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Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 12 Pro Benchmarks Prove the A14 is a BEAST? (video)

By Samuel Martinez October 15, 2020, 11:22 pm

Apple’s MacBook Air, previous generation iPad Pro and more devices are on sale today

The official news today begin with deals, and surely Prime Day ended last night, but it seems the madness is not necessarily over as there are some more deals left. The MacBook Air is currently $150 off, this leaves the entry level, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage variant for $850. If no worries, even if specs are decent, those of you wanting more storage will also find a good deal for that in the links. It’s a checkout discount so, first read $50 and then you’ll get the extra hundred. The 2017, 10.5in iPad Pro is $299 off, leaving the Wi-Fi + Cellular, 64GB variant for $480 shipped. Finally, he Galaxy S20+ is $203 off, leaving the 128GB of storage variant for $997. We also have deals on the Exynos Galaxy Note 20, Marshall Headphones, the iPad Mini and more in the links in the description.


Google is promising nine years of Chrome OS updates for a few Chromebooks

Let’s shift the spotlight on to Chromebooks, because yeah why not and especially now that we’re all working from home. I actually didn’t know that most, if not all Chromebooks come with an Expiration Date which is called “Auto Update Expiration.” Once it can no longer receive any Chrome OS updates, well that’s it. Thing is Google is now giving some Chromebooks 9 years of guaranteed support, which I’m not sure if existed before, so talk about longevity, though it might only apply to new models. Recently Google updated their support page, and Android Police noted that the latest HP and Lenovo Chromebooks that came up would get support until June 2029. At the moment it’s only available for these two model and, a common factor between these two Chromebooks is that they bring AMD processors so, let’s see if Google adds this for more Chromebooks as it would make the experience better knowing you’ll be able to have this device for a pretty long time. That being said, seriously who holds on to a computer for 9 years? The furthest I’ve gone is 5.

OnePlus announces a Cyberpunk 2077 Edition of the OnePlus 8T

Now let’s move on to OnePlus as, yesterday we got the 8T and the Buds Z but it looks like the company has some other things up their sleeve. The official OnePlus handle on Weibo has announced that there will be a Cyberpunk 2077 Edition of the OnePlus 8T. It will go on pre-orders on November 4th but, the problem is that it’ll only be available in China. Really, we’re covering it because it’s their first collaboration after their contract with McLaren ended, so we have some hopes that we will get more Limited Edition phones in the future. Another thing we were expecting yesterday was the OnePlus Watch. Now, the company just tweeted out a new teaser with some original sketches from the Watch that date back to 2015 and said: More things coming to the OnePlus Ecosystem, it’s just a matter of time. So yeah, we’ll probably be getting it with the OnePlus 9, we just hope they price it like those Buds Z.

Samsung takes it against Apple for ditching power adapters after iPhone 12 launch

Now, let’s move on to Apple for the rest of the show. Umm, I’m just going to start this segment by asking, do you guys remember this? You know, that Ad where Samsung mocked Apple about not bringing a headphone jack? Well, that same ad was removed once the Galaxy Note 10 came out.. With no headphone jack. Well, they’re at it again, they are posting pictures of their charging bricks on social media saying “included with your Galaxy”. The caption also adds, your galaxy gives you what you are looking for, from the most basic as a charger, the best camera, battery, performance and a 120Hz display. The real question here is, how long do you think it will take before Samsung remove the charging brick from the box. They did already remove the earbuds, and speaking of that, we’ve learned that the lack of earpods for iPhones doesn’t apply in France for some reason. Anyways, based on the headphone jack story, I give them one to two years.. Cause that’s just what competition does.

New iPad Air may be getting closer to launch, as it receives FCC approval

Now let’s talk about an unreleased product that’s already official, cause yes, that seems to be the Apple thing to do lately. Last month Apple introduced the redesigned iPad Air but, they simply said they were launching it “at some point in October”. Well, the cellular models for this devices just went through the FCC showing us the usual things like the model number and their classifications. Several rumors suggest that we’ll be getting these on Friday, October 23rd. These iPads will start at $599 for the Wi-Fi models, with the cellular models starting at $729. I’ve been using the regular 10.2in iPad which has so far been great, make sure you watch that review, but obviously this device brings the A14 that the iPhone 12 is launching, so that’s why I really can’t wait to give it a try.

Story of the day:

Early iPhone 12 Pro benchmarks show up to 25% performance gain over iPhone 11 Pro

And Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s actually continue talking about that A14 Bionic, and how it impacts the iPhone 12 that launches for pre-orders tomorrow. We have some new early benchmarks that belong to the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. These benchmarks were conducted on Geekbench and just keep in mind that, all four iPhones are rocking the same processor so, when the ones for the regular models come out the main difference here should depend on the RAM. The 12 Pro lists a single-score of 1597 and a multi core score of 4152, that is 26% faster than the iPhone 11 Pro which listed 1327 and 3289. The 12 Pro Max listed 20-26% faster than the 11 Pro Max did. Actually, the 12 Pro’s performance is roughly in line with the iPad Air which also brings the A14 Bionic. In typical Apple fashion, Cupertino is marketing these as the fastest smartphone chip ever and sure we know that the new camera improvements are impressive but usually, iPhones don’t really take full advantage of it, at least not on your day to day use. And that’s mainly the reason for today’s question..


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