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Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 4a Date: Too Late? (video)

By Samuel Martinez May 21, 2020, 9:30 pm
Pixel 3a hands-on

The Apple Watch Series 5, Fossil’s Gen 5 Carlyle HR smartwatch and more are on sale today

Deals. Come on, we know you want more Apple deals so yeah, awe got you. Amazon currently has the 40mm Apple Watch Series 5 for $99 off, leaving it at $300 shipped. However, this is the GPS only version but you can get the discount on more color variants. The Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle stainless steel watch is also $96 off, leaving it at $199 shipped. We have more deals on Motorola phones and Amazon products in the links in the description.

Buy Amazon Fire TV Cube

Razer’s new Blade 17 Pro offers a 300Hz display and NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 Super graphics

Razer just refreshed their Blade 17 Pro Laptop for this year in two different variants, and let’s just say both are insane in their own way. One with a 17.3in FHD IPS display at 300Hz refresh rate and another 17.3in 4K touch display at 120Hz. The specs include an 8-core 10th Gen Intel i7, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, up to 2TB of SSD and graphics can go up to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max Q. It starts at $2599 and it will be available later this month. We have a full spec sheet for the ports and other details in the links in the description.


Asus ROG Phone 3 reportedly spotted on WiFi Alliance and Geekbench

We know a lot of you are huge fans of the ASUS ROG Phones and it looks like we might be getting another one soon, thought this one doesn’t seem like the powerhouse its predecessors were. It was just spotted on Geekbench and the WiFi Alliance, sporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, 8GB of RAM and running Android 10. The model number is pretty similar to the one we got for the ROG Phone 2 so it only makes sense. This phone could launch in the second half of the year, we’ll keep you posted once we get more leaks.

It seems that Amazon Prime Day sales will be delayed until September

The WSJ claims that Amazon will be delaying their Prime Day this year for, obvious reasons. Previous reports speculated that they would delay it until August but this report claims that they will be pushing it back until September. This delay would create room for more inventory and prepare shipping for more types of products. This will most likely not hurt Amazon too much but instead the third party companies that get more sales through Prime Day. We don’t have an official date for Prime Date yet, but it won’t happen in July. Thing is, let’s be honest. I don’t think anyone is really looking for some crazy shopping in the current state of the economy.

The iPhone 12 may arrive without bundled earphones

According to Ming Chi Kuo, Apple is ready to make their next courageous move. In his latest report, Apple will stop shipping wired EarPods inside the iPhone 12 lineup’s box. This would create an inconvenience for most of the consumers which use these earbuds but, it would also boost up AirPods sales for the holidays. This goes along with Kuo’s report that Apple won’t be releasing more AirPods this year, as they might be trying to sell as much from the current models as they can. Some sources claim that we might get an AirPods bundle with the iPhone 12 but, you never know with Apple. Now why is this important? I know most Android OEMS don’t bundle earbuds, but the iPhone was always meant to be a successor to the iPod. It’s been legendarily known for the earbuds in the box since generation 1. You see people with them all the time. Oh well..

Story of the day:

Pixel 4a reportedly delayed again, might now be announced on July 13

And finally the most interesting news today continue to be Google Pixel 4a, but NOT necessarily for good reasons today. We’ve been getting more and more Pixel leaks lately because, we thought we were getting closer to the launch date for the 4a. First we were expecting it to launch around May 15th but that was clearly delayed, and we were expecting a June launch which made sense because of the Android 11 Event but it seems that won’t be the case, again… Gotta hand it to Jon Prosser for his track record in leaks, and in his new report, the Pixel 4a will be delayed once again and it will get a July 13th announcement. According to his sources, the phone is ready to ship but it keeps getting pushed because of the market’s condition due to the pandemic. Apparently it will bring a regular Snapdragon 7 Series chip with no 5G, and he also pretty much confirms that we won’t be getting an XL variant after all. The Pixel 5 might get pushed back as well.


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