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Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 5 Specs: Oh boy… (video)

By Samuel Martinez May 20, 2020, 9:40 pm

Several Apple products, gaming monitors and more, on sale today

Deals. Come on, we know you missed the Apple deals so we have some new ones for you. The latest 16in MacBook Pro is currently $300 off at B&H, leaving the 2.7GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage variant for $2099. The latest MacBook Air is also $100 off, leaving the 512GB of storage variant for $1200. For those of you gamers, the Razer Jungle Cat controller is also $15 off, leaving it at $85 shipped. We have deals on more Apple products, BenQ monitors and more in the links in the description.

Buy 16-inch MacBook Pro
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iOS 13.5 brings Exposure Notification API, faster unlock experience while wearing a mask

Apple just started rolling out iOS 13.5 which brings some changes directly related to the pandemic. For starters, it brings the new notification exposure API they built with Google which is the foundation on which contact tracing apps will be developed. Other key features include Face ID now detecting that you’re wearing a mask and immediately asks for your password instead of it taking forever to realize, it also works with Apple Pay and other apps. We have the full list of changes in the description.

OnePlus might not launch another McLaren Edition phone in the future

Remember the phone with the coolest name ever? Yes, we’re talking about the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition. It seems we won’t have another one to mock as, OnePlus is no longer listed in the official McLaren partners page. None of the companies has made a statement yet but it seems that their partnership has come to an end, meaning that we won’t see any McLaren branded phone from OnePlus soon. It could be a mistake or part of a strategy but, the logo still isn’t back on the site. We’ll keep you posted in case we have official statements. Let’s hope that if they do decide to work together again, the name becomes a bit less ridiculous.

We have new details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launch event

Now as for some sad possible updates from the pandemic, well, Samsung usually hosts two major Unpacked Events each year for their flagship releases but. I’m actually shocked we still got the February Unpacked. Thing is, for obvious reasons this year will be different. According to a report from South Korea, Samsung has already taken their decision and this will be the first time ever that the company is releasing a flagship online. We get tons of silent releases online from Samsung but they will obviously have some sort of event for the Note’s Unpacked. The event is still slated for August but we don’t have any specific dates yet. Some other products we might get at this event include obviously the Galaxy Note 20, the Galaxy Fold 2 and some wearables.

Samsung Galaxy S21 could arrive with Chinese OLED displays

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Samsung could be ditching Samsung Display for the Galaxy S21 but, not entirely. According to some industry insiders, after a month of preliminary negotiations, Samsung just sent an official request for quotation to BOE which hints to the deal happening and also the fact that they are already working on the S21. Now, it isn’t clear if we’ll be getting a Galaxy S21 Ultra but, that one wouldn’t be using a BOE display because these orders are for 90Hz displays. They have also sent a quotation request to Samsung Display for 60Hz and 120Hz displays so, they aren’t leaving them completely. According to other insiders, Samsung is trying to get Samsung Display to lower the price on the panels and the threat of having BOE replace them might work.

Story of the day:

More rumors say that the Google Pixel 5 will have a mid-range processor

And finally, let’s call this the most interesting news today. I mean, Pixels have taken the spotlight for weeks now, though I wish they would sell as much as people care about the news. Thing is we’ve been getting several rumors that the Google Pixel 5 might not be a flagship. Yesterday we covered the fact that a Google survey showed that this phone might cost as low as $699. Now, XDA has found some new evidence in the Android 11 Developer Preview that hint to the Pixel 5 bringing the Snapdragon 765G processor. It isn’t clear if it will be the 765G or the new 768G but it is compatible to what they found in the new Google Camera APK for upcoming Pixel phones. The price tag also hints that this phone might not bring a Snapdragon 865 after all.


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