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Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 5 Leaked Design Disappoints? (video)

By Samuel Martinez August 21, 2020, 11:23 pm
Pixel 5

Today’s deals include the Google Pixel 4a, an Apple sales event and more

Deals. Best Buy is having another Apple Sales Event on a bunch of products. For example, the latest 13in MacBook Pro is $200 off, meaning you can get the Intel Core i5, 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD variant for $1800 shipped. MacBook Airs are also $50 off, leaving the Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD for $1250, however if you’re a student you can save some extra. The iPhone XS and XS Max are also $200 off from their original price, if you choose to activate it today. We have more deals on iPad Pros, Fitbits and more in the links in the description.

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Samsung may be working on a new Galaxy Fold “lite”

A new Samsung phone just went through the Wi-Fi Alliance and, it looks like Samsung might be working on a “Lite Foldable“. All of the Foldable Samsung phones have a model number that starts with an F, for example the Fold was F900 and the Z Flip was F700. Now, this new phone has an F400 model number hinting to a more affordable phone. The model number also reveals that this is a second generation device so we could be getting a new cheaper Z Flip. Of course this is just speculation as of right now but, it would be nice to see if it’s real.

Epic Games is hosting a FreeFortnite Cup on August 23 targeted squarely at Apple

We know that Apple most likely has the upper hand when it comes to their Epic situation but, Epic isn’t staying put either. We know that so far they have, filed a lawsuit, mocked Apple’s 1984 ad, and they’re CEO had some interesting stuff to say about Apple. Now, it looks like they’re doing a little bit of a marketing stunt in-game. They’ll be hosting a “Free Fortnite” Cup on August 23rd, offering different prizes that include a “bad Apple”. Because, they just made a new Tart Tycoon skin which, well, it’s an Apple with a suit. This is most likely to stay in the spotlight while they hear something from the lawsuit. As far as we know, the 14 days are still in effect so they might want to hurry up.

Apple to reduce costs in the iPhone 12 series with battery board changes

Speaking of Apple, it looks like they’re really trying to cut some corners with the iPhone 12 to save some money. According to a new report from Ming Chi Kuo, the adoption of sub-6GHz 5G will increase Apple’s cost by $75-$85, while the mmWave technology will mean a $125-$135 increase. He also mentioned that Apple has been putting some “higher bargaining pressure” with their suppliers and, one of the ways they will be able to cut the price will be with the battery board. Apparently we will be getting a simpler and smaller battery board with fewer layers and this one will apparently be 40-50% cheaper than the one on the iPhone 11. In addition to that they will be also moving on to a pure soft board design in 2021 which will decrease an extra 30-40% from the iPhone 12’s cost. We’re expecting these iPhones to come in October and November, let’s just hope this doesn’t mean worse battery life as we’re also getting smaller batteries.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users are already reporting camera defects (Update)

According to the Samsung forum posts, multiple Galaxy Note 20 owners have been having several issues with hardware issues on the Note 20 Ultra’s camera. Apparently there are visible gaps in their camera module which accumulate dust particles and condensation droplets on the inside of the glass panel. If you are one of these people, don’t worry as Samsung just issued out a statement on the matter. They said that they are committed to ensuring the customer’s satisfaction and optimal experience on Galaxy devices as they have been getting reports of fog build up on the Note 20. They gave an explanation saying that as with reading glasses, water resistance phones can suffer from condensation with a sudden temperature change. Sadly, they didn’t say if they will be replacing these phones or fixing them for free. These are most likely a bad batch of phones so, we’ll keep you posted on Samsung’s next move.

Story of the day:

Here’s your first detailed look at the Google Pixel 5 and its boring design

Google Pixel 5 leak tips Snapdragon 765G, an ultra wide angle camera and 90Hz display

We have different Google Pixel 5 leaks from different sources so, let’s start with the design. We have some new CAD renders from OnLeaks, and this literally looks like the Pixel 4a’s big brother. It brings the Pixel 4’s camera module, a fingerprint sensor at the back meaning that the punch hole is here as well, no more facial recognition. These renders show off the black color variant and we should be getting a green variant as well. Let’s move on to the specs, which is where it gets interesting. According to a new report from Android Central, it will bring a 6in OLED display running at 90Hz and, even with the larger display it will apparently have the same footprint as the 4a due to the slimmer bezels. It’ll be powered by the Snapdragon 765G, 8GB of RAM and they will reportedly start at 128GBs of storage. Finally, and probably the most important, the report mentions that this phone will still bring a dual camera, a primary, and an ultra wide angle. Finally. We still don’t have any info on the battery size or the price tag but, it shouldn’t be so steep with the Snapdragon 765G.


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