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Pocketnow Daily: Galaxy S22 Ultra to be NEW VIDEO KING, Apple Removing ANOTHER iPhone Port & more! (video)

By Diego Rivera December 28, 2021, 9:34 pm

Another day, another Pixel 6 issue reported

The official news today begin with Google and the Pixel 6 which won't stop making headlines but, it rarely is for any positive reasons.. We've reported a ton of bugs and issues for these phones so far like flickering screens, the slow fingerprint sensor.. but wait, there's more. With the December update which was supposed to fix bugs, we now got new network issues, calling features being disabled and now users on support Forums and Reddit claim that the gyroscope and accelerometer isn't working. One user claims that once or twice a day his accelerometer or gyroscope stops working, and the auto-rote feature doesn't work even if it's enabled. Apparently it gets fixed if you turn the phone on and off but it happens multiple times per day. According to Android Police, it seems that the new Pixels "quote - unquote" forget to communicate with some of the sensors that enable these features, which results to the bugs occurring and you can see that it also affects other apps like the compass. Google hasn’t acknowledged the issue just yet but, these might get patched with the January update and they'll probably come with newer bugs because this is Google.. I'm shocked no one is saying you're holding the phone wrong.


Report: OPPO's upcoming Find X series could be called Find X5, to contain three models

Let's move on to OPPO which has been stealing a ton of the spotlight this month thanks to the Find N, which I have been using for a bit more than a week, and yeah, is as awesome as it looks. But anyways, according to a new report, OPPO is working on the next generation of the Find X Series and it looks like they'll be skipping the 4 and calling it the Find X5. First off, the company already announced that one Find X5 will be powered by the 8 Gen 1 and another one by MediaTek's new 4nm Dimensity 9000, but a new leak claims that we'll be getting a third device with an unknown chipset. Moving on to foldables, the same leaker claims that OPPO is also working on a "horizontal hinge" clamshell which would compete against devices like the Z Flip 3 and Huawei's new P50 Pocket. And fine, you can include the RAZR on that list. There's not much information on it going around right now, but we can apparently expect some information to leak in the following days. I'm really curious to see what they can do with this form factor considering how good the Find N turned out to be. So yeah, as a quick recap, we're reportedly getting 3 new devices for the Find X5 Series, with two of them rocking flagship processors, and a clamshell foldable we don't know much about... Let's see how the rumors evolve.

iPhone 14 lineup may arrive without a physical SIM tray

Let's switch to Apple for a second and other drastic change that they might be adding to iPhones in the future. Recently, MacRumors was tipped anonymously that Cupertino has been in talks with the major US carriers, advising them to prepare for eSIM only smartphones, set to arrive in September 2022. Well, on a tweet from Dylan that dates all the way back to February, he claimed that he was able to confirm that Apple is working on removing the SIM Card, but that it won't happen this year. However, they are testing an undisclosed iPhone model that only works with an eSIM. But, back to the present, he quote tweeted his original statement yesterday, and said that he is in agreement with the recent rumors regarding the SIM card's removal. Now don't worry, even if the original report mentions that they should prepare for September 2022, apparently this will become official until 2023 at least. And hey, this isn't really a surprise, now that MagSafe is back, we know that Apple is moving towards a future with a completely port-less iPhone so.. That might look cool for them and for carriers, but it's gonna be a nightmare for us travelers.

The Exynos 2200 might disappoint if these numbers are accurate

Finally, for the hottest news today, let's talk about Samsung and other leaks for the Galaxy S22, and it's good and bad news. You know what, I'm actually gonna start with the catch, just because we already started talking about it weeks ago. So, remember that whole collaboration with AMD for the next Exynos? We had already discussed that it wouldn't be amazing, but now we have numbers to back that up. A tipster mentions that we can expect a CPU Evolution of 5% in the Exynos 2200 and a GPU Evolution of just 17%. Now, an area that will see some difference is the Neural Engine at 117%. All this said, we don't know if this is comparing it to some other chip like the A15 Bionic but, after all the promises we got, a 17% over the previous Exynos doesn't sound like enough. Now as for the good news, we all know that even if Android phones take dramatically better photos than an iPhone, Apple is still king of video, or at least, for now. we have a leak from a few days ago claiming that there's an "amazing video evolution for the S22 Ultra and professional cinematography HDR is being converted into Super HDR where colors are more realistic and lighting quality will be improved thanks to "Super ISO Pro". The video has also evolved to 68 billion colors at 12-bit rate.. Ice Universe quote tweeted this saying that there is some great progress here when it comes to video.


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