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Pocketnow Daily: Apple MacBook Air M1 Benchmarks: This Changes EVERYTHING?! (video)

By Samuel Martinez November 12, 2020, 10:54 pm

The Moto RAZR 5G, OnePlus 8 and more devices are on sale today

The official news today, as always begin with deals, and this time for products you might still want to get, and some I also do debate. One list of ones I debate there’s the new Moto RAZR 5G. I don’t see a lot of people going crazy over it, and it might be the reason why you can currently get it for $999 on Amazon and B&H. Now those of you wanting an even better deal, Best Buy has it for $949, but that’s actually after activation. Now we know that many of you are concerned about the curse of the early adopter with Apple’s new M1 Macs, for you, the previous generation MacBook Air is currently $149 off, leaving the entry level variant for $850 on Amazon. Those of you interested in iPad Pros, Amazon also has the 2020 11-inch entry-level variant for $749, or even $849 for more storage, making it an equal $50 off. Finally we have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with a $61 discount, leaving the 45mm variant for $369 or $339 for the 41mm variant that’s Bluetooth only. We have more deals, including Hisense TVs in the links in the description.


New macOS Big Sur is finally ready for your Mac

Now as for other official news today, let’s talk about Apple and it’s current roll of announcements. If you remember, MacOS Big Sur was going live today, and yes, it’s now official. That said, those of you who rely on services like Final Cut Pro and other Apple Pro services, my advice is that you proceed with caution as some of these are still not upgraded for compatibility. Sure they’ll most likely work, but also crash in the process. That said, if you ordered any of the M1 Macs, some of us have already received notifications of shipment. Delivery times still appear November 17th to 18th, but if you do the math, they might arrive earlier than expected. For those early adopters, it’s great to see that there are major apps already upgraded for compatibility, like the case of Microsoft Office. The news went official today, though universal compatibility for this new version still seems in beta. Anyways, let me know who ordered any of the new Macs, cause after seeing videos from TLD and Snazzy, I’m excited for what’s coming, but more on that in the hottest news segment.

The next iPad mini could pack A14 Bionic chip and an 8.5″ display

And how about if we continue talking Apple, but this time for the iPad that I’ve been wanting to get in like for ever, but that I’m also waiting for it to get a refresh. I’d wait for the next one if I were you as we’re talking about some major upgrades according to a tipster, starting with the new A14 Bionic chip that powers the new iPhones and iPad Air. It seems we’re getting a more modern smaller bezel design like in the pro with an 8.5-inch Liquid Retina display, most likely on the same chassis. Finally a jump to USB-C, though the same speaker array we currently have with the mini, that’s not necessarily amazing. Same cameras as iPad Air 4, Apple Pencil 2 support, same 2 batteries that aren’t doing so well lately, and 4 Gigs of RAM. At this point I can only assume that the same Touch ID on the power button will also make the cut. Sadly we don’t have any timing on this new iPad Mini, but I’m gonna be the first to be excited about this smaller form factor.

Unlimited Google Photo backups will be unavailable with future Pixel phones

Now let’s do a little continuation to the controversial news from yesterday. Yes, Google Photos won’t be free unlimited storage any more as of June 1st, unless you have a Pixel. That said, it seems it only applies to current Pixels. On a new report from Android Central, it seems that every other Pixel in the future will be treated as a regular phone. This means that unless you own a Pixel 2 and up to the Pixel 5, anything that happens further will take up from your 15 Gigs of base storage, which according to Google, is enough to last you for 3 years of memories. The main problem being, we still have uncertainty over what’s going to happen in June. We don’t know if the existing photos currently uploaded will be dumped into the 15 gigs, and leave you without space, pretty much like iCloud does. Regardless of the case, we read your comments and yes, this is a major problem, which is sad as this was one of the few reasons I was still sort of locked into the Google ecosystem.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra might offer S Pen support, but no docking slot

How about if we switch gears for a bit and talk about Samsung, this time to discuss something we’ve been waiting for the company to do for years. No, it’s not for the company to say goodbye to its Exynos chips. Yeah, it’s the other thing… Think about it, how long has it been rumored for Samsung to say goodbye to the Galaxy Note and merge it with the Galaxy S? Well it seems that 2021 might finally be the year cause we’ve got Tipster Extraordinaire Ice Universe hints that the S Pen will be supported, but there’s a catch. The tweet is clear that it’s only the s21 Ultra, and a separate tweet from Max Jambor claims that there won’t even be a silo for the S Pen to fit. That might actually not be a bad idea as this will allow you to get a larger power pack within, which makes sense at a time when this phone is rumored to ship without a charger, and also that it’ll support a more power-hungry 2K display that supports 120hz. Whatever the case may be, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the death of the Galaxy Note, but if you remember there are also patents for a Galaxy Z Fold 2 supporting an S pen, so it could just be that Samsung might blend the products into one. We’ll see.

Story of the day:

MacBook Air with M1 Chip is more powerful than 16-inch MacBook Pro

And finally, the hottest news today have to do with Apple, and its new M1 chip Macs, as people have complained that there’s really nothing new when it comes to design, but I think we’re not looking at the bigger picture. See, Apple is notorious for is not providing information on things like the clock speed of their new M1 chips, or the kind of RAM they include. Those of you wondering just how powerful these new Macs are, let me just say I’m already regretting buying a 16-inch Pro. The new fan-less MacBook Air just went through Geekbench, and it seems to blow even the that 16-inch Pro. It brought single core scores of 1687 and a multi-core score of 7433. To provide some context, this means the M1 blows past all mobile Macs, Pro or non Pro, all current Mac mini configurations and a good deal of the iMacs. That includes the late-2019 MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9-9980HK processor clocked at 2.4 GHz. Funniest part is that the test was conducted with the entry-level MacBook Air with just 8 gigs of RAM running MacOS 11.0.1. If these results hold true to real world use, we’re not just talking about a faster computer. Think about it, this is a fan-less MacBook Air that costs a thousand bucks. I think it’ll be a true paradigm shift in pro computing, cause can you imagine that MacBook Pro?


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