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Pocketnow Daily: Apple's PEEK PERFORMANCE Event is OFFICIAL, Pixel 6a & Watch Leaks & more! (video)

By Samuel Martinez March 2, 2022, 9:26 pm
apple event march 8 Source: Apple

MateBook E is the new HUAWEI crown jewel convertible at MWC 2022

The official news today begin with more MWC announcements that we hadn't had the chance to cover over the past few days. Starting off with Huawei, the company just announced their new MateBook E convertible. This is actually a continuation from one of our favorite products from 2017. Just like it's predecessor, it has a tablet-like body which serves as a 2-in-1 Windows 11 laptop when you want it. It has a 12.6-inch OLED display on a 90% screen to body ratio weighing only 709 grams. It's powered by the 11th Gen Intel chipsets up to the Core i7, sports 16 Gigs of Dual Channel RAM and up to half a terabyte of storage. We have no details on availability just yet but at 649 Euros, it's a pretty neat deal. Another company that caught our attention was TCL. Sure, they showed us their foldable and rollable concepts but that's been the case for at least 3 years, so I'll applaud that we actually get a final product. What really interested me was their new E-Ink tablet, the Next Paper 10s.. Yes, this one still has a paper-like display but unlike other e-ink tablets, this one does support color. We have no word on availability for other countries but it will cost you 249 bucks in Europe and China at the moment. Lot's of great announcements, stay tuned for more of our coverage.


Sony Xperia 1 IV renders surface in the wild, design mostly unchanged with large bezels

Stirring away from official news for a couple of segments, let's talk about Sony and their most conventional flagship. Lately we've been getting some updates for their whole Pro line up, to the point where I've even kind of forgot about their Xperia 1. Now we have some new renders from OnLeaks for the Xperia 1 mark IV and well, they look exactly like the mark 3 did. Apparently we can expect the same 21:9 design but, there's some minor tweaks to it. It's slightly, and I mean a couple of millimeters thicker and it also has a slightly larger camera hump. You're still getting a 6.5-inch display, small bezels at the top and bottom and according to these renders, the headphone jack is still here. At the back you're still getting a triple camera array though we do expect it to bring updated sensors, and it still brings the camera shutter which also works with the Google Assistant. Sadly, we have no details on the specifications or the camera but, it will reportedly be powered by Qualcomm's 8 Gen 1 given how the past releases worked. Let us know if you're waiting for more flagships from Sony because, you might as well get the mark 3, or no Sony phone at all.

Latest Google Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch leak reveals possible color options and more

Let's move on to Google and Pixels! And no worries, these aren't another set of Pixel 7 references or renders. Instead, let's discuss the Pixel 6a which hasn't been on the leaks as much as its predecessors, at least for now. According to some Android Police Sources, the Pixel 6a and the Pixel Watch were recently spotted in a US carrier's inventory system. Starting off with the Watch, it appears under its leaked codenamed Rohan and it also says that it'll be available in 3 different color variants, including gray, black and gold. This rumor also mentions that it will arrive with 32 Gigs of storage space which is twice as much as some of the competition. This particular carrier also doesn't offer any other non-cellular smartwatches so, it's reasonable to conclude that the Pixel Watch will bring cellular capabilities. Moving on to the 6a, the codename Bluejay also appeared rocking three different color variants which are black, white and green. It also shows that all of these would bring 128 Gigs of storage. Sadly, these listings don't mention any dates for either of these they just hint that we're getting somewhat close to them. However, rumors point to the launch happening at Google I/O again.

iPhone SE (2022) accessories appear on Amazon with March 10 release date

Apple March 8 ‘Peek Performance’ event announced: 5G iPhone SE, new Macs, & more expected

And finally, for the hottest news today, let's talk about Apple and last minute event invites because we were almost ready to record with something else and then this popped up! Yes, a couple of hours ago, the company sent out press invitations for an event that will happen on Tuesday, March 8th at 10AM Pacific. The teaser shows an Apple logo with different colored layers and it has the text "Peek Performance". The problem is that most of the rumored products don't really sound like it. For example, we expect the new iPhone SE and a new iPad Air which are all ok. Maybe it's all about the new Macs. Going a bit into all of them, the iPhone SE is expected to bring the same design we got with the previous generation, aka the iPhone 8. But of course, it would bring updated internals and probably keep the same price tag we got back in 2020. We actually just got some listings for cases and screen protectors from verified Apple sellers so this seems like a done deal. The iPad Air is reportedly getting no design changes, but it would bring similar internals to the latest iPad mini. Meaning the new chip and 5G. The reason why I feel it might be the new Macs is because those are rumored to bring the new M2, even if I struggle to consider this as I would've assumed M2 to be announced at WWDC. And then there's the fact that the most leaked one has been the 13-inch MacBook Pro which will reportedly bring the same design as the previous model.


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