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Pocketnow Daily: Apple’s iPhone 12 BEST and WORST Leaks Confirmed? (video)

By Samuel Martinez July 3, 2020, 11:39 pm

We get new discounts on Apple’s 11-inch iPad Pro and more

Deals. We have some more deals we left out yesterday on Amazon, especially on iPads. Starting off with the latest 2020 12.9in iPad Pro which is $250 off, leaving the 1TB of storage variant for $1300 shipped. B&H also has that same $250 discount on the 2018 variant but it actually comes bundled with the previous Magic Foleo Keyboard, leaving the 256GB of storage variant for $1200 shipped. B&H also has the 2018 11in iPad Pro for $100 off, leaving the entry level variant for $699. The Moto G8 Play is also $70 off, leaving it at $130 shipped. We also have more deals on headphones, TVs and more in the links in the description and make sure you check Pocketnow.com over the weekend for 4th of July deals.

Buy 11-inch iPad Pro

Google is finally implementing 64-bit architecture for Chrome on Android

Yes, there is no denying that Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world.. I mean hey, it’s even got its own operating system. The problem is that it’s not necessarily the most up to the latest standards. 64-bit architecture on Android was announced pretty much half a decade ago and well, let’s just say it’s still something Google hasn’t really handled well. We know that Chrome has been stuck on 32-bit but it looks like they’re finally ready to move on. Android Police just spotted that the Chrome 85 and 86 dev build that they are listed as 64 bit apps. Thing is, there’s a catch:b it will only be available on devices running Android 10 and later. Google announced last year that they will be phasing all of their 32-bit apps by August 2021 and this just shows that they’re on track.

Samsung briefly listed the upcoming Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G on its official website

Like seriously, if there’s someone I trust when it comes to Samsung leaks, it’s Samsung. At this point we’re not really surprised when Samsung leak their own products through their European websites. This time, Samsung Germany listed the Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G on their website and as per usual, it was quickly pulled. Other than that this listing didn’t reveal much but we did get some leaked specs for the S7 line last month and they included a 12.4in AMOLED display, the S Pen will now be magnetically attached to the back and it will be aligned with the new dual camera module. On the front side, it looks kinda similar to the latest iPads and the selfie camera has been moved to the side so you can use it while the tablet is on landscape mode.

LG could give us the first rollable smartphone next year

LG has been reluctant to hop on the foldable phone trend and have opted to go for dual-displays instead. Now, it looks like the company is finally ready to join but in a different way. Last year we got some patents of a roll-able phone and according to a new Korean report, LG is working on bringing this device to the market in early 2021. It’s currently called Project B and the prototype is already under production, but get this.. They’re using a BOE display. The report also mentions that LG might release their phone as they have been losing money on their mobile division and some innovation might help them get out of this slump. We’re expecting LG to release this phone, a “horizontal device codenamed Wing” and a “traditional looking” flagship in Q1 of 2021.

Here’s an official sneak peek at the OnePlus Nord’s design

We’re expecting the OnePlus Nord to launch some time next week so naturally, the hype is ramping up. OnePlus just put out a new teaser on their Instagram account and we get to see the actual phone. The trailer focuses on the past and staying true to who you are, probably hinting to OnePlus going back to their roots with their “New Beginnings”. Then towards the end of the video you can see the phone going into a pocket but if you freeze it we can see the camera module which looks pretty much like the renders we got months ago. It has the OnePlus logo in the center and it comes in that Blue color variant we’ve been expecting. There’s another picture where you can see the front of the phone but we can’t really see the dual selfie cameras but we saw those a couple of days ago in the other teaser. Here’s the thing. Regardless of the teaser, can we just give props to OnePlus for this marketing campaign. It’s totally achieving the interest they’re look for.

Story of the day:

Apple wants to know what you do with “in the box” iPhone chargers

The iPhone 12 could feature Largan camera lenses

And finally, the hottest news today have to do with Apple. So Monday we talked about the lack of a Charger, and Tuesday we talked about the camera.. Today, we have a couple of confirmations, so let’s begin with the later. We have new Ming Chi Kuo report where he claims that the iPhone 12 will bring some new “high-end” 8-element lens arrays to improve image quality. These premium camera lenses will be supplied by company called Largan and will start shipping in a couple of weeks. Production has reportedly been delayed by 6 weeks, meaning we’ll see production reach its peak by September-November instead of the usual August-October. Anyways, as for the second topic, if you wanted any confirmation that Apple is removing the charger on the iPhone 12, wait no more. Apple is sending out surveys to people in Brazil on what they do with their older chargers,.. yeah you heard that right. Now, so far the survey has only been found in Brazil so it may be limited right now, or it might be a regional thing, but it asked what the user did with his previous iPhone 7 charger, asking if he recycled it, gave it to a family member or friend or if he still has it and uses it. Now, we’re not 100% sure if Apple will remove the charger this year but if this survey is real, it looks like it’s happening.


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