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Pocketnow Daily: Apple is CHANGING their iPhone STRATEGY?! (video)

By Jaime Rivera December 2, 2019, 11:29 pm

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit

Yes we’re currently in Maui for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit, and there is a ton to cover. Obviously we’re expecting more developments on 5G. The rollout has been steady across the US and abroad, so we’re really curious as to what we get to see in the roadmap for 2020. We obviously expect a new Snapdragon processor since that’s always the star of the show, but we hear that there might be more chips being announced at this event. We’ll have some coverage for you tomorrow so stay tuned.

Cancelled Metallic Gold OnePlus 7T leaks

Back in September, OnePlus announced the 7T but we only got to see two color variants. The Metallic Gold variant was reportedly canceled before the phone went into mass production. Now, one of OnePlus’s designers just shared some images of the Metallic Gold variant which means they could launch this variant sometime soon.


The Samsung Galaxy S11 may include a new Bright Night camera sensor

Samsung just trademarked the name “Bright Night” in the EUIPO. This component was rumored about a year ago, but it seems to be their new sensor for both phones and tablets. We don’t know the specifics yet but we should expect it to be one of the cameras in the Galaxy S11 which will be used for brighter and better night shots.

Apple could bundle AirPods with 2020 iPhones, report suggests

According to a new report citing unnamed industry sources, ‘companies like Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are looking to bundle their new phones with their truly wireless earbuds next year’. Now, iPhones are already expensive as it is and AirPods would only raise the price tag but we’ll keep you posted if more rumors of this emerge.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is already present on Samsung’s website

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite just made an appearance on Samsung’s French website. The model is SM-G770F, which is the same one from the leaked benchmarks and FCC certification. The device is still weird with specs that are even better than the regular S10 and S10+, it may be revealed with the Galaxy A51 before the year ends.

Story of the day:

Apple could start launching iPhones twice a year, as soon as 2021

According to a new report, Apple may change up their iPhone strategy in 2021. The analyst predicts that Apple will launch 2 phones in the first half of 2021 and 2 in the second half when they’re usually launched. Apple has experimented with Spring launches before but never for flagships. According to the analyst, this two-step release cycle would help smooth seasonality, as their sales are usually backloaded by the end of the year due to their release schedule.


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