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Pocketnow Daily: Galaxy S22 Taking the iPhone Route, Pixel 6 Pro Issues & more! (video)

By Samuel Martinez November 3, 2021, 1:04 am

Tempo launches at-home personal training device Move, compatible with iPhone and most TVs

The official news today begin with Tempo! Fun fact, I’ve been using a Tempo Studio for weeks, so expect that review coming soon. Thing is the company just announced one of the coolest things I’ve seen. This new product is called the Tempo Move which they’re calling “the first personal training solution to fit nearly every budget and space”. It’s essentially a home gym that looks like a modern speaker, but once you open it, it serves as a weight rack. Not only that but it also brings a little device called the Core up top, where you plug in your iPhone and it uses the Face ID camera to scan your body in order to help you while you train and it plugs in via HDMI to a TV or a different display to give you a better view. It delivers weight recommendations, it checks on your posture in real time and even checks on your environment. It comes in two color variants and you can currently get it at Best Buy or Tempo’s website for $395. Pretty much all the same functionality of the Tempo Studio, but for a lot less money, and using your phone and TV to provide a more compact solution. Stay tuned for more once review units arrive.


Google will fix Pixel 6 display issues with an update next month

Believe it or not, let’s switch on to Google and Pixels. If you haven’t watched my full review, make sure you do. And no, these aren’t leaks but we should be getting some for the A variant in no time. As for the Pixel 6, it seems the experience hasn’t been that positive for everyone. Multiple users have reported that when their phone is off and they hold down the power button to turn it on, horizontal light strips start appearing on the screen. Google has actually acknowledged this in their support page by saying that some Pixel 6 Pro units are experiencing display issues as they “may notice slight, transient display artifacts when the device is turned off, and they apply slight pressure to the power button but not enough to turn it on”. But don’t worry, apparently this problem isn’t hardware related and it will be fixed, but until we get the December software update for the Pixel 6 Series. Until we get this update, Google is advising users to “not cycle the power button” to avoid seeing this and to press the button correctly if you actually want to use the phone. Let us know if you guys are having this issue on your Pixels, our units have been okay so far.

Apple’s privacy features reportedly cost social media companies $10 billion in ad revenue

And for the most eye-opening news today, let’s talk about Apple but, not for the reasons you’d usually expect. Last year when the company introduced iOS 14, they made a huge deal about their new privacy features that would finally let you opt out of being tracked by third party apps. This caused a whole outrage from company’s like Facebook that launched full ad campaigns trying to convince people that being tracked was necessary.. Well, guess how much these company’s have lost after these changes came into effect? A new report from the Financial Times claims that companies like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube have lost around 9.85 Billion Dollars, yes with a B, in ad revenue for the second half of this year due to Apple’s privacy changes. In this case Facebook was the biggest loser as they lost 8 out of the 9.85 Billion, no wonder they were protesting so much. What’s interesting here is that Apple’s own ad revenue grew by around 5 Billion during this time.. So, isn’t it crazy to see how much companies depend on you sharing your information to make money out of you? It’s seriously disturbing on my book.

Story of the day:

New renders showcase Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus with flat sides

Samsung reportedly starts mass production of Galaxy S22 series components

A Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with less curves is on the way?

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s shift gears on to Samsung and the Galaxy S22 Series. So far the Ultra has taken most of the spotlight for obvious reasons and we do have some leaks for it but, we have some new information on the smaller variants. Starting off with the design, we have some new renders from LetsGoDigital that show that Sammy might be pulling an Apple this year by using the same design we got with the S21 Series. We’re apparently getting a flatter panel when compared to the previous generation with smaller bezels and the same punch hole design. When you turn it around, we have the same triple camera array but, I don’t know if its because of the angles but it looks like it protrudes a bit more from the rest of the devices. Moving on to the Ultra, a new tweet from Ice Universe claims that the curvature in the S22 Ultra will be smaller than the Note 20 Ultra’s, and he then compared it to the Note 10+, meaning it’ll have less of a waterfall effect. Finally, let’s talk dates. A new report from WinFuture mention that Samsung has started mass production of components for three different smartphones which means we might be looking at another early release. There’s still rumors of the S21 FE happening so the S22 might happen in either January or February, heck there’s even a possibility of it launching at MWC just like in the old days, but we’ll see.




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