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Pocketnow Daily: Apple’s REDESIGNED M1 MacBooks & Crazy Black Friday Deals! (video)

By Samuel Martinez November 26, 2020, 12:22 am
Apple chip

These are some of the best Apple deals for Black Friday

Alright, we’ve decided that this deals segment needs to grow when the demand calls for it, and come on, it’s Black Friday week. Since today we’re talking Apple for the hottest news, let’s begin with Apple deals. Like yesterday, we’re gonna start this off with trade-in deals first, as you can currently get the iPhone 12 Pro for $370 off, if you have an eligible device, leaving the entry level model for $629. The 12 Pro Max is getting the same treatment, leaving that at $729. Moving on to Macs, the Intel 13in MacBook Pro is $150 off, leaving the Intel Core i5, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD variant for $1649. The 16in MacBook Pro is $260 off, that leaves the Core i7, 6GB of RAM and 512GB of storage model for $2150. Finally, the old Intel MacBook Air is $100 off, that leaves the entry level model for $899. Again these are Intel models which is kind of a bummer but they’re still good machines. Now, iPads! The 11in iPad Pro, Wi-Fi only model with 512GB of storage is available for $100 off, leaving it at $999. The latest iPad Air is also $40 off, that leaves the entry level variant for $559. And guys, this segment is already pretty long so we have more deals on other Macs, other iPads, the Apple Watch and even some Beats products in the links in the description.


Buy iPhone 12 Pro

Buy iPhone 12

These are the best Samsung deals for Black Friday

Oh, that was just Apple’s section. For all you Samsung fans, This is a quick reminder of the deals they continue to have, which make it really compelling to get their latest devices. Just keep in mind that these deals depend on you having an eligible device to trade in. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is available for the same $1000 we mentioned yesterday, but now in both color options and the customizable hinge. The Note 20 Ultra is available for $550 and the regular Note 20 for a crazy $250. Moving on to the S Series, you can get the S20 for $390, the S20+ for $540 and the Ultra for $740, might makes them a tough pick given the crazy deal for the Note 20 Ultra. To end with Samsung, you can also get the S20 FE for $140 so, again, all these deals apply if you have an eligible device to trade in. Sticking to Samsung and their trade-ins, the Galaxy Watch 3 is also available for $140 and the Titanium version is available for $300. Pretty much half of for both of them. We also have deals on the Galaxy Buds, the Watch Active 2 and more in the description.

Black Friday gives us Motorola, Google and more Samsung deals

And no worries, we’re not done. That was just the Apple and Samsung section for today’s deals, We’ve got more on other companies as well.. Let’s move on to Google smart speakers, for example the Nest Hub is $40 off, leaving it at $50 shipped. The Home Max is $150 off, leaving it at $149. They also have some bundles like the Nest Audio 2 pack for $30 off, leaving it at $170. Moving on to Moto, the RAZR 5G is $400 off, leaving it at $1000 shipped. The Edge is also $300 off, leaving that at $400 shipped. We also have deals on the G Power, G Stylus and more. HyperX is also having a huge sale on their keyboards headsets and more. Their Alloy Origins Keyboard is $300 off, leaving it at $80. Their HyperX Cloud Stinger Core headset is $10 off, leaving it at $29 shipped on Amazon. Finally, Fitbit also has some pretty good options with the Versa 3 being $30 off, meaning you can get it for $200. The Special Edition for the Versa 2 is $70 off, leaving it at $150. We have even more deals in the links in the description.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip successor might rock a 120Hz display and slimmer bezels

Fine, let’s now move on to news. If you tuned in yesterday, one of the things we talked about is that we would be getting the next Galaxy Z Flip, later than the Galaxy S21 unlike last year where we got them at the same event. Well, according to some new reports from the Elec this phone was actually delayed, mainly to push production for the Galaxy S21 and because of what we covered yesterday which said that Samsung doesn’t want new products to mess with their regular sales as the Galaxy Note might disappear. The report also adds that Samsung might launch anywhere between three to five foldables next year, maybe they’re adding more phones to each line-up with different price points. On another note (pun intended), a new leak from Ice Universe says that this phone will actually be called the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and it will bring an improved 120Hz display, narrower bezels and it will get a cheaper price tag. Now, we don’t actually know how cheaper yet but, if they really want this strategy to succeed, they should at least price this and the Z Fold 3, somewhat closer to the Note’s price point.

We have new images of the Samsung Galaxy S21 or the Galaxy S21+

And yes, let’s keep talking about Samsung but this time for the Galaxy S21 and I guess you can say we’re in the home stretch when it comes to leaks for this phone. We have some new case renders for either the S21 or the S21+ telling by this design. They show the flat display which will either be 6.2in or 6.7in depending on the variant, both rocking 120Hz display rates at FHD+, kind of a downgrade when compared to the S20. At the back you can also see the camera array which is significantly smaller than the Ultra’s rocking three cameras which consist of a 12MP main sensor, a 64MP telephoto and a 12MP ultra wide. A while ago we also had other case renders for the Ultra but we didn’t do a daily that day and, the thing about it is that all we can see is the camera array and not the display. We’re expecting an event to happen sometime around January 14 so let’s see, things should only get more interesting from here.

Story of the day:

Redesigned MacBooks with Apple silicon are coming in H2 2021: Kuo

And finally the hottest news today have to do with Apple, the fact that we still can’t believe how good those M1 MacBooks are, and yet why you might wanna wait a little to buy. I mean sure, Cupertino just unveiled these new batch of computers, but the concerns of many are valid, they seriously look like the old ones in every way. It would make sense for anyone to want a re-design, and we also wonder what the next batch of Apple Silicon chips is gonna be able to do. Well, according to a new research note from Ming Chi Kuo, the next step in Apple’s two year transition away from Intel is redesigned MacBooks. Now, he didn’t really specify which models we’re getting, but he has previously said that we should expect a redesigned 16in and a 14in MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon that should launch in the second or third quarter of 2021. Based on other Kuo reports, we should also expect some new miniLED Macs and a lower priced iPad in the first quarters of the year. Now, when it comes to sales, he predicts that the demand for these M1 Macs is actually higher than expected, and the 12 Pro and Pro Max are actually stealing the show when it comes to iPhones as the demand for the regular 12 and the Mini is not as high. Finally, both Apple Watches are selling well thanks to the new health management functions and the improved design.


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