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Pocketnow Daily: Google Photos is No Longer FREE? (video)

By Samuel Martinez November 11, 2020, 11:10 pm

Apple’s latest M1 MacBooks and more devices are on sale today

The official news, as per usual, the official news today begin with deals and, you won’t believe what Apple products are on sale. Remember those new Macs that were announced yesterday? Well the brand new, M1 Apple Silicon Macs are already on sale. The 13in MacBook Pro is available for $1232 instead of the original $1299 price tag for the entry level variant. The MacBook Air is around $50 off, leaving it at $948. Finally, the Mac Mini is down to $663 for the entry level variant. If you want an iPad Pro, the 12.9in WiFi only variant is getting a $100 off, leaving that at $999. We also have more deals on Intel Macs, Fitbits, Garmin’s and more in the links in the description.

Buy the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro
Buy the latest 13-inch MacBook Air
Buy the latest Mac mini

OnePlus Nord SE with 65W fast charging is in development: Report

We know that OnePlus has been having a pretty busy year, especially when it comes to their Nord line up which recently expanded to the US. Well, speaking on that, a new report claims that they are prepping another Nord device for the US. This device would be called the Nord SE and is being developed under the codename “Ebba”. It reportedly brings a 4500 mAh battery and it supports 65W charging, giving you a full charge in under 40 minutes. On the front we might get an OLED panel unlike the ones we got with the recent Nord, and sadly we still have no details on the cameras or processor. OnePlus apparently hasn’t settled on a launch date just yet, pun intended, but we might get it shortly after the OnePlus 9 launch which will apparently happen in March.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20 devices are experiencing wireless charging issues

Let’s talk about Samsung but, not for Galaxy S21 leaks. Several users have been complaining about wireless charging issues, ever since the latest firmware update. These issues are happening on the Galaxy Note 20 and S20 lines and according to the users, your wireless charging gets constantly interrupted every few seconds. Some of these are third party chargers but, they claim that everything was fine with that same charger until that firmware update happened. We’re not sure if it was the October or September patch but, users have tried even factory resetting their devices and it doesn’t help out. We’ll see if Samsung puts out statement or releases a hot fix, we’ll keep you posted.

LG’s new rollable phone may be called LG Slide

Let’s talk about LG as, the company has been on kind of a roll lately… pun intended. But yeah, they got back in the spotlight thanks to the Wing, and they quickly teased that they were working on a roll-able smartphone as part of their Explorer Project. Well, the company just trademarked the name “LG Slide” in the EUIPO which, is kind of a clear hint as to what this devices is going to be called. LG has trademarked other names like “The Roll” before but, the LG Slide sounds cleaner. For those of you who haven’t seen the leaks, this phone should slide out or roll from it’s regular state to reveal a much larger canvas, it will most likely be aimed at both content consumption and productivity. It’s pretty much a Galaxy Fold that doesn’t Fold.. It rolls. We should expect it some time in Q1 next year. So, are you guys interested in a phone like this? Because it is definitely cool to see.

iPhone 13 may arrive with F/1.8 ultrawide lens and LTPO displays

New iPhone SE not coming in the first half of 2021: Ming-Chi Kuo

Let’s talk about upcoming iPhones and Ming Chi Kuo reports. Well, according to a new alleged report, it won’t happen in the first half of 2020, quick only means that the possibility of another iPhone SE is not happening yet. It claims that there is some stiff competition between four Apple suppliers to be in charge of the iPhone 13’s camera and this might hinder the iPhone SE’s production. So, apparently Apple is putting their effort in to the iPhone 13 which we’ll talk about soon and that might move the iPhone SE to the back seat. Now, we don’t know if this phone will be getting a redesign like rumors hinted to the previous one but we should technically still expect it next year, just not in the first half of the year. Let’s move on to the iPhone 13. On his most recent note, Kuo claims that we’ll be getting 4 iPhones once again and that the Pros will get a hardware update when it comes to the cameras. He claims that the ultra wide lens will be an F/1.8 6P lens with autofocus. This means that we should get noticeable improvements over the current iPhones which pack an F/2.4 5P fixed focus ultra wide lens. Another report claims that these iPhones’ display will use 10-20% less power than the 12 line. This is because we’ll be reportedly getting LTPO displays which are already on the Apple Watch. This will also allow for high refresh rate, finally, while using less power. Other rumors for the iPhone 13 also hint to an on-display fingerprint sensor and a smaller notch.

Story of the day:

Google Account and Google Photos’ storage policies will change, for worse?

Now let’s talk about Google and probably one of the services that I recommend most, which I might not recommend any more. Google just made some major changes on its storage policies, and unless you own a Pixel, prepare your wallet. The first is that Google is now making Google Docs, Sheets and Slides count toward storage caps on your Google Drive, whether you’re on the base 15GB or pay extra. The problem is Google Photos. In the past you had free unlimited storage for high quality photos and video, which Google would convert and optimize for you. Well as of June 1st, 2021, unless you own a Pixel, those high quality photos and videos will also count toward your storage limitations. This is a major problem. In the past I would recommend that people with limited storage simply use Google Photos to back everything up, but now that could become a recurring monthly fee depending on how much you’ve backed up. In Google’s defense, they’re pretty much following the practice that every other company in the industry was providing, but it makes you wonder what holds anyone back from just getting 2TB on Office 365, backup your photos on OneDrive, and get superior solution to Google Docs with Microsoft Office apps.


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