PlayStation VR core system kicks off its own pre-orders on March 29

Sony made a pair of disheartening announcements last week, when the PlayStation VR head-mounted display was slapped with an awfully distant launch date, and pre-orders were only set to open for a bundle containing what some viewed as unnecessary accessories.

On the bright side, even the $500 price of the “complete virtual reality experience” looked like a bargain compared to HTC Vive’s lowest rate, and the $400 headset is now headed for US pre-orders by popular demand.

If you already own the PlayStation Camera and PS Move motion controllers, and perhaps want to purchase the PS VR Worlds game separately or aren’t interested in it at all, then look towards “participating retailers” on March 29 for your early $400 copy of the PlayStation VR “core.”

This discounted bundle also includes a few things apart from the actual goggles, but they’re pretty basic. Some cables, stereo headphones, and a PlayStation VR Demo Disc, to be exact. That sounds plenty for 400 bucks, and saving a cool Benjamin is no small feat when you need a PlayStation 4 console as well to make the VR system function as advertised.

Remember, a PS 4 starts at around $350, so at the end of the day, you’ll still spend a lot less on Sony’s all-inclusive virtual reality solution than the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which require PC connectivity.

Once again, pre-sales for the $500 PS VR Launch Bundle begin today, March 22, at 7 am PT, followed by the $400 PlayStation VR core next Tuesday, also at 7 am PT. It’s extremely important to get an early start if you don’t want your headset shipped in 2017.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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