Apple announces iOS 13 with Dark Mode, QuickPath swipe keyboard, more

iOS 13 gets announced and it’s about features and efficiency. Face ID is now 30% faster and apps will be being 50% smaller to install and 60% smaller to update.
○ Finally brings dark mode, though it seems to be across the board and not optional between apps.
○ Reminders is getting reinvented, Maps are getting a new and improved design which no one cares about.
○ Apple Login was also introduced with encrypted and random emails that vary with each ad.
There’s a new photos app and a photo and even video editor for those of you that recorded your video in portrait by accident. Happens to me all the time.

Apple introduces watchOS 6 and tvOS 13

Story of the day:

Apple introduces new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

As for hottest news number two, we finally get a new and modular Mac Pro that I’m gonna call the Cheese Shredder. You heard it from me first. This is the most over kill computer you can think of.

    • It supports up to 1.5TB of RAM, Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores,
    • There are 8 expansion slots expansion with 8 internal slots,
    • New Afterburner card that assists for ProRes and ProRes RAW editing video editing and playback.
    • There’s this new MPX module that supports up to 4 GPUs, and the cheese shredder design allows for 3 insane fans.
    • Even more insane is the new 6K Pro Display XDR.

Why insane, well, $6000 for the base Mac Pro, another $4999 for the base display, and if you want that Apple mount, that’s another $1000.

Apple iPadOS: iPad gets its own operating system with Multitasking in mind

iPad OS was also announced… Like freaking finally.
○ It brings widget support on the home screen so no more odd grid of icons.
○ There’s better multitasking support with every app.
○ Files now works with USB drives and it is getting major tweaks for the iPad.
○ Safari now has desktop class browsing for the iPad with a download manager. Though Apple wasn’t clear if this is the full desktop version of Safari. We do hope.
○ We also have new fonts, and better navigation controls. Apple Pencil is now faster.
So no, we’re not getting macOS on the iPad, but this is far better than what we had.



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