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Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 4a XL: Why CANCEL it? (video)

By Samuel Martinez May 30, 2020, 2:15 am

Today’s deals include the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S10

The offical news today begin with deals on a ton of products, some great, some good. On the good list, well B&H currently has the 2019 13in MacBook Pro for $300 off. This is the 4-Thunderbolt 3 ports, Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage variant, leaving it at $1499 shipped. Yeah good because if you look at the newer one, that’s the better buy. Amazon has the 512GB Samsung Galaxy S10 for $300 off as well, leaving it at $700, though if you dig deeper, you can get the same S10 for $808 with the Galaxy Buds bundled. We also have more deals on Acer Laptops, Monitors, Nintendo Switch controllers and more in the link in the description.

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It’s official! OnePlus will no longer make McLaren Edition smartphones

Earlier this month we covered how OnePlus’ name wasn’t on McLaren’s list of collaborators anymore. Now, a McLaren spokesperson just went on record and officially stated that their partnership has come to an end. According to him, it came to their scheduled conclusion and that OnePlus has been supportive and that they wish to see them in the future. We got two phones out of their partnership and we don’t know how they’ll handle the Concept One if it ever comes out, since yes, that was a McLaren phone.

Sony schedules a PlayStation 5 game reveal event on June 5

And listen, if there’s a time for gaming consoles, it’s now, as we need to stay at home, and it seems Sony is willing to bank on it. The company just announced that they’ll be hosting an event on June 4th for the PlayStation 5. Sony is promising to showcase ‘the future of gaming’ at this event which typically means that we’ll be seeing some games for the upcoming console. We haven’t gotten any other details from Sony but a recent report claims that they might show a total of 38 games including a bunch of exclusives. The event will be live on YouTube and Twitch and we hope to get to see some hardware as well. Let’s also hope that hardware is not crazy expensive, as that would be unrealistic in today’s economy.

Apple needs an urgent supply of LCD panels from LG Display

It looks like the pandemic is affecting Apple in sales but not in the conventional way. Cupertino originally cut orders for their products in Q2 to anticipate the pandemic. What they didn’t anticipate is that due to the transition to e-learning, iPad stocks in China have been down since March because most parents have bought one for their kids to attend school from home. This would be good for Apple if they wouldn’t have cut orders before, and now they’re urgently asking LG for LCD panels to meet their iPad demands. The problem is, these requests usually come three months in advance to give room for LG to prepare. Apple has other providers for the iPad displays like BOE and Sharp, but LG might want to answer this because of their deal to supply displays for the iPhone 12 Max. Clearly this is a good problem to have right now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ cameras leaked?

According to this new leak, the Galaxy Note 20 will fix some of the focusing issues we had with the S20 Ultra from a hardware perspective. The leak gives us both of the camera arrays, the regular Note 20 will apparently bring a 12MP main sensor, a 64MP telephoto, and a 12MP Ultra Wide. On the other side, the Note 20+ will bring the 108MP main sensor, a 12MP telephoto, a 12MP ultra wide and laser autofocus. The laser autofocus would help the main sensor to lock into subjects and while the 12MP telephoto doesn’t sound as impressive in paper as the S20 Ultras 48MP, the 12MP telephoto might help out during pixel binning as the Ultra does create 12MP images after all. It looks like the camera won’t be that different from the S20’s, let’s just hope they refine it. Now if only they included the return of variable aperture. A sensor this large needs it.

Story of the day:

Pixel 4a XL leaks show what the phone looked like before it was canceled

And finally the most interesting news today have to do with the Google Pixel 4a XL. I know, that one that apparently won’t get to ever be. Most of the leaks have hinted that there won’t be a 4a XL variant this year but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t in development. We have some leaked images from 9to5Google of Pixel 4a cases where we see the familiar design. It has the orange Power button, the hole for the fingerprint scanner at the back and the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, the camera cutout shows too lenses here and we’re only expecting a single shooter for the 4a. We also have some CAD renders of the phone which show the dual lens camera and the punch hole at the front. Why dual cameras on this phone and not on the small variant is a good question, but even more important, why do you think Google cancelled this phone?


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