the two top models will use LTPO that can support 120Hz refresh rate”. Now, previous reports hinted to both LG and Samsung supplying this technology for Apple but, it looks like LG wants to focus on supplying them for next year, where apparently all models will bring the technology. So far we don’t have too many rumors on the iPhone 13 but sticking to the display, we are supposed to be getting a smaller notch for the first time so, it looks like the display will be one of Apple’s major concerns for the iPhone 13 line.


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