Tip: keep your smartphone in your pocket this cold winter

There’s plenty of reading material on how the batteries inside our smartphones — objects that have dominated modern social life — fare in extreme temperatures (hint: not well). There’s a reason why batteries are rated for a range of temperatures typically from above the freezing point of water to about 38°C or 100°F.

The Daily Mail just wrote up an article on this perennial topic of temps, amps and ohms and it has relayed advice to all of us: keep our phones in our pockets. Pockets keep your device close to your body heat.

If your smartphone usually takes to a handbag or murse, — typically poorly insulated from the elements — you’re not doing yourself a favor. Believe it or not, cases (we assume full-body cases and not just rim guards) have an edge over bags in this respect.

It’s also somewhat rare to find pockets on women’s clothing large enough to fit our mobile behemoths these days. You can read more on this phenomenon at our “read more” link.

Source: The Daily Mail
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