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Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 12 Leaks: Not Fully a 2020 Flagship? (video)

By Samuel Martinez October 7, 2020, 11:33 pm

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Apple’s MacBook Air and more on sale today

The official news today begin with deals and it seems Samsung wants to get even more aggressive than what we’ve seen. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is currently $280 off, leaving the entry level variant for $1120. And don’t worry, this is the unlocked US variant so, no Exynos chip here. The S20+ is also $201 off, leaving the 128GB variant for $998 in Cosmic Black or Grey. Moving on to Apple, the latest MacBook Air is $100 off, leaving the higher end 8GB of Ram and 512GB of storage variant for $1200 and, we also have more deals for other storage tiers in the description. We also have deals on Kindles, BenQ Gaming monitors and more right along those, and yes if you want even more.


ASUS ROG Phone 3 comes to the US for $1,000

Now let’s talk about gaming phones, as it seems that ASUS is still the king in this department with its ROG Phone 3. If you remember it was launched in India back in July but, it’s finally making it’s way to the US. It brings a 6.59in AMOLED display running at 144Hz. It’s powered by the Snapdragon 865+, and it brings up to 16GB of RAM, 512GB of onboard storage and a 6000 mAh battery. But, we’ve heard all of that before so, let’s get to availability and price tags which aren’t exactly positive. The entry level variant which packs 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage will cost you $1000, and the higher tier variant with 16GB of RAM, it’ll set you back at $1100. It’s currently available on retailers like Amazon or Walmart as we speak. So yeah, definitely not the price tags I thought we’d get given how aggressive Asus can be, but hey, hope it works out.

Qualcomm is working on its own gaming phone in partnership with Asus: Report

And since we already begun with ASUS, how about if we continue talking about the company, but this time with a very interesting Qualcomm twist. According to a new report from DigiTimes, Qualcomm has joined hands with ASUS to develop their own gaming smartphone. Yes, Qualcomm making its own phone. This phone will most likely be powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 875 and, it’ll probably be announced at their Tech Summit in December. The report mentions that ASUS won’t be a simple designer for this smartphone and that both companies are considering a joint-purchase for the components, meaning it will be a team effort throughout the whole process. Apparently they’ll manufacture one million phones, with half of them being Qualcomm branded, and the other half being ROG branded. So yeah, the combo is kinda weird, but this isn’t the first time Qualcomm makes a phone.. You’ll just have to be old enough to remember it from the 90s.

Two budget OnePlus Nord phones coming to the US soon?

Now who’s waiting for the PS5? I’ll admit a part of me is looking more at Xbox Series X, but don’t judge me, I might still go the PS5 route. Thing is for those of you waiting, yes it’s still not out, but now we have some hands-on videos and even gameplay to talk about. Both of these videos come from Japan showing different things from the console. The first one is a 46 second clip that shows the user playing with the console but, you can pretty much only see the controller working. The screen and the console are blurred in the background. However, there’s another full 24min video that shows us the design of the console, the controller and gameplay of three different titles. Sadly, the gameplay is screen recorded so we can’t really show you how good it actually is, and these titles don’t really push the graphics but, you can definitely tell that they’re not playing at 60fps anymore as it looks smoother. We’re getting the PS5 soon so, are you guys planning to get the Xbox or the PlayStation?

New OnePlus 8T leaks show us the phone’s camera and wallpapers

And alright, let’s continue with the new batch of OnePlus leaks and rumors, cause you knew they were coming. We’re about a week away from the OnePlus Event and the company keeps putting out more and more teasers on what we should expect. Before we get into the official teaser, someone on the XDA forums just recovered the new wallpapers for this phone from an unreleased version of the OnePlus Wallpapers App. Moving on, the company went on Twitter to tease low light photography, with a picture taken from on top of a building at sunset. I’ll say first impressions are not bad, but we’ve yet to see a OnePlus phone that actually makes any other phone look bad. We’ll keep you posted on how this evolve, cause this only means more teasers are coming.

Story of the day:

A new HomePod mini may be on its way, but no HomePod 2

The notch may finally become smaller in the iPhone 13

And finally for the most interesting news today, let’s talk Apple as we got two separate news, one for next week’s event, and one for what we won’t be getting on this event cause it seems Cupertino is not ready.… Yesterday we covered how Apple removed all third party speakers from their shelves, hinting to them launching a new HomePod. Well, according to Love To Dream on Twitter, there won’t be no HomePod 2 this year and instead, we’ll be getting a HomePod Mini. And, this isn’t anything new as rumors for the HomePod Mini have been around for a while now. It will most likely be less expensive than the original model, with some of the same features but sacrificing some of the hardware components to bring the price down. Now, let’s move on to the iPhone 12.. Or should I say what we won’t be getting until iPhone 13, probably. On a new tweet, Ice Universe claims that the iPhone 13 will still bring a notch, but this time it will actually get a design change. There’s been a ton of leaks that we’re getting a smaller notch this year with the 12 line but, apparently it’s just the fact that the bezels are becoming slimmer, making the notch seem thinner instead of Apple actually making it smaller. On the next tweet he sketched the 12’s notch against the 13’s rumored one, and the 13 looks way slimmer than the solution on the 12 but… Seriously Apple? We hope at least that one brings ProMotion.


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