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Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 4a Camera LEAKS: Wait for it? (video)

By Samuel Martinez May 2, 2020, 2:00 am
Google Pixel 4a, prakhar khanna

We kick off May with some great deals on Samsung and Apple products

Deals. First deal remains the iPhone SE on Visible that we teased on our iPhone SE review, so make sure you catch that. After that, let’s talk Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the Note 10+ which come bundled with a pair of AKG N700 NC headphones. The S10+ has a $250 discount leaving the 512GB of storage variant for $1350. The Note 10+ is also $250 off but you only get the 256GB variant which will cost you $1200. The new Galaxy Buds+ are $25 off, leaving them at $135 shipped. Moving on, Apple’s latest Mac Mini is $200 off right now, leaving the i3, 8GB of RAM variant for $999. We also have deals on Marshall’s speakers and more. All links in the description.


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Samsung Galaxy Buds X may include noise cancelation for less than $200

Some new leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Buds X which are supposed to compete with the AirPods Pro. They have an… interesting design which kind of looks like a jelly bean. They were also just trademarked at the US Patent Office, and they are set to have a price tag around $140. They are set to measure 28mm long and 13mm wide and offer ANC. They are expected to debut along with the Galaxy Note 20 and Fold 2 in August, if everything goes well.

Apple’s Q2 2020 results: Quarterly revenue, earnings go up despite COVID-19 impact

Global smartphone market saw biggest decline ever in Q1 2020 due to COVID-19 crisis

We were expecting the Global smartphone market to decline due to the pandemic, and according to IDC, Q1 of 2020 reported an 11.7% decline YoY which is the largest ever. Canalys, on the other hand reports that the market decline 13%. IDC estimates that a total of 275.8M smartphones were shipped, while Canalys reported 272M. Samsung still leads the way, followed by Huawei and Apple. However, companies are expecting Q2 of 2020 to be the peak of the coronavirus situation so, we’ll keep you posted on how that situation goes.

Fresh leak suggests Snapdragon 765 powering the OnePlus Z

We have some new leaks that suggest that the OnePlus Z might not be powered by MediaTek after all, or at least not everywhere. A new tweet shows the schematics of the phone with a 5G logo to the side and a 765 chip inside of the phone. All of the previous rumors we’ve covered suggested that this phone would bring a Dimensity 1000 but there is no way to confirm which one will end up coming when we get the phone in July.

Top five features coming in the Apple Watch Series 6 have just leaked

Back in March we covered some of the possible leaks for the Apple Watch Series 6. We have a new leak with what are supposed to be the main features of the watch. The tweet claims that these will be Sleep Tracking, Longer Battery life, a Pulse Oximeter, the S6 chip and Mental Health abnormalities detection. In March, the Watch OS 7 Beta revealed that it would bring Sleep Monitoring and that Pulse Oximeter, also known as SPO2 monitoring. We’ll let you know whenever we get more leaks.

Story of the day:

Camera samples of the Google Pixel 4a have just arrived from Cuba

And finally the most interesting news today have to do with the Google Pixel 4a. I mean, if there’s a time when Google needs to make a statement with this phone, it’s now with the launch of the iPhone SE, which has proven to have a very good camera. Well, some new camera samples of the Google Pixel 4a have emerged on Twitter, showing the images off against the Redmi Note 7. The Pixel 4 is supposed to bring a single 12MP shooter while the Redmi Note 7 has a 48MP shooter. The images clearly show that the Pixel 4 just destroys the Redmi in both pictures, especially in the low light sample. We’re expecting to get the Pixel 4a on May 15th if the leaks are correct.


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