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Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 5 Pro Leaks Sound Real & Fake? (video)

By Samuel Martinez December 10, 2020, 10:12 pm
Pixel 5 deal

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Microsoft’s Surface Book 3 and more on sale today

As per usual lately, let’s begin today’s deals and seriously Samsung continues to dominate with its offerings. Starting with the Galaxy Note 10+ which is currently $300 off on Amazon, leaving the 256GB, Aura Black variant for $800. The regular Galaxy Note 10 is getting the same discount but for the Aura White model, leaving it at $650. The Z Flip 5G is $200 off, leaving it at $1250. The trade-in deals on the company’s website are still going, so you can still get the Z Fold 2 for $1000 and the Note 20 for $450, if you have an eligible device to trade in. Now, back to Amazon, the Surface Book 3 is $200 off, leaving the Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage model for $1249, yeah still expensive but you can get double the RAM and an i7 for $1270. We have even more deals on monitors, Razer Gaming peripherals and more in the links below.


Apple could give us a new 10.5-inch iPad in the first half of 2021

Let’s move on to iPads but don’t worry they are not deals. Actually this time it’s all about how much they’re do for a refresh. According to a new report from China, Apple is looking to update their entry level iPad in the Spring of 2021. The report claims that this iPad should bring a larger 10.5in display, the A13 Bionic, 4GB of RAM and a thinner and lighter design. It will reportedly still bring Touch ID in the home button as well as the lightning port but, it will adopt the previous iPad Air’s design. And yeah that’s not really a design change but that will allow it to be thinner and lighter and we know that Apple pretty much recycles iPad designs, like in the case of the new Air. It’s kind of weird for Apple to refresh an iPad that quick but, if you think about it, the only change to the previous one was the processor. Finally, the report claims that it might also start at a lower, $299 price tag, with 64GB of storage. If you think of it, the advantage of Apple Silicon is how it’s driven the prices down given the added volume in sales, so we’re all for that.

Samsung Galaxy S21 with Snapdragon 888 confirmed, rumors of improved features emerge

Alright, let’s keep talking about devices we’re expecting, but shifting focus to the Galaxy S21 Series. Yesterday we covered the new leaked teasers as well as the fact that it will bring a much faster on-display fingerprint scanner which will reportedly be so good that you just have to tap to unlock. Now, some rumors hinted to the possibility that, all of these devices could be powered by Exynos chips and well, we know how you guys feel about those. Thankfully, the S21 just went through an FCC certification confirming that it will bring the Snapdragon 888 5G but, in some markets like the US and South Korea. Other markets will have to stick to the Exynos 2100 which seems more promising this year. The certification also revealed that this device will bring mmWave 5G, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5 and a faster 9W reverse wireless charging, for those new Galaxy Buds Pro probably. So yeah, we’re expecting these phones as soon as next month so, leaks should just get better from here.

Apple fires back at Facebook for attacking app privacy labels, warns of taking down apps

Let’s move on to Apple and Facebook.. And Google, in ways that I’m actually willing to applaud. Back in October when we got the new iPhones, Apple also announced some new privacy features. These new features now require apps to explicitly ask for permission before utilizing “Identifier for Advertisers” to track people’s activity. Well, you can imagine how Facebook and Google weren’t really happy with Cupertino’s decision, telling advertisers that their revenue could reduce by as much as 50%. Well, Craig Federighi aka Mr. Jiggle Mode recently made some comments about how “some tech companies” would prefer if this new App Tracking Transparejcy feature was never implemented. However, he also made it clear that they are just delaying this feature until early 2021 but certain unnamed companies don’t want meet this standard, they will have those apps taken down from the App Store. Now of course, Craig didn’t mention any names but, Facebook has been attacking Apple over this ever since its announcement so you can clearly how they feel about respecting your privacy. Now if there’s one thing we know about Apple is that they don’t care, and proof is Epic Games.

After ditching chargers, Apple mulls removal of cables from the iPhone retail package

Now, here’s a little trivia question. When is the last time we covered Apple doing a survey about products you don’t use? Yeah, when they were planning to get rid of the charging brick. Well, the company just sent out a similar customer survey but this one brings so much more. This one asks iPhone 12 users if they actually use the items they get in the box, including the power cable, the SIM ejecting tool and the stickers. The stickers. It sounds like Apple is finally going for that port-less iPhone that’s been rumored for years now that MagSafe is actually a thing. Let’s move on to another survey with some positive news, they’re asking users about their Face ID experience on the new iPhones. This is most likely because of the new rumors that claim that Apple is working on improving Face ID and the on-display fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm. Honestly, we don’t really mind if they put it in the power button or under the display, right now we just want a fingerprint scanner.

Story of the day:

Is there a new Google Pixel 5 Pro on the way?

And finally, the hottest news today have to do with Google and the Pixel. We’ve been having this running joke with Diego about how it’s almost been two months and there’s still no Pixel 6 leaks. Well, many people were wondering if Google was actually going to launch a flagship after the fact as, none of the three phones we got from them this year actually qualify as one. Now, we have some leaked images that allegedly, and I emphasize on the allegedly, belong a Google Pixel 5 Pro. These images are very similar to the ones we got last week for a Pixel XE. On the images we can see that this phone has dual SIM capabilities, and the device name as Pixel 5 Pro. Another benchmark of the device shows that this phone packs 8GB of RAM, 256GB of onboard storage and the Snapdragon 865. Probably the most interesting thing about these pictures is that apparently there is no selfie camera here. Now, we don’t know if this means that we’re getting a pop up, or one under the display but it is nowhere to be found here. The thing about it is, Google is like a box of chocolates you truly never know what you’re gonna get.


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