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Pocketnow Daily: AMD FIXES Samsung Exynos Chips (Console Graphics), iPhone 13 Battery Leaks & more! (video)

By Samuel Martinez June 3, 2021, 12:07 am
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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, MacBook Air and more are on sale today

Microsoft’s Surface Duo, Samsung Galaxy phones and more are on sale

The official news today begin with deals as, I just love how Amazon discounts products that just got released. The new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro out of which I just reviewed the 360 variant is available for 98 dollars off, leaving the half a terabyte of storage variant for $1002. Now my recommendation is that you go to Samsung.com, as that same variant is available for 650 bucks but, you need an eligible laptop to trade-in. Going back to Amazon, if you’re looking for a Mac, the M1 MacBook Air is available for 60 dollars off, leaving the base model for $950. If you’re looking for a good pair of headphones, Sony’s XM4’s which I’m currently using are available for 52 dollars off, leaving them at 298 bucks. If you’re looking for Earbuds, Sony’s Mark 3’s are getting the same treatment, leaving those at 178 dollars. Finally, if you’re looking for a new phone, Amazon still has the Galaxy S21 Plus for 200 dollars off, leaving the base model for 799. We have more deals on other Sony Headphones, Earbuds, other Samsung products and more in the links in the description.


Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

MacBook Air

M1 Macbook Air

Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones

Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony WHXB900N

Sony WF-1000XM3

Samsung Galaxy S21+

Samsung Galaxy S21

HUAWEI shows off P50 flagship, but is shy about revealing a launch date

For the first time in a while, let’s talk about Huawei as the company just announced a ton of new things. The company took the stage to announce the Huawei MatePad Pro, the Watch 3 and some very important upgrades to Harmony OS. However, the thing that’s getting the most headlines has to be the P50 Pro teaser which is.. Well different. We got a 1 minute teaser from the company that actually confirms a design that was leaked recently but, it seemed too weird to be true. Huawei introduced the stove with the Mate 20 Pro and now we get a double stove with the P50. You get a huge camera module on the left of the device and apparently we’ll be getting 5 different sensors. Three on one of the stoves and 2 on the other ones with the flash sitting in between. We didn’t really get to see it from the front but, we’re expecting a 6.6-inch display with the typical design we’ve been getting with a curved display and a dual punch hole. Now, the company didn’t give us a launch date as they’re trying to figure out “how to make this product available for you”. We’ll see what we get as, by this point we already have the P Series and, we still have no Google Services.

More proof that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is coming soon

Let’s talk about Samsung real quick before we get to the hottest news but we’ll be focusing on foldables. We’re getting closer to the Samsung’s Unpacked Event in the Fall where we’re expecting the Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3 and probably the Galaxy S21 FE. Speaking of the Z Fold 3, we have a new report from Roland Quandt that claims that Samsung has already began mass production for all key components for its latest foldable flagship, pretty much meaning we’re on schedule for the fall launch. The leak mentions that Samsung is taking a precautionary take with the Z Fold 3 by producing a limited number of units initially. Now, what we haven’t heard of is the Z Flip 3 but, we hope it’s still on track to launch at the same time. We’re expecting the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to bring a 7.55-inch LTPO AMOLED Display running at 120Hz and with an under-display camera. It should pack flagship specs like the Snapdragon 888 5G, hopefully the +, and we should finally get S-Pen support here. On the outer display we’ll still be getting a punch hole, and we can also expect pretty much the Galaxy S21+’s camera array at the back. That’s all great, I just hope we hear from the Z Flip soon.

Sketchy leak tips larger battery for iPhone 13 series

The iPhone 13 could be thicker, and it’s not because of the camera  

iPhone 13 Pro OLED panel enters mass production at Samsung

Let’s move on to Cupertino here as, we got some updates about the iPhone 13 Series and what we can expect. Starting with the displays, according to a new report from the Elec, Samsung Display has began production for the OLED panels in the iPhone 13 around the middle of May, and LG Display began production recently as well. Samsung will reportedly supply 80 million OLED panels, while LG will handle an extra 30M units. Samsung is apparently the sole supplier for those 120Hz LTPO displays we’ll be getting with the Pros while LG will handle LTPS displays for the other 2 models. Now, since we’re on the topic of LTPO displays, let’s move on to battery life. According to a Weibo post from Love to Dream, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will feature a 4352 mAh battery, which is a huge upgrade when compared to the 3687 we got on the 12 Pro Max. The 13 and 13 Pro will reportedly bring a 3095 mAh battery when compared to 2815 from last year. And finally, the 13 mini will grow from 2227 mAh to 2406 this year. Earlier today we also got a new video from Jon Prosser where he confirmed this information and mentions that it’s due to the fact that we’re now getting 120Hz which take a toll on the battery. He actually went on to share the CAD render files for the iPhone 13 Series which also confirm the new camera module for the 13 and 13 mini. I mean so far so good, I don’t mind these being thicker if it enables these features.

Story of the day:

AMD previews its work with Samsung for the next flagship Exynos chip

And finally, for the hottest news today let’s talk about Samsung and everyone’s favorite processor, the Exynos. Don’t look at me funny.. I know you’re wondering why this chip is the hottest news, but bare with me. Earlier this year, the company announced that they were partnering up with AMD to bring AMD graphics to Exynos chipsets for smartphones. Now we have some more details from AMD on what we can expect from Computex 2021. According to AMD’s CEO, the upcoming Exynos will bring RDNA2 graphics which is a new GPU for mobile devices. From here we can expect advanced features including ray tracing, variable rate shading and this will also allow high fidelity graphics as well as improved power efficiency. And yes, this GPU will be based on the technology we get in AMD’s 6000 series, which for those who didn’t know, powers the PS5, the Xbox Series X and Series S. Dr. Su mentions that they partnered with Samsung to accelerate graphics innovation in the mobile market and they will be bringing custom graphics IP to their next mobile SoC. So, with this announcement I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a way better GPU than what we currently get with Exynos. If you think of it, it doesn’t just lead to better performance, which Exynos chips were panned for, but this Exynos 2200 will apparently even power laptops. Oh and yeah, that’s the name of the first chip, Exynos 2200, so can you imagine gaming on a phone with all that power?





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