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Pocketnow Daily: EVERYTHING We’re Getting from Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Unpacked! (video)

By Samuel Martinez January 12, 2021, 12:37 am

Today’s deals feature awesome accessories and Amazon Echo speakers

Today’s Apple deals include the latest M1 MacBook Pro, and more

We have amazing OnePlus and Samsung smartphone deals for you

New week, new deals, but don’t worry the Samsung deals are still here. Let’s begin with the upcoming Galaxy S21 which you can reserve before pre-orders even start. You can currently get up to $700 in trade-in and once you reserve it, you get $60 worth of credit for accessories so, make sure to check the first link down below. Sticking to Samsung and trade-ins, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is still starting at just $600 but you can also get the S20 FE for $415. When it comes to the foldables, the Z Flip is available for just $100 if I’m reading this correctly, and the Z Fold 2 is still available for $1000 but again, you need an eligible device to trade in. The new M1 MacBooks are both $60 off, leaving the 256GB of storage MacBook Pro for $1239, and the 512GB MacBook Air for $1189. If you want Intel, the 16in MacBook Pro is $200 off, meaning it starts at $2200. Finally, the Amazon Echo Studio is $30 off, leaving it at $170 shipped. We have more deals on iPads, Apple Watches, Jabra Earbuds and more in the links in the description.


Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

M1 13-inch MacBook Pro

16-inch MacBook Pro

M1 MacBook Air

Intel MacBook Air

12.9-inch iPad Pro

11-inch iPad Pro

Apple Watch Series 6

Amazon Echo Deals


TCL teases rollable AMOLED display for phones and a scroll-like printed OLED panel

Let’s stay with the official news as CES is currently happening, I know I still miss tradeshows but, there’s a lot to talk about today, starting with TCL. The company just announced a ton of new products, starting with their TV technology. They just announced the 3rd generation of their mini-LED backlight with OD Zero technology, which helps with brightness and precision. One of the most interesting things we got is new 8K TVs which will apparently get a pretty affordable price tag when compared to the competition. Moving on from TVs, they just announced the NXTPAPER as well, which is a combination of screen and paper, delivering a paper-like visual experience through an 8.8in display. Finally, and probably what’s been doing the most headlines is their latest rollable concept. This is a 17in Printed OLED Scroll.. And by scroll I mean it’s actually a scroll. According to TCL this technology can be applied into TVs, as well as curved and foldable displays. Actually the company announced more stuff but, I won’t bore you, there’s links to all articles in the links in the description.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ debuts with 11th Gen Intel silicon, LTE, and swappable SSD

Now, one of the biggest surprises at the moment from CES comes from Microsoft. The company just announced the new Surface Pro 7+, and no it’s not running on ARM. The base model packs the 11th Gen Intel Core i3 along with 8GB of RAM but you can go up to an Intel Core i7 and 32GB of RAM which is pretty sweet. When it comes to storage the base model brings 128GB of storage but you can go up to 1TB on the top tier model, and by the way, you can actually swap that SSD yourself just like you can with the Surface Pro X. At the front you get the same 12.3in display with thick bezels and of course, your typical surface keyboard which most likely is a separate thing. Some of the other upgrades include support for LTE connectivity, up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge and it starts at $899, with the LTE model starting at $1149. Now don’t blame me for being excited given how much I love the Microsoft Surface, but at those prices and for those specs that M1 MacBook Air is looking pretty sweet.

LG showcases a bunch of OLED displays at CES 2021 

LG gives us the first glimpse of its upcoming rollable phone in action

Let’s keep talking about official news and CES as one of the companies that is currently stealing the show is LG. Starting off the company showed their latest advances when it comes to OLED, including a transparent 55in OLED TV, a Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED for Gaming and a crazy 88in 8K Cinematic Sound OLED as well. Then we got to see the company take their LCDs a step further with their new QNED technology, which is really just their approach to Mini-LED. Proof that the company continues to invest hard on their LCDs. Probably what’s turning most heads right now is their rollable phone. As part of their video press conference they gave us two teasers of the device in action. We get two different shots of the phone being used to play their press conference, one with the phone rolling out while the speaker begins to talk, and then it rolls in once he’s done and waves goodbye. This shows that the phone will use a motor to roll out depending on the use-case scenario. We’re expecting this phone to bring a 7.4in OLED display that works in three different scenarios and will debut sometime in the first half of 2021. The specs include the Snapdragon 888, 16GB of RAM and a 4200 mAh battery. Some leaks claim that it will launch as the LG Rollable with a crazy $2359 price tag which is… yeah it’s something. Again, there’s just too much to cover in one segment, so more information in the links in the description.

New Apple AirPods Pro, iPhone SE are on their way: Report

But alright, let’s move on to Apple leaks because we know how much you miss them. There’s been multiple rumors of Apple working on things like the next generation AirPods and AirPods Pro. Well, now we have a new report from MacOtakara and, according to their suppliers, Apple will be releasing the 2nd Generation AirPods Pro and a new iPhone SE in April of this year. Now, when it comes to the AirPods, they claim that they will still be 21mm thick while the height will be 46mm and 54mm, so maybe we are getting two sizes after all. Apparently they will be slightly different than the original ones but they plan to make them more compact, maybe even getting rid of the stems. This design is reportedly just in the testing phase but it could become a real thing. Now, back to the iPhone SE, the report only mentions that it is due in April but, there’s nothing else on it so we’ll take it with a grain of salt, considering how much time it took for the second iPhone SE to come out. We’ll see what we get as, we’re only a couple of months away, and it’s really not like Apple to launch back to back iPhone SE models.

Story of the day:

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag tracker debuts next week alongside Galaxy S21 series

And Finally for the hottest news today, let’s talk Galaxy S21 Series as we’re pretty much 3 days away from the Unpacked Event. Over the weekend we got a ton of new information and leaks over everything we’re getting at Unpacked. Beginning with the actual phones, we have some new images from Evan Blass that show the promo posters that Samsung uses to show off the phone once it’s out. From these posters we get to see the regular S20 in a sort of Lilac Color as well as the Black Ultra which, just looks gorgeous. We also have some pictures of the case used for the S Pen which.. Well it looks useful. Just to jog your memory, we’re expecting the Ultra to bring a 6.7in display, the Snapdragon 888, 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage along with 4 cameras at the back, for a rumored $1000 price. Now, moving on to other products we’re expecting, we’ve heard multiple leaks of the Galaxy Buds Pro, including that hands on video we saw last week. But it looks like Samsung won’t stop there, apparently we’re also getting the Galaxy Smart Tags. These smart tags will be a Tile-like device that will serve as a Bluetooth-based tracker and will work, kind of like Apple’s rumored AirTags with UWB. A tipster on Twitter also claims that the rumored Buds Pro and the Smart Tags will come as pre-order gifts in most countries, thought I doubt the buds will, be the case.


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