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Pocketnow Daily: Facebook VS Apple: The Ads are Getting Hilarious (video)

By Samuel Martinez February 26, 2021, 11:59 pm
facebook apple antitrust

Samsung Galaxy S21, Google Pixel 4a and more are on sale today

The OnePlus 8 series, Microsoft laptops and more are on sale today 

4th-gen Echo, and more accessories to pimp out your home office are on sale right now

Let’s end the week like we start it, with deals. I find it crazy that phones that were launched a month ago are already seeing discounts but the brand new Galaxy S21 is now 150 dollars off on both Amazon and B&H, meaning it starts at 700 dollars and add free shipping to that. Moving on to Verizon for a second, they have the Google Pixel 4a for 240 dollars off if you have a device to trade-in and you grab a new phone line, cause of course it wasn’t gonna be that easy. The new Amazon Echo is 20 dollars off, leaving it at 80 dollars shipped. OnePlus also has the OnePlus 8 for 200 dollars off if you get the 12GB of RAM variant, leaving it at 600 dollars. The 8 Pro is also getting the same treatment where that same variant will cost you 800 dollars. Finally, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is available for 80 dollars off on Amazon, leaving the entry level model for 1219 dollars. We also have deals on more Amazon speakers, Surface Laptops, Beats Headphones and more in the links below.


Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus (Credit: Evan Blass / Voice)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4a

OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13.5-inch

13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Chip

Amazon Echo Gen 4

Samsung’s “Buy and Try” program will let you try out foldables for 100 days

Let’s move on to foldables and official news, for a couple of segments actually… I know, what’s wrong with the world today? But don’t worry, they’re actually worth it. We know that Samsung is probably the biggest player in the foldable market but, this market isn’t exactly mainstream just yet, with the biggest problem being the price tags and the existing concerns. I mean, imagine spending so much money on a phone and not being sure if it’s sturdy enough to last your average use.. Which yes, is why we have the After The Buzz series.. Let me know if you’d like that for the Z Fold 2. Well, it looks like Samsung kind of has a solution for this. The company is launching a new “buy and try” program on Samsung.com where, if you buy the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or a Z Flip 5G, you will have to pay the full price for the device but.., instead of the typical 14 days or 30 days for a return period, you’ll have up to 100 days to return the device if you figure out that this isn’t the right fit for you. And of course, you’re still paying full price for the device unless you get one of those trade-in deals but, if you were thinking on buying and weren’t sold.. This is a pretty good way to test the waters out. We’ll make sure to have links for both of these devices in the links below… though that said, this program ends on April 1st. You might have to act quick, but then it makes me wonder if there’s something else coming in April?

OPPO Find X3 series alleged price and color variants leaked

Now let’s talk about OPPO, as we’re still expecting the company to launch a Find X3 Series relatively early this year if last year was any indication. Rumors hint that it would come out some time in March so, naturally, certifications and leaked images have started flowing in. According to a new report from 91Mobiles, their source claims that the Find X3 Pro will come in 4 color options, that being blue, white, orange and black. Now as for specs, apparently there will only be a single variant that’ll pack 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and it will be priced between €1000 and €1200. Now, we’re also expecting the Find X3 Neo which will reportedly be a rebranded Reno5 Pro+ which will bring the same amount of RAM and Storage for around €851 and €973. Finally, the Find X3 Lite will bring 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and it will be priced at around €400 to €500. Now, focusing on the Pro, we’re hearing that the other specs include a Snapdragon 888 SoC, Android 11, a 4500 mAh battery, triple cameras at the back and OPPO will apparently be focusing a lot on that new display. We’re pretty much already in March so, let’s see what we get.

14-inch MacBook Pro to arrive with mini-LED display and more?

Let’s move on to Apple and those Macs we’re expecting to come very soon. Earlier this week we covered a new report from Ming Chi Kuo where he claimed we would be getting 2 new Macs in the second half of 2021,.. you know those that sound just too good to be true by featuring an SD Card reader and an HDMI port, along with a brighter display.. all things consumers actually want from a pro computer. Now, we have a new report from DigiTimes that gives us more information on those new displays. According to the report “Apple is expected to unveil 14 and 16-inch mini-LED backlit MacBook Pro models, with a company called Radiant being the exclusive supplier of BLUs . Of course, this just serves as further conformation that Apple is finally moving on to these displays after years of rumors. As for the Macs, other reports claim that we should expect them around the middle of the year but still in the second half so, September or October event? Other things we’re expecting from these Macs include new and faster Apple Silicon chips, MagSafe with faster charging, and they could also be getting rid of the Touch Bar. Honestly, these just keep sounding to good to be true that I’m seriously gonna have a drink and celebrate if they become a reality. Fine maybe more than one drink.

Story of the day:

Facebook wants you to believe that ads are good in the name of small businesses

And finally, for the most hilarious news today, let’s talk about Facebook. You know I’d rather avoid talking about them as I’ve never been secretive about my lack of admiration for its practices, but here goes. Over the past couple of weeks, maybe even months, Facebook has been going after Apple for the privacy changes we’re supposed to be getting with iOS 14.5, where you’ll choose if you want apps to track you or not. Well, yesterday, Facebook put out a new blogpost titled,.. hear this, “Let’s Talk About Why Personalized Ads Matter”. If you want to read it, we’ll leave the link in the description but just to give you the shorter version, they are trying to convince you that “you need your online habits tracked, in order for them to provide more ads for you, and you should actually be thankful that Facebook is doing that”. Oh, and they’re actually launching an ad campaign to go along with it titled “Good Ideas Deserve to be Found”. Now, here’s the thing, we agree that Good Ideas Deserve to be found, I mean, the ad does make a point on how difficult it is for small businesses to be found, the question is why are they insisting so much on the tracking. It’s simple, those who want targeted ads will opt in, those who don’t want them, or find it creepy that they’re tracked, wont. Now, Facebook was attempting to sue Apple, we’re not sure on how that’s currently going but one of the reasons why it might not have made it to court, is because Facebook’s own employees agree that this is not a good move, considering their past actions with privacy and how they’re trying to sell themselves as freaking Robin Hood.


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