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Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 5 and 4a Update: What A Mess! (video)

By Samuel Martinez July 10, 2020, 11:00 pm
Pixel 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy Tab S5e and more on sale today

Let’s begin today off, as we always do with deals as you know how things get when we get closer to a Galaxy Unpacked. We have some deals on Samsung products, starting off with the Galaxy Note 10 Lite which is $130 off at B&H, leaving it at $420 shipped for the 128GB variant. The Galaxy Tab S5e is $89 off on Amazon, leaving the 64GB variant at $390. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also getting a $60 discount, which means you can get it for $220. We also have more deals on Apple Watches, Sony Earbuds, and more in the links in the description.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Bean-shaped Samsung Galaxy Buds Live leak in three color options

New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G has appeared in a new leaked video

Evan Blass is hard at work right now, mainly with Samsung’s Unpacked. Now, we have two separate leaks that actually look like Samsung posters and ads. First off, we have an image of the new Galaxy Buds Live. We see the bean-like shaped and the case which we hadn’t seen before and it looks like a little squared box. They come in three color variants, white black and copper. Speaking off copper, he also posted a minute long teaser of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G in it’s copper variant as well. The teaser shows the whole design of the phone on all possible angles, as well as some of the videos Samsung will most likely use as ads, showing off the phone which still looks pretty much like the regular Z Flip.

Apple silicon MacBook Pros will be redesigned: Report

We have some new predictions from Ming Chi Kuo of what to expect for Apple Silicon-based MacBooks. First off, he says that he expects a 13.3in MacBook Pro with the same design but powered by Apple Silicon to start shipping in Q4 of this year, pretty much as Apple promised at WWDC. He also expects a new MacBook Air to go into production around the same time as that MacBook Pro for a late winter in 2020 or early Spring launch in 2021. Then he talked about the new 14in and 16in Pro models which will apparently be redesigned. However, we’ll have to wait for this new design at least until the middle of 2021. Finally, he mentions that the price tags for MacBook Airs will go down because of the reduced costs which come from ditching Intel chips.

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series could be more affordable than its predecessor

Speaking of Samsung we actually decided to make a separate segment given how important this is. According to a Korean report, we might be getting cheaper Galaxy Notes this year. Last year the Note 10 was priced at 1.25M KRW while the Note 10+ started at 1.5M KRW. Well, according to this report, they will be getting a 50,000 Won price cut, which translates to around $40. The report claims that this will happen due to the lower demand caused by the pandemic and the fact that carrier subsidies will be smaller this year, meaning that the customer has to pay more up front. We’re not sure if this will translate to western markets but if we compare it to last year’s Notes, the Note 20 might start at $900 with the discount, while the Note 20 Plus or Ultra would start around the $1000 mark. Even with these lower prices, Samsung is expecting lower sales due to the pandemic, but just notice how this is lower than the current Galaxy S20 lineup.

New rumors claim that the iPhone 12 will pack 6GB RAM

We’ve been getting a lot of new leaks about the iPhone 12’s size, the price tag and also the delays. Now, we have a new image which was posted a couple of days ago comparing the new iPhone sizes to older iPhones, pretty much like the IRL ones we covered earlier this week. The 5.4in iPhone is all the way back between the SE and the iPhone 7, the 6.1in 12 is in between the iPhone X and the 11 Pro Max, and the new 6.7in variant is last as it’s the biggest one. Now, we have some new leaks on the RAM from a tipster on Twitter which got some details right on the iPhone SE so, still take it with a grain of salt. He claims that the Pro models will bring 6GB of RAM while the regular variants will stick to 4GB. Other trusted analysts have also predicted this spec so there’s a good possibility that we’ll be getting it.

Story of the day:

Google Search code mentions a 5G Pixel 4a, but no Google Pixel 5 XL

And finally the most confusing news today have to do with Google and the company’s Pixel and Nest roadmap.. Or should I call it mess. First, we get a teaser from Google for the upcoming Nest, which will be the successor to the original Google Home. We usually get these in the fall along with the Pixels but this video looks like if there’s no more waiting to be done… and jumping back to Pixel here’s where it gets confusing. The guys over at 9to5Google dug into the Android 11 Beta code and found Google’s entire line up for 2020 with their codenames. It starts with the Pixel 4 and 4 XL that we currently have, it then moves up to the Pixel 4a which we’ll talk more about in a second, but then it goes on to the Pixel 5 and instead of “redfin” being the codename for the Pixel 5 XL like we expected, we get a Pixel 4a 5G, because… why not, this is Google. We’re expecting the Pixel 4a to launch with the Snapdragon 730, while the Pixel 5 is tipped to bring the Snapdragon 765G. Now, if you think about it, this might mean that we could get these phones together, and that it’s just the Pixel 4a lineup, one smaller and one larger with 5G, which could be that quote-unquote Pixel 5 we covered the other day, that looks identical to the 4a, just larger. Speaking of the launch, welcome back Jon Prosser! We were waiting on the Pixel 4a announcement which was reportedly going to launch on Monday, July 13th but, according to Prosser it just got pushed back. He claims that the system now shows that the announcement will be happening until August 3.


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