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Pocketnow Daily: Apple Silicon Event will be PACKED! (video)

By Samuel Martinez November 3, 2020, 10:00 pm

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro and more on sale today

The official news today begin as always with deals, and let’s face it, the Apple and Amzon combo continues to be your best friend. Amazon currently has the brand new 10.2-inch iPad starting at $299 for the entry level variant, meaning $30 off. If you want more storage you can get 128GB for $399. The latest 13in MacBook Pro is also $149 off, that leaves the Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD variant for $1250. The new Powerbeats with Apple’s H1 chip are also $20 off, leaving those at $130 shipped. Taking a break from the Apple Deals, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is back at $200 off, that’ll leave you the US variant with 128GB of storage for $1099. We also have a ton of other deals in the description and in the full list at Pocketnow.com.


This is the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition

Now let’s talk about special edition phones, which we really weren’t expecting during a year that’s anything but special. Well, about a week ago, OnePlus teased their first collaboration since they parted ways with McLaren with a Cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus 8T. Well, it’s finally official and it’s very different to say the least. It pretty much brings the same specs as the vanilla 8T except for some extra RAM, storage and the software skin they usually add to their limited edition phones. Where things get different is with the design, the whole top of the phone is a camera visor, like if the Galaxy S20 Ultra was on steroids and it includes a “NetRunner 2077 Edition” Logo, as well as a barcode for the game. It comes in a yellow box along with a pretty cool case that let’s you feel the different textures, though a yellow charger would’ve been nice to see. It’s available for pre-orders in China for around $597, sadly no word on international availability.

Upcoming Snapdragon 875 to be significantly faster than the competition

It’s finally Techvember, which means we’re closer to December, which means we’re finally getting closer to the latest Snapdragon flagship SoC. Well, the possible Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 which is codenamed “Lahaina” just went through some AnTuTu benchmarks, showing off it’s improvements. It scored almost 847,000, a 25% jump over the 865 which scored 663,000 points. Just for context, the iPhone 12 scored 565,000 and the latest Kirin and Exynos score around the 696,000 mark, which means the Snapdragon 875 is significantly superior to all of these but of course, these are just benchmarks. According to AnTuTu, the RAM and storage configurations have a lot to do with final scores so, we’ll wait to see what we get once we actually get the chip. We’re getting closer to Qualcomm’s Summit so, let’s see what the company has in store because this sound great.

This could be LG’s new ‘Project B’ rollable smartphone

Now let’s shift focus to LG cause they’ve clearly been busy lately. Last week we covered how the company had two phones in the pipeline, a new V Series device and “Project B” which is part of their Explorer Project. Project B is reportedly that rollable phone they showed at the Wing’s announcement and, according to these new patents, that’s what we’re getting. These patents show that the phone will look like a regular phone when it’s in its normal state, kind of like the Wing but less clunky. Then you’ll be able to extend the frame from the sides, basically turning your phone into a tablet. LG will apparently be using saw gears and other elastic components, as well as a mechanism to help the phone roll out smoothly. We know that the Wing is mainly aimed at productivity but with this form factor, it might be aimed at content consumption. Honestly, it looks pretty good and, we’re supposed to be getting it sometime in March next year.

We could soon get a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE, possible Galaxy S21 availability leaked

Over the years we’ve gotten a couple of “Fan Edition” phones from Samsung, with the latest one being a more affordable version of the Galaxy S20. You should definitely go watch my review which will be right up here by the way. Well, it looks like the company doesn’t want to stop with these. On typical Samsung Fashion, the Galaxy S20 FE’s landing page for Samsung Brazil includes several mentions for a Galaxy Note 20 FE. The fine print states that the Note 20 FE has a 6.5in screen or a 6.3in diagonal when you take into account the rounded corners. Now, this could simply be a typo considering this is the size for the S20 FE but, there’s other multiple mentions of this Note 20 FE. On the other one they detail the benefits of Night Mode, even showing some pictures. Of course, all of this might just be speculation due to a typo but Samsung is known to leak stuff by themselves so, are you guys interested in a Galaxy Note 20 FE? Cause it kind of feels like they should just drop the price for the regular variant.

Story of the day:

Apple has announced a new ‘One more thing’ event for November 10

Apple is working on a redesigned iMac and Mac Pro with in-house silicon: Report

And finally for the hottest news today let’s talk Apple. Can we just be honest and say Cupertino has been really busy this year when it comes to event and there is another coming. The company just sent out press invitations for a “One More Thing” Event that will happen on November 10th at 10AM PST. Going through the checklist, we already got the iPhones, new iPads, and the Watches, so all we’re waiting for is Apple Silicon Macs which seems like a pretty obvious option for a “One More Thing”. There’s been a ton of speculation and reports on what we’re going to get. A new LoveToDream tweet reads, 13in Times 2, hinting to two different models. Back in July Ming Chi Kuo also said that we’d be getting an updated 14.1in and a 16.1in MacBook Pro model, and that other model LoveToDream is teasing might be a new MacBook Air. Now, staying with Macs but speculating ahead, there’s also a new report from Bloomberg that claims that Apple is also developing a new Mac Pro that looks like the current cheese grater, but it will bring a smaller form factor that’s about half the size. As of right now, we don’t know if this model will replace the current Mac Pro or if it will launch as an additional model and this could be due to the new Apple Silicon chips. Sadly, the report also mentions that this Mac Pro isn’t coming out in 2020, and could happen either next year or until 2022. We still hope that we might see AirTags or AirPods Studio at this Event but, I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit more.


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