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Pocketnow Daily: Forget the Pixel 4a, the Google Pixel 5 is here! (video)

By Samuel Martinez July 6, 2020, 10:57 pm

Apple’s latest 13-inch MacBook Pro, and tons of Android phones are on sale today

Deals. The 4th of July is over but, the deals aren’t. The latest 13in MacBook Pro is available for $200 off on Amazon, leaving the 4 thunder-bolt 3 port, 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage variant for $1800 shipped. The Galaxy S20 line is also being discounted, for example, the S20+ which I’ve been using is $200 off, leaving it at $999 shipped. The Ultra is also getting a $150 discount, leaving it at $1250 shipped. The Google Pixel 4 is also $80 off, leaving it at $719. We have more deals on the Pixel 3a, Nintendo Switch controllers and more in the links in the description.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 support page goes live, launch imminent

You could get your new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 on August 21

The leaks for Unpacked keep coming in as we get closer but, it looks like Samsung is ready for the event. The support pages for the Galaxy Watch 3 are ready on Samsung’s Indian website. The page reveals the model numbers which are similar to the Watch Active 2 and those were previously leaked. However, moving on to the Note, according to a new Korean report, the Note 20 will be available for purchase on August 21. The Unpacked Event is expected to happen on August 5th and if you take into account what happened last year, it got revealed on the 7th and spent a couple of weeks on pre-order so this timeline makes sense. This availability date is for the Korean market but, we assume it will be somewhat similar for us. The report also mentions that the S20 Lite, the LG Wing and a mystery device which we’ll mention in a couple of segments will be released in October.

Amazon slip-up reveals July 21 launch for OnePlus Nord

We’ve been praising OnePlus for their Nord marketing campaign but it looks like Amazon just spilled the beans on them. We’ve seen the design and the name leaked by OnePlus but, an Amazon India page just revealed that the OnePlus Nord will launch on July 21 and then the page was quickly pulled. The page showed a teaser of the device which said “Made to be experienced on July 21st” and it would take you to the OnePlus URL for this phone which… isn’t live yet. We’ll keep you posted as, we’re expecting to hear from OnePlus with the official launch date soon.

Here’s a size comparison of iPhone 12 models based on dummies for case makers

And that mystery device that was mentioned on the Korean report to launch in October is the iPhone 12. The timeline for this phone is very confusing but October sounds reasonable, even with the rumored delays. Now, we have some new dummy images and even a video of the new iPhones. These dummies certainly look better than the ones we got before and now we get them compared to older iPhones. He does mention in the video that these dummies are made for case makers so that’s why the cameras look like the ones on the 11 Pro and the 11, with no LiDAR sensor, as well as the same notch. We also have some pictures posted to the MacRumors forums where we can see the 5.4in iPhone 12 Pro compared to the old iPhone SE and an iPhone 7. It’s obviously bigger than the SE but it is slightly smaller than the iPhone 7 which has some people excited.

Samsung’s next foldable will reportedly be called Galaxy Z Fold 2

Let’s get back to Unpacked. We’re expecting the successor to the Galaxy Fold to be announced but apparently, the name is about to change. According to SamMobile, Samsung will dub the new Fold the “Galaxy Z Fold 2″. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense because Samsung apparently wants to unify all of their foldable products under the Z letter. According to them, the “Z” branding “intuitively communicates the idea of a foldable product while delivering a dynamic and youthful feel”. The Fold 2 is expected to bring new batteries which add up to 4365 mAh, a new UTG glass, the Snapdragon 865, along with the S20+’s camera array with that new design we covered a few weeks ago. Even though the naming makes sense, we’re just wondering why they didn’t unify their foldable products under the Fold name like the Note because, what else could portray the idea of a foldable product better than the word Fold?

Story of the day:

New leak reveals alleged renders of the Google Pixel 5

And, by this point you know the story, we’ve been waiting on the Pixel 4a for ages and naturally, Pixel 5 leaks are now starting to emerge. We have some new CAD renders that allegedly belong to the Google Pixel 5 and they kinda look like if the Pixel 4 and the 4a leaks had a baby which, makes sense. If you even think of it, they look a lot like the leaks of the Pixel 4A XL that was reportedly canceled. Now, the source claims that the phone is still in the works so these aren’t final CAD renders. The first thing you notice is that the whole radar module at the front is gone and it was replaced with the punch hole that we’re expecting for the 4a which means that the capacitive fingerprint scanner is back. An odd move at a time when fingerprint scanners are all on the display. Speaking of the back, it looks like we might be getting only two cameras again even though we have no word on that just yet. Also, remember that this phone might be more of a mid-ranger so, we’re expecting for it to bring a Snapdragon 765, and the display will be a 5.78in QHD OLED.


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