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Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 12 Date: Better Late than NEVER? (video)

By Samuel Martinez May 28, 2020, 1:48 am


Today’s deals include powerful gaming computers, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and more

Deals. The Razer Blade 15 is currently $470 off, meaning you can get the 8th gen Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage variant for $2130. B&H also has the 12.9in 2018 iPad Pro for $250 off, leaving the Wi-Fi only, 256GB of storage variant for $899. The Sony Xperia 1 is also $152 off, leaving that at $798 for the 128GB of storage configuration. We also have more deals on Acer Predator PCs, Samsung QLED TVs, Soundbars and more in the links in the description.

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Samsung Money by Sofi will come to the US later this summer

Samsung just launched a new mobile money management system which pretty much competes with the Apple Card. It’s called Samsung Money by SoFi but unlike the Apple Card, it isn’t really a credit card. It’s actually more of a bank account or credit union where you get a MasterCard debit card that doesn’t show any of your information and it works with the Samsung Pay app. Your Samsung Money account will be FDIC insured for $1.5M and users benefit from Samsung’s “defense-grade” security from Samsung Knox. It’ll be available later this summer exclusively for US customers who own a Galaxy smartphone, Samsung promises a secure experience with no account fees.

The iPhone 11 is now the most popular smartphone in the world

We got some quarter results from Omdia and it just confirms that Apple made a big dent on the market with the iPhone 11. Last year the iPhone XR was the number 1 smartphone for Q1 with 13.6M units shipped, but this year the iPhone 11 surpassed it with 19.5M units, despite the pandemic. The phone that follows is the Samsung Galaxy A51 which sold 6.8M units and the iPhone XR is still in the top 5 with 4.7M units. Omdia still anticipates however, that smartphone sales will be down for the rest of the year due to the pandemic so numbers might change for Q2.

Google reveals Android 11 Beta Launch Show schedule on June 3. Here’s how to watch

Google is finally releasing the first Public Beta of Android 11 on June 3rd during their Beta Launch Show. If you want, you’ll be able to attend via YouTube through the Android Developers channel. The event will focus on the different announcements related to all the new features coming with Android 11, as well as Q&As with Google experts and more. We were also expecting to hear something about the Pixel 4a but with the recent delays that apparently won’t be the case. You can check for the events details in the links in our description. It’s not clear which devices will support the public beta on day one, but if you’re not using a Pixel, yeah that’s gonna be a tough one.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be launched in August, as it reportedly enters mass production

There’s been several rumors that we’ll finally be getting the Galaxy Fold’s successor with the Note 20 this year. Now we got a new report from a South Korean publication that claims that the Fold 2 has just entered mass production. This means we could start getting some official details as early as June. According to the Insiders, the Fold 2 will bring Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass and it will cost less, despite upgrading to a 120Hz display. Recently we got some patents from Samsung which described how Samsung plans to make Foldables water resistant but it’s not clear if the Fold 2 will bring this feature. The company is expecting to sell 2.5-3M units this year, surpassing the original Fold.

Story of the day:

We may have to wait until November for the iPhone 12 series

It looks like we will have to wait for the iPhone 12 line-up after all this year. According to a new report, this year’s iPhones might be launched until November due to the pandemic. The report also predicts that Apple has 35M units in production for Q2 of 2020 which is 13% lower than what they had last year, but giving the time, we’re not sure if they’re talking about iPhone 12 production, which would be kind of early, or iPhone 11 production which is likely to take a dip. Regardless, we’re expecting 4 different iPhones, all 4 with OLED displays, 5G connectivity, a smaller notch and a boxier design which is reminiscent of the iPhone 4. We’re also hearing of different spec bumps like up to 6GB of RAM in the Pro models and the base storage at 128GB.



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