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PlayStation VR to come in October at $399

By Jules Wang March 15, 2016, 10:34 pm

Will a proven games ecosystem help Sony carve a niche, even take on the big VR guns at HTC and Oculus this year?

Time to put a price and a date to the PlayStation VR as the company puts the public on notice for its proprietary virtual reality hardware system for the PS4.

The PlayStation blog gave the good numbers out: over 230 developers on the job for content with an estimation of at least 50 games available when the headset launches in October for ¥44,980 in Japan, €399 in Europe, £349 in Great Britain, $399 in the US and about $549 in Canada and Australia (in local currencies, of course).

The October deadline is an admitted drawback as Sony decided it wanted more units and content available from launch. Commenters on the post have estimated a full PlayStation VR experience — with the PS4, PS VR, a camera and the specialized Move Controller — to be around $850-1,000, minus games.

Compared to the $1,600 minimum buy-in the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are looking for, this seems like a cakewalk — even moreso for current PS4 owners.

Source: PlayStation
Via: PCWorld

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