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Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 4a Price: Apple, Hold my Beer? (video)

By Samuel Martinez May 15, 2020, 2:43 am
Google Pixel 4a, prakhar khanna

Today’s savings include Apple’s Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and more

Deals. Apple’s previous 13in MacBook Pro is currently $300 off on Amazon in several models, for example the 2.4GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD variant is available for $1500. Yes it might not seem like a good deal at first, but consider this is the 4 thunderbolt 3 port model. If we have some pros in the comments, you can find up to $1600 in savings for the Mac Pro over at B&H with the most affordable variant going for $5900 with the discount. The 2018 iPad Pros are also $217 off, leaving the 11in variant starting at $800.

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Dell redesigns XPS 15, unveils XPS 17 rocking latest Intel processors and NVIDIA GPUs

Now, for those of you that aren’t interested in a Mac, we finally get some good looking competition to return along with the recent launches from Microsoft. After three years of recycled designs, Dell is finally updating their XPS Laptops. The company just announced a new XPS 15 Ultrabook and the XPS 17 which Dell claims is the smallest 17in laptop there is. To make matters more special is the price tag. The XPS 15 starts at $1300 for base configuration, but your upgrade options can get up to a 10th Gen Intel Core i7, 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, starting but that’ll hold you back $2449. The XPS 17 starts at $1499 for the base model, but configurations allow up to an octa-core 10th gen Intel Core i7, and up to 64GB of RAM, but that price is a steep.

Epic Games Store is down because everyone wants a free copy of GTA 5

Epic Games is notorious for giving you free games each month and this time they have a special one. GTA V Premium Edition is currently available for free but, there’s a problem… There was so much people trying to download it that the servers were completely down and you would simply get an error screen when you try to download it. It is running back now as my son just purchased it but if it isn’t working for you, the sale will go on until May 21st.

Apple to launch a new 10.8-inch iPad in 2020, iPad Mini to follow next year: Ming-Chi Kuo

We have a new report from Ming Chi Kuo with Apple’s roadmap for different products. He predicts that the Apple AR Glasses will launch some time in 2022, and they’ll be reliant on the iPhone to keep them slim and lightweight. They are expected to run Reality OS or rOS, and Apple is currently exploring touch panels, voice activation and gestures. Moving on to iPads he claims we will be getting two new iPad soon. A 10.8in iPad and a 8.5-9in iPad Mini for the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021 respectively. These new iPads will follow on the iPhone SE product strategy with an affordable price tag and the adoption of newer, faster chips. On a previous note he also said that they are working on a miniLED iPad Mini which could be released later this year but it is not clear if this is the same one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series may arrive with a 16GB RAM standard

We’re still a few months away but we’ve been getting a good amount of leaks for the Galaxy Note 20 line up. The same source from the previous leaks claims that one of the ways Samsung plans to differentiate the Note 20 from the S20 is with RAM. Apparently these could bring 16GB of RAM as a standard for both the Note 20 and the Note 20+. Currently, the only Galaxy S with 16GB of RAM, is the Ultra 5G with 512GB of storage. Samsung has been mass producing LPDDR5 RAM chips for mobile since February, and since the Ultra hasn’t sold too well, this might be a way of getting rid of the extra inventory. We are expecting both LTE and 5G variants so we don’t know yet if it will only be a standard on the 5G variants or on all of them. The source also claims that these are getting larger on-display ultra sonic fingerprint scanners from Qualcomm with an area 17x larger than before.

Story of the day:

New Google Pixel 4a could be more affordable than iPhone SE

And finally the hottest news today have to do with the gift that could keep on giving, the Google Piourse there can’t be no Pixel launch without the incredible amount of leaks. Now, we have the wallpapers for the 4a because, there’s nothing else to leak from the same source we had before. And if you want to, you can actually download these as the source uploaded them to a shareable folder so, we have them in the links in the description. All 16 of them. More importantly, all of the leaks hinted that the Pixel 4a would start at $339, like the iPhone SE but some new information claims that the Google Pixel 4a might undercut the iPhone SE by $50 or more, meaning that the 128GB Pixel 4a would cost $349 so there is a possibility that the 64GB variant could cost $299.


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