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Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 12 Displays: RISKY Changes? (video)

By Samuel Martinez May 19, 2020, 12:13 am
iPhone production

The Samsung Galaxy S20 and more great devices are on sale today

Deals. We have some deals to start the week off, and they’re actually not Apple deals… Like, how many times you want me to repeat the word deals. Anyways, Let’s start with Amazon which has the Galaxy S20 and S20+ for $200 off. This means you can get the S20+ for $999 for the 128GB variant, and the 512GB variant for $1150. B&H has the 128GB OnePlus 6T for $250 off, leaving it at $300 shipped. We have more deals on Motorola phones, Samsung TVs, tablets and more in the links below.

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MediaTek Dimensity 820 chip announced for premium flagship devices

We’ve been getting a lot of MediaTek announcements recently, especially for their flagship line ups. Today, the company is updating their Dimensity Line with their new 820 SoC which is aimed at “premium user experiences” and make 5G more accessible. This is an octa-core processor with 4 ARM Cortex A76 cores clocking at 2.6GHz, paired with a five-core ARM Mali G57 GPU with Hyper Engine 2.0, supporting up to 120Hz displays. It is designed for sub 6GHz 5G networks in Asia, North America and Europe. We don’t have any availability dates yet, but we have the full list of specifics in the link in the description.

It seems that some iPad Pro users are having battery issues because of the Magic Keyboard

Apple recently updated their iPad Pros and gave us a new Magic Keyboard case with a track pad but, several users are having issues with it. Apparently the new Magic Keyboard is draining the battery out of the users iPad, even if they’re not using the iPad. Some users have been conducting test, and he lost 50% after 5 hours of content consumption without the keyboard, but lost 25% of battery while typing for 2hrs with the keyboard’s backlight turned off. 9to5Mac conducted some polls and 33% of the people said they’ve been having issues. We’ll keep you posted if Apple releases a statement.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ might pack a 108MP camera

Some new leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 line just emerged from Galaxy Club. The Galaxy Note 20+ will apparently use a 4500 mAh battery, which is an increase from the Note 10+’s 4300 mAh but not as big as the S20 Ultra’s 5000 mAh. The leaks also say that it will bring an 108MP camera but it is not clear if it will be an identical camera sensor to the one on the S20 Ultra. Other sources also claim that the Note 20+ won’t bring the periscope camera on the S20 Ultra and will get a 64MP hybrid zoom sensor, like the one on the S20+. The smaller Note 20 will reportedly bring a 4000 mAh battery as well.

The US stopped Huawei’s latest $700 million order to TSMC

The US started implementing more restrictions on the Huawei ban last Friday, and they’re already seeing the effects. According to a Nikkei Asian report, Huawei made a $700M order to TSMC for 5nm and 7nm chips which could be for the Kirin 1020 and TSMC actually rejected the order. None of the companies have said anything about the matter but, the report claims that TSMC has stopped taking orders from Huawei after the new rule change but those ordered before the changes are not impacted and they should proceed. Huawei has reportedly been stockpiling these components since 2019 in case this would happen so they could have a steady supply of components. They are also apparently looking for a replacement like Qualcomm or MediaTek but, these companies also use TSMC chips so it is not clear if they will be able to use their chips.

Story of the day:

Massive iPhone 12 series leak reveals everything about the display specs

We have a brand new list of display specs for the iPhone 12 line up, from the same source of most of last week’s Galaxy Note 20 leaks. Starting off with the regular iPhone 12, it will reportedly feature a 5.4in flexible OLED display from Samsung with a 2340 x1080 resolution and a 475 PPI, like freaking finally!! Other specs include the A14 Bionic, 4GB of RAM and the starting price at $649. The iPhone 12 Max would bring a 6.1in flexible OLED from BOE and LG, at a 2532 x 1170 resolution and a 460 PPI, like yes! Finally again. According to these leaks, these two iPhones will be capped at 60Hz. Moving on to the Pros, the 12 Pro will apparently bring a 6.1in OLED from Samsung with a 2532 x 1170 resolution with 120Hz refresh rate, starting at $999. Finally, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will bring a 6.68in display from Samsung with a 2778 x 1284 resolution and a 458 PPI at 120Hz refresh rate. This one would start at $1099. Like all these changes sound good but the concerning part is having Chinese BOE in-charge of one, with Apple being possibly affected by the China ban, and also the fact that this is Apple’s most popular iPhone, so I wonder if it’s a good idea to experiment with it, given how BOE is most know for LCDs and not OLEDs


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