Pocketnow Challenge: One Week with a Black and White Smartphone Screen

*** Disclaimer ***

A part of this video discusses some of the technological aspects of internet addiction. It’s important to reiterate that no one on the Pocketnow staff is a trained medical professional. In discussing this topic with our audience in an entertaining way, if you feel you might have a problem with addictive behavior, please seek help from a qualified doctor or counselor.

Our phones are amazing little devices, and they can be really fun to use. The evolution of mobile consumer tech has happened more aggressively than any other previous personal computing platform. What was seen as a luxury or a “geek” item ten years ago is now practically a requirement for modern life. Our culture is still learning how best to incorporate smartphones into society at large, and what the etiquette surrounding these devices should resemble.

We’re now learning more about about how our brains work thanks to these devices, and how our brain chemistry can be altered thanks to the gratification of alerts. We’re discovering that specific light cues can alter our sleep rhythms, and we’re seeing some anecdotal evidence to suggest that even having a colorful display can influence the distractions we face in using a smartphone.

It seems every app and service these days is working harder than ever at keeping consumers locked into staring at their little glowing rectangles. In trying to curb some of these addictive properties, could it really be as simple as just turning the color off? Juan spent one week with a black and white smartphone screen, and here are his initial findings!

Again, we should reiterate that Juan is not a medical professional of any kind. He’s just some guy who plays with phones on the internet.

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About The Author
Juan Carlos Bagnell
Juan has been geeking out on personal computing since before PCs had GUIs. After studying Theatre in college, Juan worked with a contractor that supported servers and mobile devices for Department of Energy facilities. After moving to Los Angeles California, and working as a commercial casting director, he now dedicates his time to discussing the tech landscape as a consumer advocate. You’ll often see him pop in local news broadcasts. Passionate about mobile content creation, he recently published his first book on smartphone photography.