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Pocketnow Daily: Apple FIXES iPhone 14's Battery Life? Other Galaxy S22 Display ISSUES & more! (video)

By Samuel Martinez February 23, 2022, 9:45 pm
iPhone 13 Pro Max held in hand Source: Pocketnow Video

Users are reporting refresh rate issues on their Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The official news today begin with Samsung and display issues of their new phones because that seems to be a thing now. Yesterday we talked about the static on the S22's and now the S21 FE seems to be having other issues. Multiple users on Samsung forums are reporting that their S21 FE is having a hard time giving them their set refresh rate. Keep in mind that this phone has no option for it to be variable. Technically it only gives you 60 or 120Hz and nothing in between. Well, the reports mention that the phone sometimes tries to give you lower than 60Hz through software, and it ends up giving you some really choppy lag and stutters in the phones animations. The guys over at Sam Mobile reported the same issue on their variant, and even gave a temporary fix. The very interesting thing here is that most if not all variants with this problem are powered by Samsung's Exynos chip. Go figure.. There's also someone in the UK complaining about screen flickers on their Galaxy S22 Ultra with the natural phones resolution... Again, we don't want to jump the gun but all of these seem to be Exynos variants so, let's see if Samsung puts out any statements.


Snapdragon Wear 5100 and 5100+ chips reportedly being tested by Qualcomm

Moving on to wearables, let's shift on to Qualcomm and leaks for their upcoming Wear Platform which finally seems to be stepping up. We have a new report from WinFuture claiming that they're testing two new chipsets with the model number SW5100 which are believed to be the Snapdragon Wear 5100 and 5100 Plus. According to the report, both variants would have 4 ARM Cortex a53 cores, an Adreno 702 GPU and LPDDR4X RAM. And even though the lock speeds listed for these components are technically slower than the 4100 platform, these new chips will be manufactured on a 4nm node process. And just for context, the 4100 was built on a very old 12nm process so I wouldn’t be too worried about clock speeds if I were you. It would also feature LTE connectivity, Bluetooth 5.2 and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. I don't think 5G is coming to smartwatches any time soon given space constraints? They're also claiming that it'll follow on the Molded Lesser Package, which separates the components in order to have that low power mode, with an extra co-processor to assist in that. Qualcomm is reportedly testing these already, hopefully they're ready for whenever those Android changes Google promised last year are fully ready.

Apple’s AR/VR headset reportedly takes a huge step towards production [Update]

Let's switch on to Apple and their AR Headset as the reports aren't slowing down at all. So far we've talked about realityOS's existence, some leaks for its App Store and even the different FaceTime features we're getting but, things seem to be getting real.. Pun intended. We have a new report from DigiTimes claiming that Cupertino has completed the Engineering Validation Tests for this Mixed Reality Headset. If you're wondering what that means? Well, essentially, the headset has met Apple's design and specification goals for the product. Meaning they have a final prototype of the headset that could be entering mass production any time now. On an even newer report, DigiTimes added that the headset is set to enter mass production sometime around August or September, and that we could be getting it on a Special Event this Fall. Previous leaks mentioned that this headset will bring two 8K displays, a Pro Apple Silicon chip, and around 15 camera lenses to track your real surroundings. And yes, it'll reportedly start at over 2000 bucks.. Let's see how the rumors evolve because Cupertino seems to be having a pretty packed year.

Report: iPhone 14 could top iPhone 13 battery life thanks to better 5G chipset

And speaking of Apple's packed year, for the hottest news let's talk about the iPhone 14 yet again. I gotta say, it feels kind of crazy that we're still 6 months away and I'm already feeling like we're done with iPhone 14 leaks.. But wait, there's always more. And this time we'll finally be talking about some of the updates coming to the specifications. We have a new report from the Economic Daily News claiming that we'll be getting some battery life improvements with these new iPhones. Apparently TSMC has taken all of the orders for the 5G radio frequency chips coming to all of the iPhone 14 Series. And yes, they'll still be using a Qualcomm modem but, TSMC will be manufacturing these on a 6nm process. With the smaller chipset providing multiple benefits like using way less power while maintaining the same amount of performance on both flavors of 5G. Not only that but it'll also make space for a larger battery, and that's even with battery life being pretty good with the previous iPhones. Finally, the report also added that Cupertino will be adopting Wi-Fi 6E this year. So yeah, better 5G coverage and better battery life? Sounds like a win-win situation to me.


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