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Pocketnow Daily: Facebook is SUING Apple Over Privacy Changes?! (video)

By Samuel Martinez January 29, 2021, 12:08 am
Apple Facebook

Last chance to pre-order your Samsung Galaxy S21 with huge discounts

More Android smartphones from OnePlus, Google and more are on sale

B&H has several MacBook Pro models, Smart TVs and more on sale

Yes, the official news still begin with deals but, you might want to run if you want to get your hands on these. Yes, today is the last days for the pre-order deals on the Galaxy S21 Series, and everything else we got at Unpacked though they got even sweeter. The Galaxy S21 is currently available for just $75 if you have an eligible device to trade in with $100 in instant credit. The Galaxy S21+ is available for $200 with a trade-in and you get $150 in instant credit once you pre-order. Finally, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is available for $400 and you also get the $200 in instant credit. And don’t worry, the 6 months of Spotify and 4 months of YouTube Premium are still there depending on the device you pick. And remember, we have deals on the Award Winning UB Pro rouged case from SUPCASE. Use promo code 10POCKETNOW on Amazon to get 10% off, or use promo code POCKETNOW15 on SUPCASE.com to stay protected. And of course, your favorite trade-ins from last year are still there with the Z Fold starting at a $1000, and the Note 20 Series at just $450. Moving on from Samsung, B&H currently has the M1 MacBook Pro for $80 off, starting at $1219. They also have the OnePlus 8 for $330 off, leaving the entry level model for just $460. Finally, the Google Pixel 3 XL is $500 off its original price tag, meaning it starts at $500.


Samsung-Galaxy-S21-Ultra-5G-Phantom Silver

Samsung Galaxy S21 Pre-Order

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series

OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus Final Sale in January event

Moto RAZR 5G

13-inch MacBook Pro M1

13-inch MacBook Pro Intel

M1 Mac mini

New rumors give us alleged Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 specs and features

Let’s get back to Samsung but these aren’t actually deals, let’s talk the company’s tablet plans, cause if you do care about Android Tablets, this is the way to go. We don’t have any information directly from Samsung but it seems to be time for a Galaxy Tab S8. According to a YouTube channel called TheGalox, the Galaxy Tab S8 Series will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 SoC, 8 or 12GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of onboard storage. These tablets will reportedly get the same display configuration we currently have on the Tab S7 with the same fingerprint sensor location as well. For those of you wondering, we’re talking about an 11in 120Hz LCD panel for the smaller variant, and a 12.4in 120Hz AMOLED Display for the Plus variant. When it comes to the battery, these will also stay the same, with the Tab S8 getting an 8000 mAh pack, and the Plus going up to 1090 mAh, however fast charging will be downgraded to 25W which, isn’t really a good look. Now, we don’t know exactly how accurate these leaks are but, they aren’t too farfetched so, it is possible for these to be the real deal. Let’s see what we end up getting as we should expect these around the usual Galaxy Note launch, unless that changes.

Sony Xperia I III flagship leaks rocking an old design and periscope zoom lens

Sony has been in the spotlight as of late with the launch of the Xperia Pro in the United States but you gotta admit, not necessarily for the best reasons. However, it’s about time we get a refresh for their Xperia 1 flagship. Now we have some new and pretty high quality renders of the Xperia 1 III from OnLeaks. It pretty much brings Sony’s signature design looking a lot like it’s predecessor with a 6.5in 4K OLED display at the front. At the back you get a triple camera array and, even though we don’t have much information on what 2 of the lenses will be able to do, one is reportedly a periscopic lens. This phone will reportedly support 5G, it will bring a headphone jack and get this, a microSD card slot. Sony is also adding an extra “shortcut” button which could serve as a your camera trigger. We don’t have much information of the internals just yet but we expect some flagship specs for this phone. We’ll see what we get as, MWC is usually when we get the new ones but, we know MWC has been postponed for obvious reasons.

Apple was top global smartphone vendor in Q4 2020, retakes second spot from HUAWEI

Apple says there are now over a billion iPhones in active use

And, I know that it still feels like 2020 but, believe it or not that’s over so, quarter results are in, and if you thought companies were struggling, it’s actually the other way around. According to reports from IDC, Canalys and others, Apple took the first spot and shipped over 81M smartphones in Q4 of 2020, grabbing somewhere between 21 and 23.4% of the market. In second place we get Samsung with 62M shipments while Xiaomi took the third spot. Things are looking kind of rough for Huawei huh. Of course, when it comes to the whole year, Samsung came out on top with 255M units despite having a 14% decline from the previous year. Apple retook the number 2 spot by shipping around 210M iPhones. Huawei fell back to the third spot with 189M units shipped. Going back to Samsung a bit, despite the pandemic and the lower sales, the company was able to keep $211.5B in revenue which is almost a 3% increase. When it comes to Apple, they posted an all-time record revenue of $111.4B for the first fiscal quarter of 2021 which amounts to a 21% growth. Tim Cook also mentioned that there are currently over 1B iPhones active at the moment. We even hear that Apple re-ignited the tablet market with its less expensive iPads, so let’s see how things start shifting for this quarter now that we have new flagships from Samsung.

Story of the day:

Facebook plans anti-trust lawsuit against Apple as war over iOS privacy updates heats up

And finally for the hottest and hilarious news, let’s bring in the next company who thinks they can tell Apple what rules and restrictions they can apply in their own store. First we had Epic Games, and now Facebook is suing Apple and oh boy you won’t believe for what. This is an antitrust lawsuit that contends that Apple “has abused their power in the smartphone industry by enforcing the App Store rules that they don’t have to follow.” Within this, they will most likely argue rules like Apple’s tax whenever someone makes an in-app payment, which makes it harder to compete for certain developers. We know how that went for Epic Games though. Facebook is planning building their case around, iOS 14’s new App Tracking Transparency feature, which allows users to choose if they want to be tracked or not. Facebook is alleging that this is unfair because this does not appear on Apple’s own app, offering them a competitive advantage. The hilarious thing is, Apple’s apps do not track users or share their data for advertising purposes, so straight from the bat it sounds like Facebook is shooting themselves in the foot. Apparently they also want to argue over the fact that you can’t set other apps as your default messaging app on your iPhone as, of course they want you to set Messenger as your default app. Facebook is even considering inviting other companies like Epic Games into the party after what happened last summer. Now, despite all of these, and even some Mark Zuckerberg statements against Apple, this case might not make it to court, mainly because of resistance from some Facebook employees which are concerned on them playing the victim card, especially with their legal past.


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